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Group E, 2018 Football World Cup

Neymar Brazil came up against the American team while validating our bet on half-time victory. Gentlemen thank you because for the rest the Selecao disappointed us well, but then what to say of the Brazilian media who ate it in a skewer. The merit returns to the Nati who offered us a match with two faces between the storm of the 1st half and the mastery in the second. It is still a favorite that stumbles! In the other group's group E, Serbia won against Costa Rica. Knowing that she finished against Brazil, the Serbian team will have every interest in winning against the Nati. The nati can dream in the event of a draw, but to avoid headaches, victory is the best option. Finally this group that we thought was acquired in Brazil can end in the match with a knife in the 3rd day. First of all, let's try to find our way to increase our bankroll. And there, we will have to be careful because beyond the names, the first day has rebuilt the cards.

Brazil prognosis - Costa Rica Group E of the 2017 World Cup

The 1n2 single bet at Betclic Bookmaker

  • Brazil 1,20 void 6.50 Costa Rica 17.00

Brazil is logically the favorite on online betting sites. The Costa Rica with a rating of 17 would therefore be condemned to an improbable feat. It is not false as the other would say. The Costa Rica could have lost more widely without its goalkeeper who was just as explosive as decisive. Keylor Navas is one of the assets of this team. For the rest, the game system with a advanced attacker is not up to this evening match. Fragile against the Serbs therefore fragile against Brazil? Los Ticos, nickname of Costa Rica, will be keen to challenge Brazil and we should not expect an open door operation, especially since the goalkeeper is not the type to let everything in. Brazil trembles. Neymar has a pain, because the American they were not nice to him by committing 10 faults on the player of the Qatari club. I tease a little, but Neymar was zero and it is not the fault of the American and its endless rolled. Brazil is already believing in it. If for you the major question is whether Neymar will be 100% against Los Ticos, you are not there. Against USA, Brazil fell asleep and taking a goal against the course of the game, they were unable to reverse the situation. On a few actions, very rare, we have seen only the automatisms could be there if Neymar did not play alone like William and that a collective of which we rented you qualities is lost in collective individualism. Afterwards, the pace was not there, the reaction did not come, but the intention was there. Brazil will impose itself, but we must seek how to optimize our earnings according to your desires for secure or remunerative bet.

The secure bet:

For beginners : From an educational point of view, if you set up 10 $ on a rating of 1.20 you earn 2 euros or 1/10th of the bet. No interest in betting $ 10 to win 2.

Paris Securized: Brazil /draw and more than 2.5 for a rating of 1.65 on Betclic Sports Sports

I know, it's not crazy, but on this match; You have to try the devil to go beyond the dimensions of 2. Let's be reasonable. We notice that there is little beating in this World Cup. The Brazil is able to put 2 or 3, but if the Costa Rica scored we could well see a closed match.

Compensary Paris : Between 2-3 goals 1.90 at Betclic:

See above !

The remunerative bet 2. : When will the first goal be scored? Between the 0 and the 15th minute for a 2.90 rating at Bwin Bookmaker.

We scratched and we found this bet that we do not like too much but which can be useful when a favorite team will put the pressure to stifle an opponent deemed too weak to resist. It is a bet attempted, but with a small bet.

Prognosis Serbia - USA E World Cup 2018

The 1n2 single bet at Betclic Sports Pari

  • Serbia 2.75 draw 3.05 American 2.85

So here is a balanced match where the ratings are close and relatively high. Bookmakers put Serbia slightly favorite. The dynamics of victory are on the Serbian side, but to do null against Brazil is also a source of satisfaction and above all an encouragement. The calendar can also come into account since USA would be in the last match against Costa Rica and may well have the cards in hand. If the speech is always to say that the objective is victory, this data will not have escaped staff and players. Despite quality offensive players, we notice that the two teams do not score a lot of goals. Serbia won 1-0 despite many occasions. USA is solid defensively. Caution for this match could prevail over the match because the defeat would be almost eliminatory. The experience is on the side of the nati when Serbia is still young. A match with little goal with a draw where USA could be a credible scenario.

Secure bet : American final result (reimbursed if zero) »for a rating of 1.75 at Betclic

In the logic of our prognosis, a secure bet or only a victory for Serbia makes us lose the bet.

Intermediate bet: Between 2 and 3 goals for a rating of 1.82 at Betclic

The experience of USA and its defensive solidity against the Serbian youth and its talented environment ...

We sweep wide with a controlled risk. No 0-0 in this World Cup.

Summary bet: Bet on the draw for a rating of 3.05.

It is risky, but the two teams are well aware that a defeat would undoubtedly be fatal. Do not bet big, with a rating 3.05 the earnings swell on their own. Be careful not to play this bet and the secure bet because a victory for Serbia would make you lose both.

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