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you Want to dream a little in these times of riots and social anger? It may seem childish to dream of being a millionaire. Others would say that it is a lack of ambition not to want to be. Is the donkey that is attracted with a carrot at the end of a stick is ambitious or not very smart? Everyone will choose their answer. For poker, the amount of a player's earnings is like a football ranking, except that the points are in dollars. CHe is interested in this article, it is the anonymous people who have become rich by simply playing online poker. Obviously, there are the stars of WSOP Who finish in the final table regularly in the biggest poker tournaments in the world. The idea is that through an internet democratized game, ordinary players managed to earn a living more than correctly. The idea is not to say that you become rich by playing poker, but that by playing poker, you can become rich. It's the same thing ? Absolutely not. The intention is not the same. As in the art between the disposable product and the legendary group, the starting spark is not the same. The people we are going to tell you have become rich almost incidentally. For them, play poker is a passion And when they threw their first cards at a click, they didn't know they were launching into a long -term trip to the summits.

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Trivial beginnings For millionaires of poker

and Millionaire poker player started like everyone else. The players who manage at the top are all self -taught. not Look for training ! Everyone is housed in the same brand. There are obviously land that allow a player to develop quickly with natural qualities. Facilities of concentration, great ease with figures, a rapid spirit, a tailor-made psychology, but what they have in common is work and passion. You will not find who will tell you that they have played poker to become a millionaire. It is said that appetite comes by eating. For online poker, it's the same thing. Afterwards, you shouldn't be fooled either. It is possible to make a feat, a " one shot »On a small tournament and win a few thousand euros. Bring millions of euros and spending the million euros requires regularity. Note already that we are talking about really millionaire players. You will often see poker players as you will find sports bettors only talk about gains.

Of an average player to professional player

We are talking often semi-pro and pro. A semi-pro does not make a living with poker. This is the path he undertakes, but he still needs to work. This is not incomplete. It is rare to get up in the morning and send everything in the air to self-proclaim Pro poker player. A pro poker player becomes this when he is qualified by others. The development of online poker has enabled the creation of teams by online poker rooms. To integrate them, you have to distinguish yourself significantly in tournaments in lignE from the online poker room. All the poker players who decide to earn a living in A table does not seek Not playing hours on a tournament. Time profitability invested and gains is Too weak, especially when you start. The higher the online tournament the level. Remember that once the player decides to earn a living with poker, this means that he must win with recurrence. Cash tables game And turbo tournaments are all popular places to win daily bread. Today you can play up towith 10 hands at the same time with multi-table options. Be careful, it is a very high level which requires being able to manage ten tables at the same time.

Who are the millionaires of poker ?

The Solitary wolves, those who live far from the official teams, live far from USA where poker gains are not taxed. Most are made Teeth on online poker tables. Those-there are more or less official circles, foreign casinos. It must be said that in USA, the policy on games limits bets and gains. Today, most circles are closed in the capital and the new law does not seem to encourage the opening of new game circles. Dyears foreign casinos, bets in poker can be considerable. When you put 10,000 euros on the table on a small token, you are in another world. To Macao, Tables are reserved for this kind of player. Rui Cao won $ 1.5 million at a table in a casino of Macao. The auctions rose in the $ 200,000. Rui Cao is a good example, because he won on online poker, but never losing his hand in the poker in real. SI The gains are substantial, the losses can be colossal. A professional player can display millions over a year and as much loss the year after. Tournament players who are not sponsored have many additional costs: travel, accommodation and thes tournament entry prices which are higher and higher. Among them, we know Rui Cao, Sébastien Sabic, Alexandre Luneau, Sarah Herzali, Niklas Heinecker, Kyle Hendon, Ben Tollerene, or even Alex Millar, all online players who won several million online.

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