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Average User Rating:
RTP : 96.5%
Payment lines: 25 payment lines
Rolls: 3-5 rolls

Playboy de Microgaming

Playboy Machine with microgaming

Playboy. It is undoubtedly the magazine of .. charm to be the best known polish on the planet. Beyond the playmates that inhabit its pages, Hugh Hefner's magazine. is a social fact. The United States is undoubtedly the country where paradoxes coexist best. Between the Puritan who will be indignant in front of a breast shown during a superbowl final or put a president on his knees for his extra-marital slippages and the liberal who gave birth to Playboy and the largest porn industry, there has no more than a metro ticket. One might think that saying that Playboy was a revolution is a very practical exaggeration to justify the fact of putting naked women and thus trivializing the concept of woman object, but we do not say in us that Coco Chanel released women By shortening their skirts? Recently, Playboy made his cover with a transsexual, in the 80s with the first black woman ... Each time, it is the debate and it is a kick for the prejudices of Puritan America. Make no mistake, Playboy is a monument in the USA and it is part of the story. If MicroGaming makes a slot on Playboy, it is certainly not to pay tribute to the libertarian spirit of the founder, but because the little rabbit sells. L'software editor Develops a lot of slot machine with a theme evoking the great sweets of pop culture. Here again we are waiting for the giant at the turn, because it is difficult to see how the giant will escape the clichés and how he will get out of the sulphurous image of Hugh Hefner and his manor filled with Playmate.

Playboy Machine with microgaming: soft and disembodied theme ...

Microgaming remains in the nails of the world of slot machines. For a Playboy slot, it is very wise. Nudity is barely suggested, it feels like the 1950s with the Pinups. Far from wanting to pass for a pervert, a slot machine without a naked woman, to speak crudely, it's like Las Vegas without casino. The young girls present are drawings and do not represent the great figures of the magazine to my knowledge. If you put aside the scatter which represents the magazine, the flocking with the little rabbit with a bow tie, we are at the theme in the classic machine of the millionaires. As much, we like microgaming machines, as much this does not hold the promises of its theme. Why ? Well, we can imagine that to put it in a Maximum of Casino, the creatives were condemned to make a passout machine even if it means making the theme a skin of sorrow. We have the shots: the beautiful car, the pretty girls .. in short, the dream universe of the world of billionaires without the irreverence of the magazine. On the other hand, the soundtrack is sympathetic and you rock cozy in your chair.

So now we know that microgaming can give life to his Slot machines With a well -oiled game mechanics.

Playboy Machine with microgaming: Another great gameplay!

The characteristics of the microgaming playboy slot machine:

  • Rolls: 5
  • Payment line: 243
  • Valeurdes tokens :: 30-300
  • Token price: 0.01 to 0.05
  • Jackpot: 7,500 tokens
  • Feature : Free spin, Scatter, wild, Running wild, Rolling reels
  • Redistribution rate: 96.7%

So we followed the rabbit with a bow tie without really finding his burrow, but will we find the pleasure of the player in the game mechanics? With its 5 rolls and 243 payments the slot immediately in the bath. The redistribution rate borders on 97% and you will see in the game that you gain relatively often which will obviously keep you more in suspense than the desperately dressed playmates. You will find the classics: Scatter, Wild symbol, free spin and a superb "running wild".

The Running Wild transforms all the rolls into Wild and launches you in a series of free towers which are very remunerative. You can enjoy a winning multiplier that can reach X5 and up to 10 free spin, free towers. The image of Ashley, the blonde, triggers the Rolling Reels and there it becomes a little crazy to see the rollers turn alone while seeing the gains fall everywhere. In addition to getting started, as soon as you come across a gift, you relaunch the roller. With 20 free spins per rollers, I let you imagine the madness and adrenaline that drips this handle bandit.

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