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It is the fantasy of budding bettors. We even see that make the headlines with impossible bets that pass. The expression "betting at 100 against 1" means bet on a monstrous dimension of 50 or 100. This question can arise. Online bookmakers offer huge odds and if the figures are confidential, we can be sure that they do not do so by chance. Online bettors must bet on this kind of coast. So what are these dimensions, how to use them, is it a good option? The answers here.

What is a bet 100 against one?

It is an expression in the world of online sports betting to qualify an extraordinary rating and therefore a bet that has no chance of passing. This rating is equivalent to a American rating of 100. This means that if you put a 10 euro bet, you win 1,000 euros. Interesting, right? If this rating is obviously taken for example, because it is disproportionate, it is part of what is called "high odds". You will find this type of dimension in most sports and disciplines available on online American bookmakers.

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What does a 100-for-one rating mean?

Logically, this rating should scare the bettors who want to earn money. The bookmaker with this type of rating openly indicates that there is almost no chance that the bet will be achieved. The outsider who can be a team, an F1 driver, has no chance of winning, except miracle. One wonders why bookmakers offer this kind of bet. In fact, there will always be bettors who will try the impossible and you have to believe that they are numerous enough for the sites to offer them. For us, a high rating bet begins from the odds of 5 and more. So as much to tell you that betting at 100 against 1, we never play them. It is also possible to play the "multi Paris" by creating your own grid and thus multiplying the odds and reaching huge ratings. Between the two, we would recommend cEttement, even if it is a choice between plague and cholera.

Why should we avoid ratings, say high?

It is one of the basic errors of beginners in sports betting. To bet, you have to choose an interesting dimension. From there, we can be tempted by the big odds. A small bet multiplied by a big rating gives big gains. It is however a trap. You will notice that often the biggest gains are highlighted on the bookmakers page. These earnings are a bit like the song of the sirens. They can attract the beginner bettor and drop it into the trap by promising a mountain of earnings. Except that to reach this mountain, a divine intervention is necessary. A good online bettor is a bettor that remains rational. A good bett will never play these dimensions. When the bookmaker shows the biggest gains, they show the bettors who are especially very lucky to stay polite. On the other hand, you do not know how much they lose and how much they will lose by playing on insane dimensions.

The principle of our Online bet guide, it is to give the keys to become a winning player and perhaps learning enough to become a professional bettor! And clearly, an online Paris strategy must be done in the long term. The high ratings are the worst enemies of the bettor. The sports bet is a real sport of reflection. The high ratings are bingo or online keno. All the strategies you put in place will be concluded with a game of chance.

Obviously on the canvas, you will find advice from pro bettors who are supposedly specialists in "Paris at 100" and who explain, in substance, that you have to bet little on big odds ... some even dare Rent their services with subscriptions. We challenge you to earn money in the long term using these techniques that are not better than Martingale on online roulette. It's a way of speaking, especially don't play this game there. In the worst case, for fun - we hate fun - put a few euros, but know that this is as useful as betting on an online lotto.

Bets at 100 against 1, or large odds, must be avoided absolutely.

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