Omaha Poker Online: The rules of the game

The Ohama Poker or Omaha Hold'em is a variant of poker whose history is mysterious. We know that his name has nothing to do with the city of Nebraska in the USA as one might think. We know that it was the poker player Robert Turner who introduced this variant in American game circles. There are variants of the Omaha. The Ooma is called "Fort Worth" in Dallas, "Oklahoma Two by Four" at Oklahoma City and "Nine Cards" in Seattle. We do not know where he comes from, who invented him, but what we know is that 'a variant of poker that is all the rage in online poker rooms. It is the most played variant after the Texas Hold'em poker. Why ? For purists, it is an even more complex game than the Hold'em because there are many more possible combinations. It is also a wonderful school to improve your game. In theory we rather go from Texas Hold'em to Omaha. No one prevents you from doing the opposite.

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The Omaha is a variant of the Hold’em: the main difference is in the number of cards that the player has in the pre-flop: instead of two for Texas Hold'em, there are four for the Omaha. The Omaha High is very close to the Hold'em with the objective of making the best combination. The Omaha 8 or Better also called Omaha Hi-Lo, it's more original and we tell you very nice to play even if it is more confusing than its most common version. At the Omaha Hi-Lo, the pot is shared between the high hand pot for the best hand and a lowest hand for the lowest hand. For the low hand, you must have five different cards between the AS and the 8th of which the term "8 or Better

OMAHA: The course of the game

The first auction is the first auction before the first distribution: it is the player to the left of the donor who speaks first. We cannot go through this variant of poker: it is replaced by "Blinds Bet": the Small Blind SB or the Big Blind BB.

Big Blind depends either on the basic limit or that determined by the table. The Small Blind therefore corresponds to half the BB. Example: a part limited to 4/8 $, the BB will be 4 and the SB of $ 1 The dealer distributes four cards to the players: these so-called closed cards or holecards- are only visible by the player. For the Omaha you can abandon, equalize or relaunch ... Texas Hold’em players will not be able to in this game "Checker".

The towers follow the principle of the Hold’em:

First the flop, with three cards. Then the turn, to finish on the river. To win the pot, you must have the best combination: using 2 closed cards and 3 open cards.

Please note: if the differences between the two versions may seem minimal, the repercussions on the game strategy is important. With two additional cards, the possibilities of having the game are increased; So hands passable to Hold’em become not very interesting at the Omaha.

Advice for beginners at Omaha Poker:

Play only strong hands to learn the game. The possibilities have many so as much to focus on a simpler game even if it means praising too often rather than losing even little by little your stack. The Omaha leaves little room for luck with four cards in your hands, you know that the danger can come from everywhere. You have to hunt the numbers. For beginners, the Nuts are the best possible combinations at the River. L'Omaha You will learn to play tight, finally if you want to hold the shock.

Strong hands at Omaha Poker:

AS pairs:

It is a good hand, but beware it is much stronger than at Texas Hold'em: 65 % against 85 % in Texas Hold'em. So you have to take into account your other two cards. One atbe pair and it is your pair of ace is sublimated. A pair of aces with two medium cards does not allow you to play aggressive. It is better to be content to follow.

Large pairs: KK or DD

Again, it's a good hand, but what to do anything. Besides, you should never do anything. The KK or the DD depend on the other two cards. The position is also crucial as in Texas Hold'em.

Intermediate pairs: VV 1010 and 99

You are going to hunt the Brelan, but you will have to observe the game well because you cannot have a nuts. If the flop draw is colorless or suite and you have the strongest bank, you will be tempted to send tokens. Be careful, if the river becomes a war zone with bets and reminders, beware, it is strongly possible that a player has better than you.

Small pairs:

We avoid ... this is the trap because you will win small bets and lose big because it is likely that a Brelan is lying in one of the games of your opponents.

In conclusion : The Omaha poker is in my opinion an essential. More complex than Texas Hold'em, it seems difficult to start going to play in online poker rooms with this version. Master the Hold'em will save you time, but you will have to change your reflexes, your habits and your strategies. It is a real challenge. The poker rooms that we recommend all offer tables and tournaments dedicated to this version. Feel free to Test in free mode To get your hands on the basics.