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Premium ticket, online payment method

Launched by the American company American Surf Ticket, Premium Ticket is a means of payment that is starting to gain more and more land with users. Several arguments play in favor of this banking method and you are now invited to discover the advantages. Of course, the disadvantages relating to the use of this option will also be discussed in order to give you all the information necessary for decision -making.

Premium ticket: an ideal payment method for online casinos

Premium ticket is a prepaid card that can be used to carry out several different operations. This card can be used on online stores, online poker sites, virtual casinos, horse racing platforms and much more. This payment method only reserved for people aged at least 18 years of age is available in several cuts of 10, 25, 50, 100, 150 and 250 $. Currently, Premium Ticket is provided in more than 35,000 points of sale in USA and 5,000 in Belgium, without forgetting the official website of the option. Whenever you get a premium ticket, it appears in the form of an online code (when you get it online) or a receipt (if the purchase is made in a physical establishment ). This online code or this ticket contains 11 to 16 characters. Once provided with this code, you can go to the platform on which you want to place online bets, make a similar purchase or other transaction and select Premium ticket as a means of payment. Then you register your secret code and it replaces your bank card illico.

Why use Premium Ticket to play online?

Apart from the manifest simplicity that characterizes the transactions made via this method, Ticket Premium presents a large number of advantages like:

  • Anonymity: the many risks that are running online bettors nowadays means that payment methods that guarantee anonymity are much more acclaimed by users. And, this is precisely one of the main guarantees that Ticket Premium brings. As explained previously, all you have to do using this method is to register the secret code that will be communicated to you. No need to enter your personal or banking data.
  • The possibilities of use: There is certainly an incalculable number of online payment methods, but not all are accepted on all establishments. Ticket Premium has the advantage of being accepted on a large number of online platforms. Users can therefore be reassured as to the fact that using premium ticket, they will not have trouble finding an online establishment that accepts their payment method.
  • The possibility of defining in advance, yourself, without constraint, the amount of deposits or various purchases to be made.
  • The instantaneous nature of the various operations carried out which makes user experience incredibly practical. Indeed, lovers of Online casino games, for example, can easily supply their account via this method while they play online.
  • The long period of validity which is nine months, which leaves the users all the time necessary to use their good prepaid without pressure!
  • The possibility of using a premium ticket repeatedly, until the balance is exhausted. Customers can indeed use part of the money available on the prepaid card to carry out proportional operations and then use the same code to carry out other operations if the available amount is not yet exhausted.
  • The chance to be able to provide a premium ticket at any time of day and night. The official website of the means of payment is indeed accessible 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. If therefore, you will run out of money while you play roulette or online poker video (for example), you can easily access the site and you provide a new code thanks to which you can replenish your account Online casino And thus continue your experience.
  • The high safety level of each transaction. Unless a person is accessing your Premium ticket account and also has your identification data as well as your secret code, it is impossible that it can use your funds.
  • The possibility of consulting your balance at will to find out where you are and prepare for the purchase of another card, if that were to intervene.

Premium ticket drawbacks

Premium Ticket has so many advantages that it is almost forgotten that its use could be linked to a number of drawbacks. To start, it should be noted that Ticket Premium can only be used to make payments and deposits and not for withdrawals. This somewhat reduces the quality of the experience, because it is not very practical to use a method of payment Data to make a deposit, then to use another to withdraw your earnings for example. Apart from this, the fact that this prepaid card is available in fixed amounts is also bad news for a large number of users. Indeed, the latter are forced to accumulate several premium tickets (3 maximum) if they wish to have a substantial amount. The main drawback of this method is therefore relative to its practical side. Nothing is called into question with regard to the efficiency, speed and safety provided to all transactions made via premium ticket.

What to remember about premium ticket

Simple, fast and efficient, these are the words that can be used to qualify the Payment Payment Ticket Premium. This option therefore has characteristics that may suit any type of user. Premium ticket redefines even more simply banking operations and makes them accessible to all. However, the few drawbacks relating to its use come to "spoil the party" a little. That said, these downsides do not completely blacken the table and users always have dozens of good reasons to use premium ticket for all their operations, especially online Paris lovers. Do not hesitate to have your own experience with premium ticket.

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