Play in line Casino payment Upaycard

Upaycard, means of payment at the online casino

Upaycard an innovative electronic portfolio

Launched in 2013, Upaycard is an innovative means of payment that quickly conquered the hearts of users. This banking option can be used to make deposits as well as withdrawals, but also transfers on bank accounts and more. Upaycard has a large number of advantages that make it a very interesting method, but there are also drawbacks that it is necessary to list in order to be as precise as possible as to this option. This payment method was created by Moorwand LTD, based in London. The first important information to underline at this level is that the company holding the method benefits from almost 40 years of experience in the supply and management of prepaid card. It therefore seems obvious that we are dealing with people who know exactly what it takes to satisfy customers. Thus, Upaycard users are sure to take advantage of an extraordinary service that meets all the standards in force on the market.

Casinos accepting Upaycard

More than 150 covered countries and dozens of accepted currencies

Upaycard's relative novelty on the market did not prevent it from being quickly adopted across the globe. Today accessible in more than 150 countries, it can be used freely to send money to the outside and vice versa. Consequently, several international currencies are supported by this payment processor and makes it a very practical tool for carrying out monetary operations. Whether you use the euro, the dollar, the pound sterling or other popular currencies, you are guaranteed to be able to use it via Upaycard.

Upaycard services

Upaycard offers 3 different services: electronic portfolio, mastercard debit card or prepaid card. However, before you have the possibility of using one of these services, customers must make free registration and confirm their identity to see their account validated. Of course, the registration is made on the online platform of Upaycard. The registration carried out, the user can claim the supply of an electronic prepaid card thanks to which he can make online purchases, withdrawals, deposits and more. It is also possible to claim a physical bank card which will allow you to make purchases in physical shops and make withdrawals from automatic distributors.

Upaycard: safety and reliability

There are certainly several advantages to use the services of Upaycard, but the level of security offered is undoubtedly one of the main sales arguments of the processor. All transactions made via this banking method are protected by advanced protocols that prevent access or subtilization and usurpation of personal and banking data from users. The whole process is fully secure and users may have the guarantee that all the arrangements are taken to avoid all forms of disappointment.

Functions specially designed for casino players

It's a fact, casinos players are among the main users of Payment methods Like Upaycard. Aware of this, the company holding this banking option has designed a functionality intended 100% for players of Online casino. Indeed, it is possible to create a Upaycard Player account, but the bettors above all have the possibility of separating this account from the others. This is excellent news, especially when you know the regrettable trend that some bettors have to spend money that they cannot afford to spend in normal times. Upaycard presents itself as an excellent partner for the online bettor who wishes to be entertained without however breaking the bank.

Upaycard: a mobile platform available

A mobile practice and fluid platform is also made available for people who want to have access to their account, even when they are on the go. Of course, this platform is accessible from Android smartphones and tablets, but also from iPhones and iPads. It makes the use of this payment method incredibly practical and makes the user experience even more intuitive.

Upaycard: quality customer service

A well -trained assistance team made up of competent members has also been set up to allow customers to get help whenever they are in the face of questions about the services offered by the processor. Several means of have been made available and among these, there is in particular the form which pErmet to activate the cat live. It is also possible to get live assistance live. Obviously, everything is done so that you will gain cause as soon as possible and that you can continue your experience.

Upaycard: the disadvantages

Even if Upaycard has a large number of advantages, it is important to specify that there are some drawbacks which you must necessarily be kept informed. For example, the registration process is incredibly long. Indeed, between the creation of the account and its validation, several stages such as scans of documents, the telephone call for verification, etc. are inserted, which really extends the process. In addition, after the creation of the account, it takes between 4 and 8 weeks before obtaining the prepaid card, which is far too long depending on the current standards. Several other problems are also linked to the management of multiple accounts and this darkens the table a little.

What to remember from Upaycard

Although recent, Upaycard has many guarantees to all users who choose it as a means of payment. Upaycard is a specialist in the field of online innovative payment solutions, and adapts both to the needs of individuals and to those of companies. Complies with the requirements of the secure payment card industry, it is approved by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of the United Kingdom. Whether to make online purchases, bail out accounts or play Online casino games, Upaycard presents itself as an excellent alternative. Online betting enthusiasts have even more reason to provide this payment option for the many advantages and the safety it brings to them.

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