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Bitcoin and online casinos - a good deal!

Created in 2009 by a Japanese whose no one has ever seen the face, Satoshi Nakamato, Bitcoin completely upset the online payment methods. This virtual or cryptocurrency currency, has the advantage of being completely decentralized, and therefore not to depend on traditional banks. Very popular with individuals who have shown its arrow value, Bitcoin has also drawn the attention of online casinos which are more and more numerous to offer it in method of payment.

Between the possibilities of instant payments or to make its earnings grow after having conceded them, Bitcoin has many advantages also for players. But the Igaming sector, and in particular casinos using cryptocurrency is still a seal. Hence the need to also take into account the drawbacks it presents, and in particular its volatility.

But in fact, cryptocurrencies and especially bitcoin, are now part of the life of American people in 2021. On the web, its use has become common. In The universe of the online casino, this digital currency allows you to make transactions, purchases and online betting. However, this observation is not equal to all of the structures and various authorities do not follow this road. At a time when online casinos are trying to accept as many means of payment for deposits and withdrawals of players, an increasing number of platforms authorizes cryptocurrencies. Very trendy, virtual currencies can therefore now allow you to play slot machines as well as online poker ...

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Cryptocurrency invades online casinos

Unless you haven't turned the internet, television or radio for over 6 years, you've probably heard of cryptocurrencies and their incredible potential. Cryptocurrencies are now an integral part of online money game establishments. Currently, there are a multitude of casinos that accept bitcoins, guaranteeing optimal entertainment. From portals without download, just use an internet browser or applications for your androids or iPhones to be able to To play online.

Behind this notion, virtual currencies are hidden which really have no physical existence. In other words, do not expect to receive any piece or a ticket since your money is only accessible on an account thanks to identifiers that you must keep safe. And yet you are doing indeed play and earn real money, with virtual currency and virtual games ...

Beyond their form, virtual currencies have another particularity: they are not subject to any control that emanates from a bank or from a government.

In recent months, it was Bitcoin in particular that has enjoyed planetary success. It must be said that those who wanted to democratize it have been able to highlight its real advantages, namely to allow the achievement of financial transactions anonymous for users and do not pay any bank costs during payments for companies.

Add to that, the rush of the Bitcoin course during 2018 and all the ingredients were gathered for this virtual currency to be essential. But she managed to bring with her other cryptocurrencies since Litecoin, Ethereum or even Ripple also attract an increasing number of users.

Until recently, a brake on this development existed, however, since few websites, except those of the Darknet whose thugs used to whiten their money, accepted payment in Bitcoin. Today, many e-commerce platforms, even famous, have put themselves on it which has helped to democratize cryptocurrencies in our everyday life.

Online casinos too put on cryptocurrencies

Because online casinos must listen to players and adapt constantly to new trends, some operators have decided to offer cryptocurrencies as a new authorized payment method.

It must be said that the low transaction costs and the anonymization of the latter make virtual currencies a means of payment that the players should appreciate in all likelihood.

Obviously, before choosing an online casino to play with bitcoins, you must make sure that security is there. This may even be even more important than if you play by depositing your funds from an electronic portfolio for example.

Another criterion to take into account, the bonuses. Indeed, some online casinos offer bonuses dedicated to players using cryptocurrencies. It can then be interesting to play on these since the payment method you have retained will give you the opportunity to benefit from sympathetic bonuses that will take the form of additional free spins or money credited to your account.

What is Bitcoin?

Would Bitcoin be in the phase to become the new darling of online casinos? And especially their users? It is clear in any case that it constitutes a new trend. Bitcoin indeed is fashionable on online casinos, and we explain why this online payment method is safe and practical!

Formed by the words "bit", binary information unit in English, and "corner" which means coin, also in English, Bitcoin is an electronic payment and transaction system that has been making its way in a few years in The objective of also going into the virtual world to settle your daily purchases. And if you can adjust your glass to the Bitcoin bar, then why not play Bitcoin casino. Online casinos, which are at the cutting edge of technology, have understood this.

Invented and implemented around 2008-2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto, via open-source software, Bitcoin is today a unit of money-like the dollar, Euro and others. But it is a virtual unit, that is to say that it is not material, it is an online unit, you will not be able to touch bitcoin. But you can have bitcoins. Bitcoin is also limited to 21 million units and divisible to the eighth decimal. Bitcoin is today the most important and known cryptographic currency in the world, a kind of dollar in the virtual universe. It is a decentralized and secure currency close to the 14 millions of euros in capitalization.

If we can understand the reluctance of certain people and therefore certain online game players in Bitcoin, you have to realize that this is a safe currency - we will not steal your bitcoins in the street or in A burglary, you have much stronger guarantees -an efficient, practical currency and above all it is a payment method that is completely suitable for online casinos games.

How to choose your Bitcoin and cryptocurrency casino online?

As with any online gaming platform, reliability is a crucial element to take into account. Before making your choice, it must be understood that the virtual casinos operating with Bitcoin evolve in a growing market. There is therefore not yet leaders properly speaking, which can complicate your task.

In order to save you time (and money), here are the most popular, but above all the safest.

  • MONTE CRYPTOS: This Bitcoin casino created in 2014 today enjoys great popularity (and a large user base). Launched by professionals in the sector, it allows deposits in Bitcoin, but also in Litcoin and Ethereum. Once you have made your deposit, you will have the choice between more than 500 games of virtual casinos (such as roulette or BlackJack), including live games.
  • Stake: A more recent online casino but which seduces with its transparency and safety. For the moment, only 12 games are offered, but their catalog should soon diversify;
  • Casinobit: roulette, blackjack, slot machine And live casino experience is offered on this cryptocurrency casino.

The advantages and disadvantages of cryptocurrency in online casinos

The use of bitcoin, or any other cryptocurrency to play in online casino has many advantages. Starting with extremely fast transactions, which will allow players to deposit and remove their earnings in just a few seconds. You will be able to have your bet on your virtual wallet immediate, while a conventional transfer can take several days.

Bitcoin is also an extremely secure payment method. Each of your transactions will indeed be encrypted, which offers you optimal and reduced protection to nothing the risk of hacking.

Not dependent on traditional banks, and therefore needing no intermediary, the cryptocurrency is used and exchanged at no cost. Which is excellent news, and represents a significant economy for all players. All of your amount will be issued to you in Bitcoin by the online casino and no tax will be taken to you either (in the absence of regulation).

And for those who do not wish to move their passion for games of money and chance, know that the transactions made in cryptocurrencies are absolutely anonymous.

Watch out for the volatility of cryptocurrencies

But before going from a classic casino to a Bitcoin casino, it is also necessary to understand the drawbacks that this can present. Because virtual currencies are still a new universe, which requires a little practice to be mastered.

The first thing you need to understand is that cryptocurrencies are, by nature, volatile. Their decentralization involves very fluctuating exchange rates, which can evolve in the course of a day. This is good news if its course flies away, since your earnings will automatically increase. But otherwise, you can get down considerably.

However, there is a very simple solution to that. To know how to closely monitor the evolution of your cryptocurrency to convert it to euros as soon as its course starts to fall. Bitcoin therefore requires a lot of vigilance.

A vigilance that also applies to the creation of your virtual portfolio. It is crucial to set up several safeguards to avoid hacking (which would sign the loss of your earnings). Make sure you use a platform that has two identification airlocks, and choose the most complex password as possible.

In reality, this drawback also applies to online banks. So if the volatility of Bitcoin does not frighten you, quite the contrary, go to the next step: namely to choose your Casino Crypto!

The bitIs it compatible with online casinos?

Given the virtual universe of Bitcoin, it adapts perfectly to online casinos for a simple reason: they evolve in the same universe, that of the virtual. Also bitcoin and online casinos are on the same wavelength. They are compatible and accessible to each other with ease. What is more, Bitcoin, via its protected electronic system is a safety guarantee for deposits and withdrawals on online casinos. It is therefore not a surprise if the online casinos that accept Bitcoin can be counted by dozens and if they are more and more numerous every day to add it to their platform.

Deposits and bitcoins

Bitcoin deposit on online casinos is done instantly. Thus, you will not have to wait to use bitcoin on the games offered by the chosen casino. However, there is subtlety from one brand to another. This is the potential conversion in a national currency and not in BTC. Take the case where you play with bitcoins, without conversion to Euro. Here, the casino will confront players advocating the use of a constantly evolving numerical value. Thus, the result is a simple niche for a Bitcoin value at the V index, and withdrawals in a week, a month, or a year, for a value V+1. This is why even without playing, bettors using bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency can be as winners as losers. The most recurring case on American bitcoin casinos is the deposit allowed in cryptocurrency but with live conversion against the national currency on which you are still dependent daily.

Bitcoin withdrawals from online casinos

Bitcoin withdrawals from online casinos are quite rare. In any case, the latter are always done with the national currency according to your geolocation. The transfer of money can naturally be carried out towards your electronic portfolio, but by upgrading the new value of the cryptocurrency. Thus, online casinos are much less losing, just like players who have to enter the right moment in order to make the withdrawal of gains, with treatment times of less than two hours.

By way of comparison, withdrawal deadlines in the form of bank transfers take two to seven working days. A big difference, even if again, the possibility of playing directly in bitcoins turns out to be very limited, while the use of euros, rubles, sterling books, or any other national currencies turns out to be the benchmark unchanged . The one and only advanced reason is the clearly large fluctuation of cryptocurrencies as obviously bitcoin.

Bitcoin users bonuses at online casino

One of the strengths with bitcoins on online casinos, as for other cryptocurrencies, these are most of the time the bonuses promised around 15% at registration or deposit. Brands promise almost 100 euros for a first deposit of the same amount. Your balance is in this way credited with 200 euros, and with fifteen more percent, it is still 230 euros that you will receive in order to benefit from slot machines as well as game tables. Read the conditions of use well, where surprises are often in size.

Cloudbet, Vegas Casino, Bit Starz, Mbit Casino, Loki Casino, the famous Fortune Jack, Bet Chain Casino, 7bit Casino or Playamamo are only a few examples of CasinOnline OS on which you can make deposits and withdrawals in Bitcoin. Everyone is getting started. Many casinos offer Payment method bonuses to players who use this virtual currency.

But above all, Bitcoin has a quality that currencies cannot have which are not purely and only electronic: independence. Bitcoin is indeed not deposited at the bank, better, it does not depend on your bank. You will certainly have to buy bitcoin or transform money into bitcoin at one time or another, but payment by Bitcoin is not subject to the goodwill of your account at the bank, it only depends on the amount you Arrange in Bitcoin. Also, finished the limitations by the bank, the failure of payment for an incompatible card or the banker who prohibits you from playing games of money because he does not trust you. Bitcoin is independent, it's your money and you have it as you want.

And the arjel compared to bitcoins on online casinos?

Bitcoins on online casinos promise multiple use, as much for deposits, for speed and safety. For withdrawals, the option is therefore rarer. However, there is an institution, in USA, not seeing too good the use of this digital currency subject to major changes. This is the Arjel (regulatory authority for online games).

Since 2010, its mission is to regulate the betting market on the web, in order to make it healthy and secure. Thus, you will never have games of "chance" on these approved establishments but only sports betting, horse racing, some lotteries, and poker. Lack of slot machines, blackjack, video poker and famous BTC. However, in the end, it is more the casinos authorized by the Arjel, which have to lose by refusing to allow the use of bitcoins. Legal casinos, but under foreign authorities, such as Curaçao or UK Gambling, take advantage of this phenomenon that is BTC and security measures are more guaranteed thanks to these electronic wallets, as much for players as for brands can practice in USA.

Bitcoin on online casinos constitutes even, according to some, a kind of new era, even speaking of Bitcoin Online Casinos in English, that is to say Bitcoin online casinos, where everything is based on bitcoin. Is the time close when bitcoin will become the currency par excellence, if not the only currency, online casinos?

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