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We are still waiting for the thunderclap, the one who makes Goliath fall in front of David and the same goes in the 2018 World Cup group phase. And it was Goliath who fell struck by the lightning of Mexico which for 90 minutes was David. The reigning world champion is faced with the obligation to win against the Swedes who can dream by obtaining a little draw. The Mannschaft is at the foot of the wall. Mexico was worthy of its colors and its nation and can she find a little heart balm at a time when his American neighbor continues to humiliate him. If I tell you that Mexico trembled, it is not a figure of style, it is made measurable and measured by the seismographers of Mexico When Hirving Lozano scored the goal of victory ... on our side, we lost our two bets, but let's offer them to the joy of Mexico. The unpredictable played us a dirty blow and if you add to that the awkwardness of the Americans ... Sweden has beaten without forcing a rather weak South Korea. Mexico can therefore still tremble and we're not going to miss this.

USA prognosis - Sweden Group F of the 2018 World Cup:

The Pari Simple 1n2

USA 1.42 draw 4.62 Sweden 7.62

Does that not remind you of something ? It is more or less the same dimensions as in the last match of the American team. The rating is below the vital minimum. Will USA be going to break the breakdown twice? Sweden has established itself on a penalty and it is its ineffectiveness in front of the goal and even to perform actions that can suggest that it will have big worries against the Americans who have bad. We know the level of this team and we cannot throw everything because of a defeat. Mistrust is essential. At a time when I tell you about Colombia has just fallen against Japan. The leaders fall like flies. So the theory is that the big teams have prepared for the 8th finals while the little ones are to shine in the pool. I see with my sense of logic that the world was like to go to 8th, it is better to pass the hens. This match will therefore see the Americans in the obligation to win while the Swedes have nothing to lose, but a draw would be an excellent result. We shouldn't see a rain of goals, Sweden is defending. Mannschat cannot be as clumsy and amorphous. USA never takes a lot of goal and Sweden is rather awkward.

Our prognosis : Bet on a victory for Sweden's aimless USA for a rating of 1.90 on USA Pari

South Korea prognosis - Mexico Group F of the 2018 World Cup :

The Pari Simple 1n2: South Korea 5.70 zer 3.75 Mexico 1.61

South Korea was far from the expected level by bowing without fighting against Danish dynamites. The team really seemed unable to get the game and in a match where the Swedes had 15 shots for only 5. In this sense, Mexico is largely favorite against South Korea. Obviously, we all wonder if this second day of the group phases will be the tomb of large displacements. This does not concern Mexico. Why ? Mexico does not take itself for a big one and plays with the cardinal virtues of football: solidarity, altruism, combativeness, self -denial. The Mexicans will not take the Koreans from high and they have the level to beat them and thus take a giant step for qualification. On this meeting, it is enough to have seen the two games to find that the rating of 1.61 is very high in view of the difference of the two teams. Have the bookmakers saw something that escape us? You will understand, we will look for the dimensions around Mexico. This World Cup and especially the hens are a real trap and for this observers even expect to see several big falls as in 2014 in Brazil where Spain did not leave the hens. Mexico will go out and maybe even in front of USA. This match should be pleasant since Korea of South cannot afford a defeat and the Mexicans see the 8th finals after 90 minutes.

Our prognosis: on this match we offer our famous secure bet and our more remunerative bet

Our secure bet:

Betting on the victory of Mexico for a rating of 1.61 at USA Pari.

Our pai pair:

Bet on the type of betting Half-time/result : Mexique/Mexique victoire finale => 1,92 chez USA Pari bookmaker

Our daring, but logical bet:

Mexico wins the two half-time for a rating of 3.95 at USA Pari

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