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Group D, 2018 World Cup

For this 2nd day, the Group D will experience a crucial day after the surprise of the first day and the draw of Argentines against Iceland. Again, we are beware of the result and look at the match. Croatia won without forcing against a disappointing Nigeria. The stake is great since the Albiceleste plays the first place in the group and perhaps its survival if the Icelanders terrace the Super Eagle. Like everyone, the result surprised us and we can say that this First day of World Cup 2018 put our nerves of bettors in a ball. At the same time, when you are told that simple 1N2 Paris on the small dimensions is a trap, we had the demonstration. You will tell me that betting on the goals, 'is very pretty, but when with 15 shots, you do not have a goal .... it is the law of sports betting and you must not let go, betting in the long term And remember that the beginnings of competitions are always difficult because of surprises. So high the hearts of little bettors will become big! So we are going to bet also in Nigeria - Croatia for group D which seems to offer a real readable scenario while the bookmakers have changed their noise by changing the favorite. A sign ?

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Argentinian forecast Croatia 2018 World Cup group

1N2 simple Paris ratings at Unibet Bookmaker

  • Argentina 1,92 - No 3.40 - Croatia 4.25

Here we are. We have just had the demonstration that the favorite is not a guarantee of good bet and at the same time, we say that Argentina could well beat Croatia. It is the drama. Do not play the side. Croatia is solid and has players capable of making the difference. Collectively, it was more impressive than Argentina which spent ¾ of the match to be cut in half. However, if Lionel Messi had scored this penalty, the match could have given rise to another scenario. What is certain is that the Croats will be less in Viking mode, but rather in a balanced game between the offensive and the defense. They are able to set foot on the ball. The game should be more open and therefore we should have more opportunities and therefore more goals. The Croats have set the bet and the Argentines have the potential to mark. With Messi, Aguero, Higuain and others, they will have something to put in difficulty the serious Croatian defense. Unfortunately, L (Argentina has ever given us certainties for her two last years to enjoy this pretty rating.

  • The 2 teams mark for a rating of 1.85 for a unibet coast

Nigeria predictions - Iceland World Cup group 2018

1N2 single paris ratings at Unibet Bookmaker

Nigeria 2.90 null 3.10 Icelands 2.70

This is a very interesting match that allows us to find balanced single betting dimensions with a very slight advantage for the Vikings according to the bookmakers. Is it tempting huh? Nigeria has missed its match clearly. So, I'm not going to lie to you, I don't know the level of this team, but to believe the observers, this team has potential. Again, as I tell you in the guide, do not believe the observants, but the matches you see. Iceland is the expression of tactical rigor. Some people do not like, but a collective that takes a step together is also football. His match against Argentina is heroic. The Super Eagles will be keen to demonstrate that they are not there by chance. They still made a beautiful qualifying course in the Cameroon and Algeria group to finish widely in mind. Friendly matches were slow. The Icelanders seem less technical, but everything else, they have it: collective, commitment, mentality. The fragility of Nigeria seems really recurrent. Nigerians are also obliged to win. It is the ideal scenario for a team like the Icelanders .... There are two options. Try the victory of Iceland which really seems under the side by the sports betting sites. There should not be a lot of goal since the match will close. As soon as a team is going to score. The ratings are rather strange and the doubt about this match makes it difficult not to fall into extremes with too weak ratings and ratings too high to be honest ... This match is a challenge. Be careful. Small bet for beautiful rating. No secure bet on this match there because it is not a match where the lower ratings are necessarily less risky than the highest.

Combo result of the match & total of goals

  • Iceland wins and less than 2.5 goals for a dimension of 2.85 with at unibet quotas

This rating sums up my point of view on the match. Do you share my point of view? Up to you !

Le paris simple 1N2

  • Iceland's victory for a 2.70 rating on Unibet Bookmaker.

Well you have to know how to derogate from its rules, at least for sports betting, when the opportunity arises. The performance of the two teams for those who saw the match can only lead this conclusion.

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