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MoneyClic, online payment method

It is an understatement to affirm that there are a large number of payment methods different on the current market. Despite this plurality of banking options, there are some that manage to do well and to impose themselves among the best payment methods, for different reasons. MoneyClic is one of them! Present on the market for some time now, this option has managed to conquer the hearts of thousands of users and you are invited to discover the reasons that explain its great success in a very competitive field!

Moneyclic: What is it?

MoneyClic is a prepaid card thanks to which users can make online purchases and payments without having to use their credit or debit card. MONECHLIC emits unique 16 encrypted and credited codes of the amount chosen by the customer. To get this card, simply go to one of the 100,000 Moneyclic points of sale available. After that, you buy a prepaid ticket, the amount of which varies between $ 10 and 250 $, and receive a 16-digit code as mentioned above. This is this code that you need to enter the merchant site to make your payments. It's as simple as that ! Note that if after shopping your balance is not exhausted, you can once again use the MoneyClic prepaid card.

Simplicity and safety

To get a ticket, users can either go in person to the nearest point of sale or get the online prepaid ticket. In either case, no registration is necessary and you are also not required to communicate your bank data or other similar information before receiving your 16 -digit code. The advantage at this level is that you are certain that your information will never fall into bad hands since it is not registered anywhere during the process, and that your bank account is in no way associated with the transaction. In addition, therefore, the simplicity of the purchasing process, customers can also benefit from an infallible level of security with MoneyClic.

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Expenditure control system

Another criterion that positively distinguishes money from competition is that this method incorporates a system that allows the user to control his expenses as well as his balance in real time. This is excellent news for all people who make a lot of expenses (especially online) and more particularly for lovers of Online casino games. Indeed, when they are engaged in very rhythmic games, online bettors can find themselves making expenses really realize it. Using a payment method that allows them to control their balance as you go is therefore an excellent thing. In addition, it is important to underline the instantaneous nature of the various operations. This is also a superb sale argument. Indeed, this guarantees that with MoneyClic, you will never be short of money, whether to make online purchases, play your video poker options favorite or other titles, or to make any other transaction of the genre. Finally, know that you have the possibility of accumulating a certain number of tickets (5 to be more precise) to reach higher amounts with a maximum bar set at $ 1,000.

Other advantages of MoneyClic

From the date of emission of the MoneyClic Ticket, it has a validity of 12 months. This is simply remarkable, especially if we take into account the fact that generally the validity period is 9 months with other similar processors. In addition, users can also request to be reimbursed for a Moneyclic ticket if after a certain delay, it has still not been used. To do this, they will be invited to present certain pieces such as the photocopy of the Ticket Moneyclic, an identity document and the receipt of the coupon for proof of purchase. Still in the same direction, the user is possible to request a purchase cancellation, provided of course that his prepaid card has never been used.

An assistance service available

To ensure that you will be entitled to a full service in every sense of the word, a very reactive assistance team has been set up. A form is made available for users of the Moneyclic platform. With this form, you can send the requests you have at the assistance service that will meet you as soon as possible. It is a little regrettable that a live cat option, a very interactive method, is not available, but instead, users can consult the very detailed FAQ section which is made to their dispositions. The chances are very strong that after that they find answers to their various questions. Moneclic is accepted by a large number of online betting platforms, which testifies to the reliability and practicality of this payment method.

What to remember from MoneyClic

Finding a disadvantage in MoneyClic would almost come back to engage in an impossible mission. Indeed, this payment method is very simple to use and no aspect of the process is confusing. In addition, users are spared from any danger relating to the usurpation or the basis of their banking data since the latter do not intervene during the process. To this must be added several other advantages such as a prolonged time of use, an available and helpful customer service, operations carried out almost instantaneously, a large number of online platforms that accept the payment method and much more. MoneyClic is an excellent banking option that gives users a lot of freedoms and allows them to focus on their different operations better since with the system put in place, things are done almost by themselves. Do not hesitate to try this method! It would not be surprising if you decided to adopt it once for good!

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