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The superheroes have populated our childhoods in marvel comics or DC comics. Today, it is the films, the video games that take up the heroes to give us an indigestion. Excess is often the enemy of good and we can say that Hollywood studios are making us drink the cup to the lie! There are obviously pearls, excellent adaptations and successes that have applauded the most purist of the fans. The world of igaming is very responsive and obviously online game software publishers have thrown themselves into this mode that has been going well for 10 years, even we must not forget the legendary superman of the 80s. The slots pay tribute to these heroes There are many pop culture and we have therefore decided to offer you a small "superhero" machine panel whether they are official slots or born from the fertile imagination of a creation office. Between the Marvel slots, the DC Comics slot machines or the imagination of the creative studios, the choice was complicated!

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The Yggdrasil Gaming superhero slot machine

For this online slot machine, the Israeli creation studio, Yggdrasil Gaming, offers us a world creates from scratch with a real treatment given to the history and personality of these superheroes. In short, we recognize the place of one of our favorite creation studios. In this online slot, you will be helped by six original superheroes to do the usual work of this trades which simply consists in saving the world. The graphics are clean, the characters are rather in the fantasy genre and we can tell you without spoiling that there is animation in this slot! You can just tell you that superheroes can spring when the "superhero" feature is unlocked. Technically, it's 3D slot, 20 lines of payments, 5 rollers on three rows. It's classic. This slot is obviously played on both PC and smartphone. The range of stake allows small and large bankrolls to have fun with a range from 20 cents of euros to 100 euros per spin. There are many functionalists, a habit of this online game editor!

  • Winning multiplier

  • Symbole Scatter

  • Symbols wild

  • Expanding Wild

  • Stacked Wild

  • Random Wild

The Playtech X-Men-Men machine

Playtech offers a dive in the X-Men comics which offers us an excellent collection of superheroes and super-guys who after having invaded large and small screens disembark in your online casinos. It is a license, it means that unlike the machine with a slot of Yggdrasil superheroes, there is a margin of creativity and limited invention on the characters and the universe to develop. However, the scenario, the animations and the game mechanics leave a part of surprise to invent for publishers like Playtech who offer official licenses. Playtech offers us a high -end slot machine and closes my valve since we can say that The studio interpreted the X-Men series By offering a real graphic identity. We can even be a little lost if we do not know the powers of the X-Men and their terrible enemies. Wolverine, Diabolo, Tornado and Cyclops are there and in front of them the bad guys stand: Rogue, Mystic, Saber tooth and the scourge. Playtech offers us a slot with a redistribution rate high by 95.6 %. The jackpot of 10,000 euros hides a second jackpot of 5,000 euros for the High Roller players who have super powers.

Nextgen Gaming Batman Machine

The hero of DC Comic arrives on the online slot of NextGen Gaming to immerse us in the bottom of Gotham City. Should we really present the only super hourOS without being able? Batman is the superhero of capitalism or billionaire Bruce Wayne replaces the state - corrupt as possible - to save the misery, the teeth and those that are nothing. In this liberal fable, only the slot machine was missing to perfect the decor. We are caustic, but we really like this creation of the designer Bob Kane and the screenwriter Bill Finger. You will find in this online slot, Batman, his alter ego Bruce Wayne, his sworn enemy, the Joker, and his police ally, Commissioner Gordon. Obviously, the Batmobile is one of the items as well as Robin's motorcycle, Joker's card, a gadget of which Batman has the secret, the Flower Fish, the projector that projects the Batman logo on the moon, a pistol launches flag .. everything is here !

With 50 paying lines, the Batman online slot offers many features including the bonus game "t he descent into madness feature" which is a real success. You will find the Free Spin, the Wilds and other scatters who will come to put the box in the slot, but fortunately Batman watches to offer many possibilities of earnings with series of 2000 tokens to drop. A return of winnings of around 96.8 % which makes it possible to gain often and to encourage spins!

To conclude on the slot machines whose theme is that of superheroes, we can tell you that we will offer you others so much the theme is rich and that the new features will not miss in 2019.