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It is not the most important in the current crisis, but nothing escapes the pandemic, even the ratings of online sports betting sites. Nevertheless, our bookmakers guide imposes us, not to bet on English bookies which will take on the number of victims of this virus, but to speak to you on the medium term of consequences on sport and therefore on your bets on line. No jealous! Whether you play on an online bookmaker approved by Arjel or elsewhere, we will have to take into account the consequences and secure our bets and our strategies. Here is a small list, non-exhaustive of the competitions canceled or threatened by the virus and especially advice to adapt to this new problem.

Cancellation: What are bookmakers doing with bets?

It is very simple. For all those who play on bookmakers licensed by the online game regulatory authority, they are guaranteed that All the bets filed on meetings and competitions, whatever the sport, will be fully reimbursed. For foreign bookmakers, most also undertake to reimburse the bets. If you have a doubt, read and reread the "Conditions and regulations" page that you will generally find in the bottom of the page of your online sports betting site.

Football: postponement and camera in the world of the round balloon

For the moment, it is the Serie A which is the most affected with many match reports including a Juventus Turin - Inter Milan. Now, we are talking about the European Cups with the possibility of camera, especially for the PSG-Dortmund return match, and even neutral lands for matches playing in countries where the threat is severe. Afterwards, you should not enter the psychosis and stop betting ... The Reilctre of Ligue 1 Strasbourg-PSG is postponed, the next days of the Champions League are threatened.

Dernieres NewS: Serie A is suspended for a minimum month. Ligue 1 will be played eight enclosed until mid-April.

Rugby: the VI nations tournament upset

The Bets on XV rugby had to make big gains by betting on the return of the fifteen of USA. Unfortunately, the matches in USA were postponed as well as the decisive meeting at the Stade de USA between USA and Ireland. For bettors, this is the tile, because we do not even know the order of matches yet. We imagine that the remote battle for the first place between the fifteen of the rose and the Blues will not have the same resonance if the matches are played in a few months behind closed doors; If the English largely beat the Americans, the American will undoubtedly have less motivation, because they will not be able to make the difference with the Goalverage. On the contrary, if England plays after a defeat of the Blues against the Irish, the XV players will rather be in ballad mode. The whole scenario can be changed according to the order of the matches. Coronavirus can therefore really influence online sports betting.

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Cycling: a succession of cancellation

Cycling towers are starting to be postponed. The classics season risks being shortened with minor competitions that have been arrested like that of the Dubai or simply canceled like the Tour of Qatar. There, it is the world's classic, Milan Sanremo which is purely and simply postponed to an unknown date. For bettors on cycling, it is the period of "laboratory" of the great towers. This year, we risk having to bet a little blind, because we will not know men in good shape and the teams that can surprise. For the runners themselves, the disturbed preparation will be difficult to catch up. We must also stay alert, because we can see competitions still canceled.

The major summer 2020 competitions threatened?

The Tokyo Olympic Games and Euro 2020 which will take place this summer does not seem to be threatened. We can still hope that by July, the coronavirus will be a bad memory. If this is not the case, we will have other problems than online sports betting. The Tour de USA 2020 and Roland-Garros also rely on the end of the pandemic.

How to integrate the fact "coronavirus" in its bets?

It is probably a little cynical, but if you have read our Guide to online sports betting, you know that you have to put the feelings aside to beat the bookmakers online.

You shouldn't bet too early. More clearly, as long as you are not sure that a match will be played on the field of the team that receives and with its audience, wait! We are going to tell us that we are cynical, but the bookmakers will clearly correct their ratings in the event of a match on neutral field, a camera. Logical is the game. Let us not forget that sportsmen are human beings who travel a lot, and even in their ivory tower, they can also contract this virus. We don't want it, but a bet too early can really plant all the strategy you have implemented. Let's say that the bettor must put himself in "crisis situation" mode.

The rules of bets in Crisis Coronavirus mode

  • Read carefully the regulations on cancellations and postpones ( customer service if necessary)
  • Bet as late as possible to have all the info
  • Take into account the conditions: eight enclosures, postponed or relocated match
  • Learn more than ever
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