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Octopus Gaming, online casino game publisher

Based in St John, Antigua, Octopus Gaming is one of the most recent Game publishers Having entered the online betting market. As such, we would expect practically that the company has a boulevard in front of it to show the public what it knows how to do beautiful and what it brings again, but things are however a little different here. Indeed, if generally young developers are enthusiastically welcomed into the online betting industry, Octopus Gaming has rather aroused a certain distrust on the part of observers and even some experienced players. Many would have just thought Besides, that things would change over time, but it is clear that so far it is the status.

Octopus Gaming, a controversy background launch

The Octopus Gaming games company has developed a form of mystery around these real origins since its launch, and everything seems to indicate that this has not really been service. Indeed, on this date, no one can say with certainty knowing the real launch date of the brand. All we know about this is that the developer's official accounts on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have been opened in 2016. Better still, to date, it is practically impossible to give the name of The company holding this brand or details about the jurisdiction which granted it its operating license. The absence of this crucial information combined with almost guilty of the Octopus Gaming communication unit has not facilitated the developer's task with regard to a customer base. And yet ...

The other thing that plays greatly against the publisher is the fact that there is overwhelming evidence that binds it to the controversial Topgame developer, itself connected to the brand Pragmatic play. For those who do not know, in 2009, the Topgame publisher had been associated with a form of scam, because it was found that it was impossible to win Progressive jackpots On most games of the brand that offered, even when the required combinations were obtained. Topgame was later bought by Pragmatic Play, but despite all the efforts of Pragmatic Play to get rid of the bad reputation of Topgame, the public did not really "bit the hook". Everything seems to prove today that Contactopus Gaming is held by the same promoters, which therefore justifies the distrust that the public has in relation to this new brand. However, after this misadventure, he would be really stupid on their part to redo such a faux step ...

Online games of Octopus Gaming

A tour on the company's official website will allow you to discover that it offers Several types of games In particular slot machines and table and cards games. Obviously, Octopus Gaming is working to make his players travel through his creations. Thus, the developer is inspired by several different themes for the design of his titles. The publisher's games allow you to discover ancient civilizations, the world of opulence, life in the jungle and more. What is interesting compared to all the titles offered is that they are not only accessible on PC, but you can also play on the move from your mobile devices. These titles have indeed been fully optimized to operate on mobile devices, which allows the playability offered to be up to the expectations of the players, even better. In addition, these games incorporate features that can allow you to win interesting gains. In number, there is mainly the joker, the bonus icon or the dispersion symbol to name a few. The octopus gaming toy library currently contains more than 90 slot machine games, including Fruit Slot, Happy Circus, Glorious Rome, Slotdunk, Lost Gems of Brussels, etc. Each of these games has been designed to give you the Possibility of entertaining yourself and winning interesting gains in passing.

  • Fruit Slot

Fruit Slot is a 5 -roll slot machine and 25 payment lines which, as its name suggests, carries on the fruits. The game rolls are installed on a green background that reminds of a forest. Of course, the symbols are represented by different fruits. On this title, all the icons pay from left to right with the exception of the dispersion symbol (represented by the icon of the two cherries) which pays in all directions. Fruit Slot has a joker which is represented by the lemon icon on which a butterfly is placed. Obviously, this icon has the ability to take the place of all other icons (except the dispersion symbol and the bonus icon) to help form winning combinations. Whenever you get 3 pineapple symbols on an active payment line, you are lucky to win bonus points that can go up to 2920. Finally, the extensible range of games of the game, between 0 , 25 and $ 125, is another reason to play it, since it is accessible to all budgets.

Octopus gaming, ultimately ...

Even if the games offered by the publisher are very attractive and have interesting possibilities of winning gains, it is impossible not to think of the dubious links that exist between Octopus Gaming, Topgame and Pragmatic Play. This feeling is all the more reinforced by the fact that none of the three brands has expressed any denial as to this link between the three companies. It is therefore recommended to be cautious while you play on establishments powered by Octopus Gaming, at least until better guarantees are provided!

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