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Betting on the family, it pays!

Last week, seeing his grandson, Lewis Cook, evolving with the England team, a grandpa wicked the jackpot. But this is only an example of completely crazy sports betting that allowed their authors to change their lives or at least, considerably improve everyday life.

Believe in your offspring, a new way of getting rich?

As we all know, in the world of sport, the family and more generally the entourage plays a preponderant role as to the career carried out by a sportsman.

It must therefore be believed that Lewis Cook's grandfather, current Bournemouth player (first English league), knew his well surrounded grandson. Indeed, in 2015, when the latter played in Leeds (Championship), his grandfather bet $ 570 that he would wear the Three Lions jersey before the age of 26.

Well, last week, the Cook family had to be proud since during the friendly meeting between USA and England, Lewis honored his first selection at 21. If the future seems bright for this young player, the grandfather won him $ 19,400 ... enough to say that definitely, everything is possible when you are athletic!

He is not the first to have dared to bet on his offspring since the Welshman Peter Edwards had seen in his grandson, Harry Wilson, a Welsh future future even though he was only 3 years old , or in 2000.

He then had 59 $ on this completely crazy bet and his madness was rewarded. In 2013, at only 16, Harry Wilson became the youngest Welsh international in history and at the same time offered a check for $ 150,000 to his ancestor ...

Predict USA's 7-1 victory against Brazil at the 2014 World Cup

At each World Cup, the sport bets fly away and many bettors want to find the winner of the competition.

If it is complicated to become rich by betting on the outcome of the competition as it is rare that a surprise team manages to go to the end, it is however possible to win big on certain matches. This was the case in 2014 in a semi-final at the end more than surprising. Yes, when many saw Brazil winning the trophy on its land, the host country had been eliminated dryly by USA on the score of 7 to 1.

Almost impossible to guess, this result had still allowed a few bettors to earn money, especially those who had seen a festival of goals during the game. But the exact score was only predicted once. He was an English player who dared to bet $ 6.20 out of a 7 to 1 victory in the Mannschaft. Certainly a rich idea since this bet allowed him to pocket more than 3000 $.

Predict the title of champion of England for Leicester

In 2015/2016, the observers of the England championship had an exceptional season since for long months, a "small" stood up to the Cadors that are Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea or Tottenham.

Better still, the men led by Claudio Ranieri went to the end of their dream by winning the title and thus defeating all the forecasts. All ? Not quite since several Leicester supporters had dared to play a few books on the final victory of their darlings.

A fan of Foxes, John Pryke, had bet $ 25 on the title of Leicester and could have pocket $ 125,000. Only here, a few days before the term, fearing that his favorite team would be taken up by his pursuers in the final sprint, the bettor had given in to an offer of the Bookmaker To buy your bet. He then pocketed $ 37,000. Rather not bad for a bet of 25 $.

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