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Apple Pay, for simplified deposits at the online casino

Payments, purchases, games of all kinds, digital shows us day after day the extent of its features! And if online payments have been widely facilitated in recent years, trends have continued with the progressive democratization of electronic portfolios. Among them, it was the American Apple Pay who has appeared in recent years, and who already promises a long relationship with the online casino!

Apple Pay, what is it?

Appeared in 2014 in the United States, Apple Pay is a method of payment Ultra secure that allows you to make your online purchases, in stores or via applications, in a simplified manner. In the universe of the online casino, the method is more fluid than a bank card and prevents us from having to regularly inform our identifiers. Practice !

Can I trust the Apple Pay method?

To guarantee total security, Apple Pay transactions use various identification technologies:

  • The Touch ID function.
  • The Face Id function.
  • The telephone access code.

In other words, even in the event of loss of your phone, no one can access your account!

In terms of payments, we particularly appreciate the fact of having no personal data, on no online casino. What make your transfers in peace with Apple Pay!

How to create my account on Apple Pay?

As its name suggests, Apple Pay is linked to the Apple electronics giant. To take advantage of the service, no secret, you have to have an iPhone, you must choose, an iPad, an Apple Watch or a compatible Mac, among the most recent models. You will then have an Apple identifier that you will need to enter the Apple Pay site so that you can link your bank cards.

Very practical, the service allows you to add up to 8 credit or debit cards, but you will have to repeat the maneuver for each Apple device from which you will want to make payments in the future.

So how do we proceed? Once connected to Apple Pay, go to "Wallet" and select "+". Simply follow the instructions to add your card and wait until your bank or the transmitter body checks the data indicated and your ability to use the service. Once everything is good, a little click on "next" and you can already use your payment method!

Once your cards have entered the Apple Pay, an account number will be assigned to you, that you will find out to use the payment method in an online casino! The operator will only have access to your identifiers.

What online casinos accept the Apple Pay?

More and more online casinos today use the Apple Pay method for play in real money, but not all. Nothing really distinguishes them from each other so consult the terms and conditions carefully before going to registration!

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My deposits and withdrawals with Apple Pay

To make a deposit with Apple Pay in an online casino, go to the "Caisse" section of the chosen platform to select the desired payment method. Find out the amount of your deposit, validate and finish the procedure by simply authorizing the transaction using the Touch ID or Face ID function you use.

You will not be long in receiving a successful deposit notification and will start to benefit as soon as possible! Deposits via Apple Pay are indeed instant.

On the side of withdrawals, however, it is rather a bad point for the service since Apple Pay does not allow to withdraw the slightest amount of money. You will need to choose another withdrawal method to have the gains generated on your online casino. Remember, of course, always check the conditions!

What costs with Apple Pay?

No fees is taken to make deposits via Apple Pay. The additional sums due, if there are, will be linked to your bank.

Can I supply my Apple Pay account via Paypal?

A visa or mastercard card is absolutely compulsory to make a deposit with Apple Pay, but Paypal does not provide any. The two services are therefore not compatible.

What are the countries compatible with Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is currently offered in USA, the United States, Europe and certain regions of Asia-Pacific such as Japan, Australia or continental China in particular. Latin America and the Middle East remain the least well served with only Brazil, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates of compatible.

Note that transactions are only carried out in EUR, GBP, and USD.


  • Secure method.
  • Compatible with many online casinos.
  • Anonymous payments, without history.
  • Free and instant deposits.


  • Limited to certain mobile devices.
  • Incompatible with withdrawal from online casinos.

Stay on the lookout for Best online casino And go to Apple Pay for a game experience in peace!

What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a payment method developed by Apple. It allows you to adjust purchases online or not.

Apple Pay does it allow deposits and withdrawals to online casinos?

Apple Pay allows deposits on online casinos, but no withdrawals.

Is Apple Pay quite secure?

Apple Pay has ultra secure functions of facial, digital, and PIN code.

Can everyone use Apple Pay?

Only holders of an Apple device: PC, iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch watch
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