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Winning at the lottery, it does not happen to others ...

The lOtie is a dream: just guess the 6 winning issues of the draw to pocket $ 200 up to $ 1 million, or all kinds of prices. More than twenty online lotteries sites with free drawing games are a great success on the web and have already made a lot of happy! The lottery has always been considered the game of chance par excellence - and in fact, it is one of the most common forms of bet and it is also the favorite game of the American. Thus, it is not really surprising that it did not stay on the sidelines of the development of the bet industry (especially with the advent of the Internet). Indeed, if slot machines, table games and sport bets Are practiced online, the lottery that existed long before, had no reason to escape a second virtual life. Today, the online lottery has been present since 2000 on the net and attracts even more audiences due to the mirobal prize pools it awards, and also for the simplicity of use that characterizes it. To play a lottery, no need to be a fine strategist since this game is based on the most absolute chance, just rely on it!

The online lottery: how to play it?

Before you play, the first thing to do is choose a reliable online ticket sales site from the multitude that exists. After finding the rare pearl, you must of course create an account and then buy a lottery ticket on which we check the numbers of our choice which will then be saved in the site system. Six or seven numbers on each grid of 49 or sometimes 61 numbers, at the rate of one to three grids per site. Once the draw has been made, no need to move to get the check, because the gains are donated directly to our account. Note that the purchase of a lottery ticket will depend on the number of grids filled, between a few euros and several hundred euros, but there are still free lotteries financed by advertising. In this case, to validate your choice, it is absolutely necessary to click on an advertising banner among the two or three options appearing on the page.

Some online casinos that offer lottery options allow their members to follow the prints live - like the lottery on TV! - For more emotion and not to have to wait for the display of the results or an SMS alert informing us that our ticket is a winner. However, even if all the sites do not offer the possibility of following the course of the draw live, the law stipulates - due to transparency - that it must be carried out in the presence of a bailiff. Including act.

Loto prints are daily and make it possible not only money, but also gifts of all kinds - household appliances, travel or even cars. The primary objective of online lottery sites is of course to retain players: like the Online casino bonus, online lottery sites offer goodies, loyalty points, and other advantages such as paid sponsorship and other techniques to ensure the attendance of players.


The first advantage that the online lottery offers as well as all the others online gaming Besides, it is the possibility of playing from anywhere and at any time; Both on a computer and from a mobile device. And all the other advantages that the Internet offers us ... Indeed, playing online lottery spares us the trip to buy the ticket. This also avoids the concern of the closing hours of the various kiosks since the ticket sales platforms are operational at any time of the day and the night. In addition, playing online lottery Allows you not to lose your ticket, which would be terribly frustrating if the chosen numbers proved to be the right ones - and it is a phenomenon that often happens ... For the safety of our personal and banking data, nothing to fear either Since players are perfectly secured by state -of -the -art data encryption systems. Finally, moreover, certain platforms also offer players the possibility of defining their deposit limits in order to play in a responsible manner. However, when you agree to play a free game, the counterpart is to authorize these companies to exploit its data. Some sites even reserve the right to use the names and image of the winners for advertising purposes.

The risks

Although playing online lottery is both easy and quick, this alternative still has some drawbacks. The good news, however, is that the online lottery has fewer drawbacks than advantages. The biggest risk associated with playing the lottery online is that there is no guarantee as to the transparency of the draws. It is true that the legislation requires the presence of a bailiff to supervise things, but the bettors have no way of knowing if the latter is actually present during each draw and for this reason, it is better to opt for a platform which The regulations attest without the slightest ambiguity the compulsory presence of a bailiff during prints. However, even in this case, there is no way to check whether this measure is actually applied. And as soon as the player has agreed to participate in a free game, the counterpart is to authorize these companies to exploit his data. Some sites even reserve the right to use the names and image of the winners for advertising purposes.

The most popular lotteries


Euromillions is the most famous lottery game in Europe, especially in USA, and its 190,000,000 $ jackpot is dreaming of many bettors. To play it, just go to a site and buy a simple bulletin to play between one and six combinations or a multiple bulletin to have the possibility of checking up to 10 numbers and 12 stars per grid in order to increase your chances of winning. You can also opt for a "Quick Pick" that will allow you to buy a bulletin and let the computer take care of choosing the numbers for you.

Mega Millions

Mega Millions is a very popular American lottery whose winning numbers are fired every Tuesday and Friday at 11 p.m. To win, you need to choose the 5 good numbers between 1 and 70 as well as the correct number of additional number between 1 and 25 which will be drawn. If your selection is correct, you will instantly become a multimillionaire and you will also win the guaranteed secondary price which is $ 1,000,000. This lottery also has an optional option entitled Megaplier thanks to which you can multiply your earnings by 2, 3, 4 or 5 depending on the shot.


PowerBall is after the Mega Millions the most played American lottery. His biggest jackpot never won was granted in January 2016 when the lucky winners shared a plump sum of $ 1.58 billion. The secondary prices that this game awards are also absolutely interesting. To have the chance to leave with your kitty, you must find the 5 winning numbers between 1 and 69 as well as the PowerBall. However, if you find the 5 main numbers without powerball, you will nevertheless win a million dollars multiplied by the value of the Power Play when you select this option.

The primitive and the Christmas Lottery

The Primitiva and the Navidad Loteria are two Spanish lotteries which are also very popular and which make many millionaires around the world. Of the two games, Navidad's Loteria is the one that is most talked about since it has put into play every December 22, for more than two centuries a prize pool valued at 2 billion euros.

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