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Online sports betting was a real revolution. By giving access to anyone - as long as it is of age - to a demanding discipline where the money is bet, the bookmakers have won the jackpot. USA was not a country where sports betting were really developed. The attraction and ease launched thousands of new players to whom they lacked the basics. You will find in our article " Sports bet: beginner's mistakes Above all, the faults not to commit.
Before you start reading this article, you need to make an introspection. Be careful it can be painful, but it's always saving.

The question you need to ask is simple: what bettors do you want to be?
If for you a sports betting site is a playground after long online poker games, you can reach our game Revue Poker.
If on the other hand, sports betting is for you an intellectual challenge which can also bring you big, it is essential to learn to secure your bets.

To secure bets consists in limiting the uncertainty as much as possible while optimizing its earnings. Uncertainty is a constant and it is the essence of sport, even if money tries to hold it under its yoke. There are different ways of not throwing your bets through the windows, but in advance we prevent you: there are no magic formulas.

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The mythical overbet

It is the unicorn of the world of sports betting. Some say they saw it, but it was a long time ago, in a time when sports betting launched on the web. Bookmakers lined less on each other. Today, it is extremely difficult to find and the original Valuebet has become wider and less strict.
To chase the overbetting, it is essential to register on several bookmakers. Why ? No bookmaker will offer a Paris or you win every time, it would be suicidal from him. In a bet where two possible events are sides so that the two odds are high enough so that by betting on both you are in profit whatever the result, you are in the presence of a overbet.

The surebet will often be sold to you as the miracle formula. It's wrong and that's why:

  • Anticipate dimension changes before putting your bets.
  • Management of his Bankroll in the hair. You must optimize your bets so that Paris is well winning.
  • Take into account the additional costs such as deposit costs.
  • Check that bookmakers have the same rules in the event of abandonment or early match.

Surebet is a unicorn that some hunt through specialized sites, often on subscription. I tell you about it, because it is a real way to secure your bets online, but its research is too time -consuming and bookmakers are far too close, especially in USA where the offer is limited.

Le Draw No Bet

The Draw Not Bet (DNB) is to bet on a match and if there is a draw, you are reimbursed. No gains, no losses. Obviously, it is a bet for collective sports such as football or rugby. For football, the zero score is more than frequent. This Paris is in my opinion to advise occasional players, but who are still looking for gains. The parity score is often good on the bookmakers, but it is at the same time possible to provide it thanks to a sharp knowledge of the teams and the news. You will find this bet on Betclic Sports Paris which even offers variants.

Paris with handicap

This Paris is currently partially prohibited in USA by Arjel, but things could change by next season. I tell you if only for your general culture of sports bettors.
The purpose of this type of bet is to optimize the ratings by giving an advantage or a disadvantage to a too unbalanced meeting. For the bettor it allows you to adjust the reality of a match to your need to beat the bookmaker. You can choose the handicap you will give to your favorite. And strangely, you will see the rating of your favorite increase as you go.
It's a good way to optimize your earnings, but be careful not to be too greedy ...
Paris with Handicap is authorized for American football, ice hockey, rugby at XV and XIII.
Why for these sports and not the others ... no idea. It is also necessary to justify a TheDole Committee by letting it legislate, but I am a bad language.

Paris in live or livebet

Securing a Paris is not reaching chimerical 100% chance of winning. Rather, it is limiting his chances of losses. You will see in the next part that securing a Paris, it is a lot of common sense. Livebet allows you to play live on a meeting. The main advantage is to be able to bet according to what is going on and not according to what you imagine that it would have happened.
Bookmakers play the game by offering certain free live streaming competitions. On the other hand to use it as security, always put your original Paris in contrast.

The first security is you!

You have to know how to put yourself in ideal conditions to bet well. Stress is also the enemy there. Losing is obviously annoying. A sports betting player is like a poker player, he plays in the long term. Losing is a way of understanding and analyzing your mistakes. Winning if it is a stroke of luck should not lead you to a fiery. Manage your bankroll. Do not look for the big rating to balance your losses. Play safety is not only playing small ribs.
Put yourself in the shoes of a pro and still play in the long term. Bad series should not destabilize you. This is how. You have to understand and grow up your mistakes. And then sometimes it's just a period of bad luck. If you start playing anything and anything, you will lose everything. In the opposite situation, if everything you touch turns into gold, do not play more without limit. Be careful!


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