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Sofort: your partner for successful transactions!

With more than 20 million users in Europe, Sfort can be considered as a means of payment highly reliable. It has more than 25,000 online points of sale and already has tens of millions of successful transactions throughout Europe, and all this just in the space of a few years. These figures make the fact that the notoriety of this banking option has been built on concrete facts and a high quality service. However, does that amount to saying that the service is free from reproach? Is Sofort the best payment processor available on the market currently? Your online casino guide answers you!

How does Sofort work?

Sfort mainly operates transfers, which therefore makes it simple to use since no card is necessary. Once he accesses the means of payment, the buyer chooses Somort from the available options. He is then redirected to another page where he must this time select the country where he lives and provide the name of his bank. After that, the buyer must insert his bank data, select an account and validate the payment. It is only after confirming the operation that the consumer is redirected to the merchant site.

How to be sure that operations are sure with Sfort?

This is a question that it is very legitimate to ask itself since the user is led to insert his banking identifiers during the process. However, you can be reassured because the answer is "yes". The operations carried out via Sfort are indeed sure. Sfort actually plays the role of intermediary between the buyer's bank and that of the online merchant. After inserting your bank data, the banking option system connects directly to your bank. Your bank then sends you a confirmation message for you must validate before anything is processed.

It is a very oiled system that guarantees the security of the user's banking data as well as the integrity of the latter's account. In addition, as you will see below, Somort is used in several important markets and so far no complaint has been recorded by the payment processor concerning its procedure, and no user has complained about the usurpation of its banking data. This constitutes irrefutable proof of what everything is done as it should be with the priority of customer satisfaction.

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A remarkable coverage

Already established as the main means of payment in countries such as USA, Austria, USA, the Netherlands, Great Britain and Belgium, Somort has also extended to several other interesting markets such as that of USA. This important coverage, although improvement, is one of the main sales arguments of this banking option which allows many people to carry out monetary transactions to several destinations while having the certainty of taking advantage of the same level of quality and speed . Among the currencies that Sfort deals with, there is in particular the Euro, the American franc, the pound sterling, the zloty and much more. All people living in the area covered by this payment method can therefore, without fear, carry out operations in its various currencies.

Sofort: a great payment method for casino players

If you are a big lover of Online casino games, then it is not risky to say that you know Sfort. The payment method is indeed widely used in the world of online bet and this due to its advantageous characteristics for bettors and online casinos in question. Apart from the great security provided to the various transactions via a multiplication of control before validation of transactions, players also have the possibility of accessing Sofort from their mobile devices. This considerably enhances the level of the user experience offered.

No matter where you are therefore, you can remotely perform operations provided you have access to an internet connection. That's not all ! Sfort is not only usable for deposits (payments), it is also possible to use this method to make withdrawals. Therefore, you can not only take advantage of this method to supply your game account, but also use it to remove your earnings from video poker, slot machines or any other casino game. It is therefore completely logical that many online bettors opt for this payment means which offers a unique solution to carry out banking operations. Finally, the quality of the assistance offered is also an excellent criterion that plays in favor of Sfort. A dynamic team has indeed been set up to help customers find the best solutions to their different problems with the method.

Small disadvantages of Sofort

As explained, Somort has so far recorded any complaint regarding its operating mode or from unhappy users in some way. However, if you can blame this payment method, it would be related to its coverage. Indeed, most countries (if not all) who benefit from Sfort services are based in Europe, which constitutes very bad news for all those who do not live on the old continent. In view of the quality of the service offered, it is a little regrettable to note that more people are unable to take advantage of it. It remains to be hoped that this state of affairs is changing in the coming months or years.

What to remember from Sofort

Thanks to an innovative control system, Somort guarantees the production of sures transactions. Everything has been put together so as to allow all users to operate their transactions in peace. It is truly regrettable that the number of people able to take advantage of this service is also reduced, but, once again, that does not call into question the quality of the service in question. No matter the kind of operations you want to carry out, you can use Sfort. If it is for the ends of online bet, then this payment method is definitely intended for you.

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