Play in line Casino payment Entropay

Entropay, online payment method

Since the advent of online payment, several companies have emerged and have forged a good reputation in the field. Among them is entropay that was launched in 2000, making it one of the pioneers in the online payment industry. It goes without saying that with so many years of experience to its credit, the company has amply taken the measure of the expectations of the public and knows how to give them exactly that. Even if entropay services are reserved for any type of user, online casinos players seem to derive a lot from the use of this method. Discover some of the reasons why you would like to subscribe to Entropay!

Pay online with Entropay

Entropay is an electronic portfolio thanks to which users have the possibility of making online payments on merchant sites or Online betting platforms. Presented in this way, one might think that Entropay is only a payment solution among many, but this is definitely not the case. Entropay allows users to benefit if they wish from the advantages of a virtual payment processor, but also to receive a visa physical card. This significantly widens the field of use of this solution, especially since the platforms that accept VISA cards are incredibly numerous.

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Entropay's advantages

As explained previously, there are several advantages to use entropay to perform monetary transactions. Even if some drawbacks can be deplored (they will be listed below), it is important for potential users to know precisely what they earn by opting for this means of payment.

  • Experience: a few years ago, this point would not have been among the advantages of this payment solution, but when we take into account the fact that the entropay company has been operating on the market for almost two decades, It changes the situation. Indeed, this longevity proves that the method is incredibly reliable for carrying out transactions. She has thousands of them to her credit and therefore turns out to be a wise choice if you want to make ups.
  • Entropay not only allows you to take advantage of the advantages of conventional electronic portfolios, but also those in physical bank cards. This is one of the main arguments to assert this payment method which thus offers something innovative to users. Better still, the fact that Entropay is usable on the visa network is very good omen for customers who have the possibility of using this method on a very large number of platforms. Finally, it should also be noted that the possibility is offered to deposit money on your entropay account by bank card or by transfer.
  • Entropay is the very suitable solution for casino players who are looking for a means of payment thanks to which instantly supply their game account, but which they can also use to withdraw their earnings. The payment option offers these two services and turns out to be a real ally, even in cases of extremes.
  • Security ! It is almost useless to say that the transactions carried out via Entropay are extremely well secured. The company has evolved with its time and updated its security protocols which allows it to continue to provide its customers with a high level of security. The latter may have been reassured about what their personal and financial information is kept in a safe and preserved way from any unauthorized access. To this must be added that the assistance is offered in several languages, including American. This gives you the opportunity to easily communicate to customer service your concerns or share them with any problem you have faced by carrying out a transaction.

Entropay's drawbacks

If Entropay offers excellent service, it is clear that it also knows how to invoice it. Indeed, the note is very salty for users of this method when it comes to the costs removed by the company. On deposits for example, Entropay takes 4.95% of the amount deposited while for withdrawals the costs amounted to 1.95%. That's not all, when customers want to transfer money from their virtual card to their physical bank card, the operation is billed at $ 4.50. These somewhat high fees are worth in Entropay to receive mixed opinions from the usesSateurs. A large part of the latter is fully acquired by the cause of the payment solution, but a significant number believes that the costs are exorbitant.

Play online with Entropay

Given everything it offers in terms of speed, practicality and efficiency, it is not surprising to note that several online casinos offer this means of payment. Sites like OceanBets Casino And many others give their customers the chance to use this method in order to supply their game account without the slightest concern. It is indisputable that Entropay is currently one of the best payment processors you can use, despite the rather significant costs related to its use. However, it is recommended to take into account your priorities and study the gender as well as the urgency of the operations you want to carry out in order to decide judiciously if this method suits you or if you will be better by opting for another one.

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