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Like many casino games, the craps was invented several centuries ago in Europe. This game of chance which is mainly played with dice presents rules which may seem complex at first glance but which in reality allow the player to implement various strategies in order to win the game. Indeed, the decisive element in a part of craps will be the logic and the way of thinking of the players.

Like other games such as blackjack or baccara, craps requires good mastery of Rules of the game and how to take bets. This is the reason why we are offering you here a file that will allow you to discover all the secrets of this historic game, a large star of American and English casinos.

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What is CRAPS?

We do not know exactly who or when the craps has been invented. Some claim that the English are at the origin of this dice game, others that it is the American ... what is certain is that the craps, which almost requires only two dice to play a game has become extremely popular in the 20th century during the two world wars. Indeed, in order to release the pressure the soldiers used to relax around a part of craps. But it was above all with the creation of the international capital of the game and the opening of the first casinos in Las Vegas, that the CRAPS took on its full scale. Since then, the tables of this game both chance and logic have always seen more people parade and, with the appearance of online casinos, the craps has experienced a real turning point, becoming a game with multiple facets, versions, methods of playing and strategies to win.

Some CRAPS History Elements

The origins of the craps go back to the time of the crusades. The English knights would have invented this game or would have brought it back from Africa at that time. He would then have spread quickly in USA where he was a great success thanks to his simple principle: it is enough to bet on the success of the dice launcher.

It is in the United States in the 17th century that CRAPS became the game that we currently know under the leadership of John Winn which fixes more precise and more complex rules aiming, among other things, to limit cheat.

CRAPS is today present in casinos around the world and its tables are still well filled and animated. The game is also well developed on online casinos. The rules of the game are not always very well known, especially in USA, which is why we suggest reminding you here. Also discover a few CRAPS strategies in this article.

CRAPS game principles

CRAPS is therefore a casino game that is played around a table. He is therefore one of the casino games named table games. This game, although using dice to chance, responds to a specific course and rules. On online casinos, you can find many games that do not really require knowledge or skills to win - such as slot machines for example ... CRAPS is not part of this category of online games . In order to maximize your earnings and put all the odds on your side to win a part of craps you must imperatively master the rules of the game and the bets available at CRAPS to perfection.

CRAPS rules in online casinos

CRAPS has no complex rules, we could even tell you something stupid so take it as such: "Bet. Launch the dice and wait ”. On our site you will often find this criticism on online gambling: Casino games Online is so automated that it is possible to play without really understanding how a game works. This is true for slot machines, but also for poker. The one who has never distributed the Hold'em poker cards may be very surprised if it has to do it in real. You will see for example that the cards are rarely "burned" in the games in online poker lovers. CRAPS seems to be a very easy to understand game, but it is much more complex than it seems. We advise all online casino players who want to confront it to start with the CRAPS in virtual money. We will therefore explain to you how a part of CRAPS is going in real.

The base is simple. You bet on the result you think you can do or you bet on a player around the table. In this case you pass your turn. The craps is played with two six -sided dice. It is a combination game. In a real casino part, you must choose between six dice and take a green and a red. Online, this step does not exist. Note that the casino can change the dice when it wishes. Do not see cheating or a plot, but superstition is not reserved for players and the casino will change the dice if a player begins to put it in the red.

  • The first step is to launch the dice with kiss or not on it ...

Then, the game will depend on the result, that is to say the sums of the two dice.

The player does:

  • a 7 or an 11, he wins once his start

  • a 2, a 3 or 12, the entire stake is lost

  • A 4, a 5, a 6, an 8 or a 9, the player makes a "point". The dealer puts a puck on the carpet to appear the "point"

  • The player made a "point". He must relaunch the dice.

  • A 4, a 5, a 6, an 8 or a 9, he marks a new "point" and he wins the amount of his bet.
  • If he draws a 7, he loses his starting bet.

For a perfect mastery of the craps, consult The game's rules Complete!

CRAPS variants

On online casinos you can find a certain number of variants in CRAPS. Once the basic game is assimilated and appreciated, it's up to you to discover these variants of the craps game and enjoy them.

The different crap variants are:

  • The simplified craps: the player is certain to win if at the launch of the dice he obtains a 2, 3, 4, 10, 11 or a 12. On the other hand if he draws all the other numbers he loses for sure!
  • The High Point Craps: this variant could not be simpler! The goal of the game is to draw an 11 or 12 at the first dice.

Apart from these two extremely simple variants adapted to novices to the craps you will also find the following variants on the casinos: the Craps Craps, the New York Craps and the Private Craps.

CRAPS strategies

Like any self -respecting casino game there are certain techniques and strategies for this game to win a part of craps. Discover in a dedicated article the different strategies of play allowing you to maximize your chances of earnings before starting a game of craps.

Because as you will certainly have understood when reading our CRAPS game rules, this game may seem particularly complex and it is necessary to know all the facets in order to win.

The different gaming methods at CRAPS

Over the years professional craps and probabilities experts have set up many game methods intended to allow players to maximize their chances of winnings. We have identified the most reliable and renowned methods for you to allow you to see more clearly in this game.

Sharpshooter method with craps

This method, named after the one who invented it, consists in explaining what is the posture and attitude to have in order to launch the dice to perfection in order to obtain the face of the cube and the desired number. Please note, this method is obviously effective only in terrestrial casinos ...

The method of patience or "patient field"

This method is the most famous and reliable method for playing craps on the Internet. It consists in placing only small bets the first 4 launched and waiting for the fifth in order to bet big. Why that? Simply because this method of game, also called patience of patience in American, is based on the fact that nothing beats observation and analysis to win a part of craps.

Thus the player practicing this method will pass the first 4 prints to observe and analyze the game in order to draw the conclusions which will lead him to win the game.

Play real silver craps in online casinos

CRAPS is a dice game as you probably understood, but it is a game of chance. The mythology that there is around is completely justified because in this game unlike other games of chance, you feel like you are the actor of your luck. This is the main danger of this game, it is adrenaline. It's not a bingo or a lottery game or you are waiting for a machine to give you the result. There, you have the dice in your hand and the feeling of being master of the game. The online craps in real silver allows you to feel this emotion thanks to a total immersion

Play for free CRAPS on the Internet

You have read the rules of the CRAPS game and the different strategies. Play methods but don't feel confident enough yet to play with money on online craps? Nothing more natural !! This is the reason why we offer and invite you to test your knowledge and make your hand by playing for free CRAPS on the Internet.

Here you will find all the information and directives to play Free online craps And train without losing a penny !!!

The lexicon of the craps

CRAPS vocabulary to understand the "move". Be careful, it's in English:

  • Pass: bet one on a player by betting on the fact that he will obtain a 7, an 11 or "a point". You win your bet once your bet is made.
  • Don't Pass: The player bets that the launcher will get a 2, a 3 or a 12. You win your bet once.
  • ODDS: It is a bet that is placed after the first launched.
  • Field: It's a more complex bet. You bet on a result 3,4,9,10, 11 for the possible gain of once your bet.
  • If the player makes a 2, you double your bet and it's a 12 you triple your bet.
  • Big 6: The player puts on a draw of 6 before the 7. The gain is of once your bet.
  • Big 8: The player puts on a draw of 8 before 7. The gain is of once your bet.
  • Placed: Make on 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 leaving before 7 or when the 7 comes out before 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 before 7.
  • The "7": simply bet that the 7 will be released during the next throw. Multiplies by 4 your bet.
  • The "11": bet on the next 11 launch dice. If that happens, you can hurt the bank with a gain of 15 times your bet.
  • The "craps": if you are betting on a "craps", it is because you bet on a 2, 3 or a 12. This is 7 times your bet.
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