Poker: auction towers in Texas Hold'em

If you are starting to poker online and its most played variant in the poker rooms, you must understand the operation of the auctions which are the engine of the poker. Do not think it's a simple action of this card game. They express your intentions or those you want to suggest to your opponents around the table. We don't put like that. There are even ways to bet, for example two or three times the Big Blind which can express a movement.

The auctions in Texas Hold'em are as important as the cards you have in hand since they allow each turn to make the opponent believe that you have a much better game than him. Before learning the subtleties of the auctions that we detailed in a previous article, let's first see their operations ...

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What is an auction in Texas Hold'em, what is it?

It's simple. An auction is a bet that you make on your hand. It is as if you are betting on a sports betting match except that you bet on your hand. The principle is therefore quite simple.

If you think you have the best hand than your opponent, you bet more than him and vice versa. Except that you do not know his game, that you do not know the cards that will fall ... The auctions are at the heart of the Texas Hold'em strategy.

What is an auction in Texas Hold'em, what is it?

The auction tower represents all the actions you can perform between each card distribution tower (pre -flop - flop- turn - river) and slaughter. It ends when the auctions were followed or when it remains only one player at stake because the others went to bed (Fold).

Possible actions during an auction tour

Have you read our article on the basic rules of poker Texas Hold'em version? You have therefore seen these actions mention and some of the terms that will follow. Do not hesitate to consult Our lexicon. It is essential to understand the terms and especially the architecture of a Texas Hold'em poker game before going to the online poker tables under penalty of becoming a fish chased by sharks.

It all starts with the Under the Gun (UTG) position. This is the first to speak, it is located on the left of the Big Blind. Under the Gun is the most difficult position to hold since you play first without knowing what your opponents will do. At first, we often think that the worst is the position of the big blind and it is therefore wrong. Texas Hold'em allows you to always optimize its position, you will find All techniques In our poker guide!

The calls (follow): You follow the last bet. If the player before dropping you 2 additional tokens, you equalized by putting 2 additional tokens too.

The Raise (Relaunch): This action consists in outbid on the last bet. It is a frequent action of Texas Hold'em which is not done at random. Do you want to make your opponents sleep, do you want to bait them to increase the pot, do you want to test the table ... A raise is never trivial and its level, or its Height if you prefer, implies a whole strategy. A fairly common beginner's error is to make a too powerful raise because he has a good game and see everyone to bed or a too weak raise where everyone is going to follow while his game is too average . It is an art.

Le Fold (Sleep): This is the action you will do most often. Your game is too weak and you prefer to sleep rather than go on an adventure. This action is easy to do, but difficult to perform for beginners who want to play all hands. A good playing poker will lady one hand in three, but it can go up. A player who plays all his hands has no chance of winning a game. Learn to throw away and you will already take a step in mastery of Texas Hold'em

Check (Word): A player decides to stay in the game if no one has made a raise before.

To play Texas Hold'em in real or in Live Poker mode

It's very stupid, but by dint of play online, we no longer know how to play in real life. And yet, nothing beats playing in real because it is the quintessence of poker. All pro players online are in real and all those who have become, also played in real.

And if you find yourself at a casino table, in real or Live from a live casino, the best is still not to pass for a fish. So here are some codes to carry out the actions and Understand what other players can do.

Check in real; Either you say, or you type two shots on the table.

Fold in real: you have to give your cards to the dealer. Leaving them in front of you upside down does not mean anything except that you always play.

The Raise in real: replace your tokens beyond the line of putting clearly in front of you.

Play quickly .. The players who put two lead to playing, it's good to go on TV, but at the amateur level it is particularly irritating for a 10 euros jar.

Now you know all the possible actions during the auction towers. This is just the beginning. Do not hesitate to test our poker rooms to make your hand using the virtual silver tables present on the poker sites that we recommend!