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Usually, we try to make you hold our strategies in an article, but as you understood, in the first part, the Head's Up changes the rules of the game. So you have to explain a new game, with its new strategies, New hands to play etc etc. And then, from a psychological point of view, arriving in Head's Up from a tournament, even weakly endowed, requires good management of stress and tempo. Let's go to study the role of the Bling or Big Blind positon, a small psychological aspect. This is the program.

Heads-up: two positions, two strategies

In Head's Up, no quadrature of the circle to find out if you are in a good position at the table or not. However, these two positions are extremely important in the strategy. In, the more there is an amazing trap in the Head's Up. A trap, not really, but indeed a special feature to say the least.

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Watch out for the order of speech in heads-ups

The player in Small Blind speaks first in pre-flop. On the other hand, at the flop, he will speak last. The usual order will therefore be reversed at the flop. Note that up to the river, the meaning will not change. Strategically, this changes all the usual benchmarks. The player in Smal Blind, at the button, will therefore speak first as a flop, but on the other hand he will speak last during the other towers.

This is an essential point from head to head to poker. The button player can launch hostilities and then he will speak on his opponent. In order to translate for those who do not see the consequences of this rule, we can say that the button holds its opponent by family jewelry. Why. He launches hostilities. It can attack you directly. It is he who will set the mood. Once the assault is made, in the flop, it will be in a position to defend its first assault or better still attacking you again since it will speak after you. And there, he has the possibility of strategy of bluff, semi bluff, of the Triple Barel Poker Strategy. The latter is perfect for the button player.

In Heads Up, you have such an advantage of position that you will see some players in Small Blind go systematically to flop. It's excessive and it is the assurance of taking a big slap against an intelligent and patient player. On the other hand, it is clearly necessary to play a much wider range of hands. For the Big Blind, you have to play it tight. Basically, you are on a nut shell in the middle of the ocean. We can get out of it, sometimes even very well, but you have to be very intelligent and cautious. To play in the position of Big Blind, you have to play tight. Taken yourself out of your head the terrible and devastating reflex of the beginner "I have already paid, I don't want to have paid for nothing so I want to go see the next card". And when the bing bling is worth 100 euros, the reflex is almost unconscious. Put yourself in place of Small Blind. It has the advantage. He will therefore attack you. What is difficult is that you have to change your strategy every time the button runs and change your opponent's analysis at the same time.

Play a head-up final: psychology

You have just reached the Grail door, you have your hand on the handle and soon you will know if you will be worthy of touching it. Is not Perceval who wants. In addition to adapting your game notably, you will have to manage this confrontation in a psychological way. You will probably be tired after a long tournament. You are in the final and therefore in paid places. You absolutely must not think about what you are going to lose or win. You have to know how to play 1000 euros as if you were playing 1 euros and vice versa. Imagine the WSOP final, do you know how much the two finalists play? Again, the value of the tokens and the psychological impact will be the subject of a dedicated article. You just have to focus on victory. It's just a normal part, in Mano Mano, a challenge to take up. If you let the stake grasp you, it will throw you on the ground and you will be trampled by your opponent. How do we do ? Physical and psychological preparation are really essential. An article tells you about it in our Online poker section. The basic council and as it is psychology, it is necessarily the intangible. It is necessary to relativize. Hopefully you have learned it for a long time, but if you arrive in the final, it is because you have understood it; It's just a game of Texas Hold'em, nothing more.

To conclude this part 2 On the Head's Up strategy, we still advise you to train and why not avoid risking your bankroll? Playing free online poker is possible on all the poker rooms that we recommend on our site. This is a way to test game modes like the Head's Up. We take care of you, maybe a little too much, but we advise you not to arrive like a Fish in Head's Up. Even if you have read all of our articles on the Head's Up in poker, you have the theory, but you have to type the card to understand what you just read.

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