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Debit cards to play online

Debit cards are one of the most used ways to make payments, deposits and withdrawals, on online casinos. The term being little used in USA, it is advisable to agree on the meaning of a debit card. It is simply a bank card which allows you to make purchases which will then be debited immediately from the bank account, that is to say the same day of the purchase. It differs from a credit card which allows you to be debited concretely until at the time of the monthly deadline. It will therefore be impossible with a debit card to make a payment with money that is not available on your bank account - except to have an exceeding rights. Widely used in Quebec or in Belgium, it is little used in USA where we prefer to speak of a bank card in general or even a credit card, or to speak of an immediate debit card in order to be clearer.

Debit cards on online casinos

Online casinos accept almost all debit cards like method of payment to play. The debit visa, the maestro, the laser card or the Switch card are among the best known and accepted on online casinos. Many online casinos in USA, Belgium or the United Kingdom accept debit cards. The good casino, the Riviera, Casino Noir, Majestic Slots or even Paris, are only a few examples which accept without concern for debit cards. Of course many debit cards will allow you to win Alternative payment bonus To play online.

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Debit card or credit card, what difference?

On the other hand, the question that must be asked is opposite: it is a question, not if online casinos accept debit cards -this is generally the case -, but if the debit cards accept Online casinos money games. This is less the case. For a simple reason: the operation of debit cards. Indeed the debit cards are generally cards which are used for small purchases. The fact that the flow is fixed in the same day shows in a certain way the lack of confidence of the bank towards the card holder, in the financial sense of the term. The debit cards indeed, are most often granted to young adults, these are cards granted by the parents on which the latter and the bank want to have some control. Higher on the scale of the cards than the simple withdrawal cards, with which it is even impossible to pay, they nevertheless reveal the fact that the bank does not grant credit on expenses, not even for two days, or fifteen days. Under these numerous conditions are the purchases which will lead to a 'decline', a refusal of the bank: this will very often be the case with Maestro, Laser or even Switch, especially since these cards are not always international and therefore unusable on foreign online casinos.

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