Poker Texas Holdem: Playing in Heads-ups, the strategy

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It will often happen to you, we wish you to play a final table and finish alone, which the English call for poker the Head's Up. You can train by playing on certain poker rooms that offer the Head's Up on dedicated tables or simply in Sit'N Go. It is an option like Rush mode for example. You will find a lot of adversity, so be very careful. The beginner will say that it is easier to beat a player than several opponents. It is mathematically logical. Yet poker and in particular Texas Hold'em is a "sport" of statistics, but really, the Head's Up can be extremely difficult to apprehend when you are not used to playing it. However, it is the fate of all players who want to win and become a poker player at least competitive. You have to know how to play in head 'up. We will therefore give you basic advice to understand this phase of the game. This first part on the Head's Up is rather intended for beginners and average players wanting to revise or apprehend the head to head. We can consider Head's Up as a full variant that you are in Texas Hold'em mode or any other online poker variants. I constantly tell you poker is exciting and it's not a matter of money, luxury hotel and paradise where green fairies live, that's good to make teens dream, poker is a game of incredible wealth. The Head's Up still enriches your game by asking you to question everything you have learned to finally arrive in the final of the final table. We can say by exaggerating a little, that the Head's Up is the think of the poker player.

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When can you find yourself in Head's Up?

  • cash-game : Tables reserved for Head's Up exist in all online poker rooms.
  • Les Sit and Go in Head's Up mode. Very trendy, it's a good school, but beware, you can lose big very quickly.

  • All online and real online poker tournaments end alone.

You can see that this is not necessarily a reserve for the elite of poker players and that you can simply join a table. There too you find important differences between a Head's Up with an unknown player and with an opponent in a tournament with whom you have already met the cards.

What changes in the poker in heads up

A lot of things. First of all, we always talk to you about the position as a determining factor in your strategy. On a head to face to face, there are only two positions: the blind and the bing blind. It is logical, but the game in position and out of position is to be forgotten. If the blinds are high and evolve as they become a full -fledged issue. The expression "stealing blinds" takes on its full meaning. In Head's Up, the position is Small Blind and Big Blind and it is therefore as Small Bling that you absolutely have to play with a larger range of hands. The Head's Up questions everything you have learned in the poker. For example, we must evoke the strength of the hands. Your range of head to face is much larger. Some hands that you would have thrown on a full table become good hands in heads up. You have to understand that your pre -flop hand is less decisive at head to head than on a full poker table. The statistical aspect also becomes a minor or you have to play the proper statistics a poker head table.

So, it's no longer poker and all our strategies no longer hold? The Head's Up is a discipline in its own right and what you know about poker will be useful to you is simply that you have to rebalance the cursor on the player in front of you while adapting the aggressiveness you will put. In front of you a player will try to read you and also hide his game. You have to push him to the fault. The Head's Up must teach you how to better manage your calls and reminders so that they are effective, but illegible for the other player. In short, it will bluff. And by reading the differences between the head to head and a table, you understand why the Head's Up in Sit N Go is difficult because changing opponents, without having time to read it, is extremely difficult.

The two major factors for the Head's Up

Against a unique opponent, your hands take a much greater value and you can have the strongest hand with a game that would be tried too weak normally. You have to understand that you have the same number of cards as on a normal table except that they are distributed only to two players. A valet becomes a good card, a pair, even weak, it's a small bomb ... If you play too tight in Head's Up you go straight in the wall. It is quite difficult at the beginning to understand, but with the practice you will be able to change your way of play poker With a lot of facilities.

To be or not be big blind at heads up?

It is not because there are only two positions that they are not decisive. So I hear you; "He said the opposite in the first paragraph". That's right. It is necessary to forget the traditional positions Like Under the Gun and others. However, it is necessary to use the two positions with speed. In a second part of our explanation of the game in Head's Up we will show you how to play your positions as well as the hands to play and a few other little tips. So follow us!

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