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Paypal online casinos are rare and highly sought after. Created in 1998 in California and bought by the company Ebay in 2002, Paypal is a very popular alternative payment method at the Casino and having received more than 20 prizes to reward its services.

If you decide to use Paypal, you will send and receive your money via the web and this when opening a PayPal account - free opening. You can supply your account via your credit card or bank account, which will allow you to make secure payments and easily on online casinos Accepting Paypal.

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Paypal Casino online - Payment with Paypal

It is important to examine how the sellers transfer their PayPal funds to their bank accounts. The process is quite simple for residents of the United States and residents of 7 other privileged countries (USA, USA, United Kingdom, USA, Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand) which allow transfers from PayPal accounts towards other bank accounts. If American residents do not pay fees for these transfers, residents of other countries pay them, but not too high.

Paypal currently accepts 43 countries, but only the eight privileged countries can make money transfers. It takes between three and five working days to withdraw money from your Paypal account. As All payment methods, Paypal holds its advantages and disadvantages. One of the reasons why we recommend Paypal is its very low costs, especially for customers with a personal account. If you are in this case, you can receive up to $ 100 a month for free, while companies holding an account must always pay to receive money. Unlike many other alternative payment methods, Paypal does not pay high fees. Paypal only charges a small percentage of the transaction and rather low transaction costs.

    Casino Paypal USA - How does it work?

    The service offered by Paypal allows American players to play online in real money Without transmitting their bank details, just identifying with an email address and a password. There is no point in feeding your Paypal account in advance. The supply means chosen (credit card or bank account) is automatically debited at the time of purchase. Either at the time of deposit at the casino with Paypal.

    PayPal can also allow funds to be transferred from an account to another PayPal account - a service is free if the bank account is the source of supply, or if there is money available on your PayPal account.

    Online casinos accepting Paypal

    PayPal has regulation on purchasing protection. Regulations that promote the buyer rather than the seller - the buyer who can make claims according to the type of product received. In case of discord with the seller about the purchased product, the buyer can activate the "dispute" option by the Paypal site. Once this complaint has been filed, it is Paypal who manages the file and makes the final decision according to the elements provided by the two parties. In other words, in case of litigation with a casino Paypal, the player will be defended by Paypal regulations which obviously apply to online Paypal American casino.

    To make a purchase via Paypal, or play the casino with Paypal, it will be enough to click on the PayPal option of the site in question and then follow the verification procedure. It is therefore Paypal who safely takes care of the transfer of money on the beneficiary's account. After making your payment, Paypal takes care of sending an email to your recipients to inform them that they have been paid.

    Some criticize Paypal for overprotection, as long as it is not open to all countries. In addition, some people complain that Paypal has suspended their accounts without giving a good reason. But the advantage of Paypal's strict safety measures is that its fraud rate is much lower than that of the majority of alternative payment methods.

    Advantages of Casino Paypal

    • Available in more than 40 countries
    • Low costs
    • Secure casino payment
    • Regulation promoting the player

    Paypal Casino: a little drawback, its rarity ...

    Despite all these advantages, compared to very popular payment methods such as casinos Skrill or Paysafecard - There are few American online casinos accepting deposits or withdrawals with Paypal. As for the Paypal bonuses they are almost non -existent. However, there are a few and we invite you to take advantage of it, especially since most online casino operators have preferences for certain payment methods - those whose costs are the lowest for them, and in order to 'Encourage players to use them to feed their account and play real money, they offer Alternative payment method bonus, often very advantageous for players - from 15% bonuses for deposits made with this or that type of payment.

    However, note this change in regulation on The Paypal site about gambling.

    Casino PayPal - FAQ

    Is Paypal available and authorized in USA?

    Yes. USA is one of the countries where Paypal is available.

    What are the advantages of using Paypal to the online casino?

    Paypal is appreciated especially for its ease of use and reliability, and it has very strict safety regulations, with the "dispute" option in the event of confusion.

    Why are the casinos who accept Paypal so rare?

    No doubt for two reasons: Paypal is not available in all countries of the world, and moreover, there are transfer fees for users and annual transfer limits.

    Are there withdrawal or deposit limits with Paypal?

    Paypal requires transfer limits and receipt of payments: annual transfer limit: $ 1,000. Monthly transfer limit: $ 750 Annual limit for receipt of payments: $ 2,500.

    Are there any additional costs when you use Paypal to play online?

    Yes if the transaction is international. But if the casino account is in USA, there will only be a fee for receiving a payment but not for shipping.
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