Prognosis and ratings of the 2019-2020 Champions League groups

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We now know how the groups of the C1 2019-2020 are made up. So we will take the opportunity to make you a little prognosis as long as the dimensions are still hot, freshly out of the Bookmakers and Ligne, on the groups of this C1 2020. So in your Paris notebooks, it's a bit early, but in 15 days the ball will start and the ratings will inexorably descend.

You should know that for the moment, there are two types of bets:

  • The group's winner
  • The qualified

We have selected the groups that seem most interesting to us.

Betting on the A group of C1 2019-2020

  • FC is used
  • Misconception
  • PSG
  • Real Madrid

For the winner of the group Le Real Madrid and PSG are 1.90. It is difficult to get an idea, because the start of the championship of the two teams is not really flamboyant. The first Paris match is the reception of Real Madrid. This good news is largely impacted by PSG injuries which may be deprived of Cavani and Mbappé for this crucial match. For Neymar even if he remains, he is suspended three games. We could therefore see PSG play either with a beheaded attack line or with players just income from injury. Real is also rolled up by injuries, but they do not concern a complete game line. The return will be played in Bernabeu. Watch out for Galatasaray, large suffered in Turkey for qualification, the ratings are around 1.03 and 1.05.

Our prognosis : Real finished first in the group with a rating of 1.90.

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Betting on the B group of C1 2019-2020

  • Bayern
  • Red Star
  • Olympiakos
  • Tottenham

Spurs and Bayern will play for the group's head. Unfortunately, we will have to wait until March 2020 for Vibrate on this Champions League. For qualification, the two big ones should not be scared. For the peer "winner of the group", the Americans are 1.40, while the English are at 2.35. It is not expensive for the finalist of the last event. Bayern is changing era with the departure of its legends, but the reinforcements seem to hold water. The Spurs are inconsistent and the PL will leave traces. Last season, the English came out in extremis of the hens.

Our prognosis : Bayern Munich, but with a rating of 1.42, that doesn't want to.

Bet on group C of C1 2019-2020

  • Atalanta
  • Dinamo
  • City
  • Skewed

It is the weakest group with the Bookmakers favorite for the final victory, the Manchester City of Guardiola. City started the PL and the level of play is already amazing. Atalanta would also play beautiful football. For this Serie A team, released from our old Panini albums, a second place would already be a wonder. Do you want to bet on the qualification of City? This possibility is not even listed. It is very rare that bookmakers do not try to scratch a dimension, but, there, they say: as weak as the rating is, we will lose. It's rare. Even in the American Cup against an amateur club, PSG has a coast.

Our prognosis: Bet on the qualifier of the Atlanta Bergame for a rating of 1.60.

Bet on group D of C1 2019-2020

  • Atletico Madrid
  • Leverkusen
  • Juventus Turin
  • Locomotive Moscou

This group D is rather nice, because the winners' ratings are quite amazing. Juventus is 1.50, but Atletico Madrid is 2.35. If the Simeone team has lost Grizou, it remains competitive and above all, it is able to beat anyone using its opponent. Juventus has undergone many changes with the arrival of Sari in particular. The evidence for bookmakers with the Juventus rating can make us doubt. It is a risk, but this one seems coherent to us.

Our prognosis : Atletico Premier in the group with a rating of 2.35

Betting on Group E of C1 2019-2020

  • Genk
  • Liverpool
  • Naples
  • Salzbourg

The E group is almost flavorless. Liverpool is far above and the Napoli comes just behind. Genk will have trouble in this group. Liverpool still has a dimension of 1.55 and it is difficult to see how the title holder could leave his place.

Our prognosis : Bet on the Reds for a small dimension of 1.55

Betting on Group F of C1 2019-2020

  • Barcelona
  • Dortmund
  • Inter Milan
  • Slavia Prague

FC Barcelona acts as a scarecrow and when you hear about the death group, you can say that it is exaggerated. The Barca may end 2nd, but, the real battle will be played with Dortmund and Inter Milan which should not be underestimated. The return of the internazional is a pleasure, right? The Barca has a rating of 1.28, that is to say that he is more likely to win his group than Liverpool ... On the other hand, for qualification, Dortmund is at 1.60 just like the Inter ..

Honestly, we're going to do like poker, we go to bed.

Our prognosis: To avoid.

Betting on Group G of C1 2019-2020

  • RB Leipzig
  • Benfica
  • Lyon
  • Zenit St-Péter Bourg

So this is a perfect group for OL, because it is very balanced. The Zenith is perhaps the weakest team, but Lyon moves there at the beginning of winter to conclude this hen. Bookmakers have a little preference for Leizpig ... The battle of the three clubs may be difficult. The start of the OL season is not reassuring, without being worrying. The ratings of the group's winner are between 2.60 and 3.00. Honestly, there is Pifometer, the exact opposite of what we tirelessly recommend in our online sports betting guide.

Our prognosis: To avoid

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