Play in line Casino payment giropay

Giropay, payment method to play online

In recent years, several banking companies have stormed the market that is always an evolving online bet, and among them is the Giropay brand. Launched since 2006, this method of payment Powered by American and Austrian banks has established itself as a real reference in the field. Thanks to in particular at its high -quality service, Giropay continues to conquer new users each year. However, the question that arises is what are the elements that can explain the great success of this brand. What is special giropay compared to competition? Focus!

About the online payment method Giropay

Giropay is a means of payment by bank transfer thanks to which you have the possibility of making payments on virtual shops and especially on online casinos which accept the method. Today, the number of savings and banks affiliated to this payment processor amounts to more than 1500, which constitutes excellent news for users, because the possibilities of using the method are thus increased tenfold . More than 40 million people use a giropay to make their online payment and more than a million transactions are treated each month by this increasingly popular brand.

How to use giropay to play online?

Before coming to use proper, it is important to specify that to have a giropay account, you must absolutely have an account in one of the many banking institutions with which the payment processor collaborates. If this is already the case, then you can start using this banking option in the way that follows:

  • Select Giropay from the payment methods available on the platform on which you wish to make the payment.
  • Choose the bank on which the collection of funds will be taken; After which you will be redirected to an authentication page of the bank account.
  • Fill in the available fields, in particular the bank account number, the PIN code, etc.
  • Recover the transaction authentication number (TAN) sent by the bank.
  • Use the transaction authentication number to confirm the transaction; After which the operation is validated and the funds sent to the beneficiary platform.
  • Payment confirmation sent by the bank both to the issuer and the receiver.

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The advantages of giropay for online payments

In view of the large number - and it is nothing to say - of payment processors available today, it is quite logical to ask the question of what special giropay offers that we is interested. The very first advantage that this method offers is the ease of use. Indeed, if the steps described above can lead you to believe that the procedure is long, it is not! Things are taking place with extreme speed, making the banking option a highly recommended solution for customers in general and casino players in particular. Apart from the speed and simplicity, the payment processor has an SSL certificate, which provides the guarantee that the level of protection offered is very high. This explains in particular why it is rare to see users complain of giropay on the web.

All players' data (banking and personal) is protected in the best way. So you don't have to get it. In addition, the growing number of banking institutions and online platforms that collaborate with the payment option is clearly good news for users who can benefit from more possibilities for use. However, the best advantage that Giropay offers is undoubtedly the one related to the costs of use. The costs generated by each transaction are paid by the recipient platform. In other words, whenever you make a deposit in your Giropay account, you have the possibility of using the amount you have deposited, without any penny being removed, regardless of the number of transactions that you operate. Finally, Giropay is also accessible from mobile devices, which gives you the opportunity to access your account at any time. Do you need a better reason to opt for this method now?

Finance your casino account with giropay

Given the many advantages that Giropay offers, several online casinos offer this method. Among these, we can mention in particular OceanBets Casino, Diamond Club VIP, Magik Casino or even Casino. So, in addition to bringing several revolutionary advantages to players, a Giropay is also very available. The only weak point that can be found in this processor is the fact that it does not allow users to make withdrawals. This amounts to saying that if you use giropay as a means of payment on an online casino, you will need to find another option to recover your earnings. Even if it can throw a certain cold on the craze that the use of this banking method can arouse, the many positive recorded counterbalance this lack. Do not hesitate to try a giropay today in order to give you a own opinion on this banking method.

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