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8 years ago, a lotto football lover missed a gain of 1.5 million euros for a few fatal seconds. It was deprived of it due to an unusual goal for an obvious offside position. Since then, he has seized justice and decided to lead his fight even before the Court of Cassation.

1.5 million euros fly away because of an offside

On September 19, 2010, the sixth day of Ligue 1 ends and a lottery football player is about to succeed in fault and pocket 1.5 million euros. Only one meeting is not finished, Lille-Auxerre, but the draw predicted by the bettor is still topical since Lille and Auxerre are equal 0 to 0 at the 89th minute.

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Only here, the meeting will switch when the Lille striker Moussa Sow will give victory to his own on a goal where the offside is no doubt. The jackpot has just flown but the bettor is annoyed by the way. By reading the press, he notes that this offside is a lot talked about. The Parisian evokes a "blatant outdoor". Gervinho, a decisive passer on the action, admits to think that there is offside and worse, Moussa Sow the scorer himself admits in the columns of the team that he was offside.

Faced with such a situation, the bettor expresses its indignation via recommended letters addressed to the American games. The latter will answer her that she reaches the results transmitted by official bodies.

The bettor dares to attack the club and the player in court, in vain?

However, time passes and the bettor is obsessed with the gain he has missed because of what he considers an injustice. He then approaches a lawyer who directs him towards a specialist in sports law who invites him not to leave the case in state and to seize justice.

In 2014, he therefore filed a complaint against LOSC and against Moussa Sow and assigned them to pay him 1.5 million euros. On the other hand, for legal reasons, he does not take legal action Ruddy Buquet, the meeting of the meeting, the latter who cannot be prosecuted for lack of decision.

He argued before the court article 1240 of the Civil Code which stipulates that "any fact of any man who causes others to compel the one by the fault of which he managed to repair it". The Clermont-Ferrand tribunal de grande instance will not however give him the case arguing that the Lille scorer did not voluntarily cheat since an attacker "does not have the time necessary to know if it is offside or not ".

But the bettor does not stop there and intends to show, viewing of the match in support, that the Lille scorer follows the action perfectly and therefore knows himself in the offside position. In 2017, the Riom Court of Appeal once again rejected the appeal of this lotto football lover, storage behind the decision of the TGI of Clermont-Ferrand.

If the retiree has now decided to bring the case before the Court of Cassation, the debates between lawyers are numerous. Some people consider that the transgression of a rule like offside cannot constitute a "serious and deliberate violation of the rules of the game". For others, on the contrary, it seems more than enough.

One thing is in any case certain: if the club's responsibility for the bettor were to be known, and this due to a single lack of play, the system of sports betting in USA and in the world could be seriously challenged.

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