Live poker: live emotion

Distinct from online poker and video poker, stars of online casinos, Live Poker is a relatively recent game, born at the turn of the 2000s. Reproducing online the real conditions of poker in terrestrial casino, it is today present On more and more online casinos.

What differences between online poker and the one we play live, live against a dealer? They are rather substantial, but in both cases, it is an exciting challenge that the Manub blogger has methodically described all aspects - in terms of mathematical, psychological and technical skills. Here is a brief very relevant extract: "The rhythm. It is undoubtedly the greatest difference between the Live and the Online. While a Live Full Ring table typically plays between 30 and 40 hands of the hour, This double figure frequently on an online table. Add the multitabling and the difference in frequency in decision -making is enormous. As far as I am concerned, I often play a dozen tables on average, or about 24 times more decisions Take an hour that when I sit in live. This ratio can sometimes give the impression of practicing two very different sports! Online, the main thing is to think quickly and to draw from your experience to find shortcuts in the catch of decision in order to manage this intensity in the time allocated. Live, this intensity disappears completely. A famous quote defines the poker of live tournament as "hours of boredom punctuated with rare moments of madness". The very "game intensity vid eo "of the online is replaced by another form of challenge: a permanent struggle with its own ability to be patient and to manage emotional cycles, as well as to use every moment of inaction in a constructive way by postponing it to the observation . "

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Live Poker: the same basic principles but a different operation

The basic rules of live poker do not really change others Classic poker modes. It is always a game of 52 cards and game sequences that alternate distribution of 5 cards to each player first, then cards on request and players of players according to the tokens at their disposal. The goal of the game remains to win the maximum number of tokens (and therefore money) by constituting the best possible combination of five cards or by abandoning the other players. Mastery of the game and the knowledge of the probabilities remains identical but the mastery of the psychology of the game and its opponents and especially the rhythm of play, the way of distributing the cards, the position of the players or the exhibition of the cards and the 'Organization of auctions distinguish live poker from classic online poker or video poker.

Live Poker: a slower thinking game

Live Poker differs above all from a classic online poker by its slowness: we most often play against the same players for several hours, which gives everyone to work their game and observe the errors of their adversaries. This point is essential because it is the meticulous observation of the game which generally gives the advantage to a player. Indeed, unlike online poker games where most players play on several tables at the same time, causing a sustained game of more than 80 hands per hour, we only play live poker on one table and it is rare To see more than 30 hands distributed in an hour of play. The dealer is real, it is visible on the game via a window in the center of the table, we see it spread and distribute the cards. All the conditions of poker in a hard casino try to be reproduced. The players are also real, they appear in their location, in the designated seat, thanks to a photo. If, unlike real poker, we do not see them moving and we cannot read their expression at every moment, nor use intimidation methods as fixing them straight in the eyes, their game is observable precisely, their reaction time , their cards, etc. Also, it is often the analysis of the opponent, his habits, his small gestures, his errors, which make the difference in live poker - it is not possible to observe if the opponent takes a look at His chips because he has a good hand since we only see a photo, but we can possibly analyze other factors, such as his reaction time; Likewise it is also possible to try to dissuade an opponent by certain methods, by reacting quickly and early for example. As in a real casino. Conversely, the faster and less personalized game of classic online poker leaves little time, or even none, to this psychological analysis of the game. Therefore the bluff, which had almost disappeared in online poker, reappears at Live poker, and with him too, the ability to make larger seizures. Of course, all poker strategies are lively live.

Choose the right table, seat and bonus

Playing only on one table at the same time also has an influence on table analysis and therefore on your choice. In online poker, confirmed players tend to multiply the so -called loose/passive or loose/aggressive tables where, thanks to the history available on the size of the pot and on the number of players who made flops on the 5, 10 or 20 last hands, they can spot the worst players (called "buddies") and increase their probability of gain. In live poker, this history does not exist. This forces the player to enter the game and to do this account by himself after the first parts. Which also takes more time.

The choice of siege is also very different. It is not very important in classic online poker because players change regularly and seats are generally allocated according to the remaining place. In Live Poker On the other hand, this choice is much more important Rolf esteem "Ace" Slotboom, Dutch professional player author of "Secrets of Professional Poker": according to him the best seat is the one who understands weak players on his left, and players loose or aggressive to its right. The player's place has its influence in the cases of antes, that is to say forced, which generally follow blinds, placed by the two players on the left of the donor, whose interest is that They allow you to "speak" last, so to play last, in the first auction, which therefore also has its influence on the game. This is why if a good seat is not available at the opening From the table, there is no point in changing the seat as soon as the opportunity arises.

And there again, the ability to make larger seizures is not negligible due to "smoother", softer, live, live tables, due to the variety of players around the table. In live it is indeed more common to be faced with players tight in their bets and hesitant in their game. These factors have less influence in classic online poker and even less in video poker.

The bonuses: experienced live poker players prefer to refuse them - in general they are offered at the time of bet and do not concern live games - if not, only one condition for withdrawal, a minimum of 20 to 30 $ .

Another clarification on live poker games (like all other live online games), whether or not they are free: sometimes the game is interrupted in full game, or for lack of software updates, or breakdown network, battery or electricity. We therefore advise you to take screen photos from time to time in order to claim your gains in the event of disconnection or other bugs.

Live Poker: different game strategies

To conclude, the live poker, whatever its variants, is distinguished from other poker modes such as classic online poker or video poker, by the strategies that are the most paying. It takes a lot of practice of poker and live poker to detect the interest of relaunching in KK, AA or Nuts, or to identify the players "Gamblers", who tend to take risks, tight players and very good Players or "Fish", according to the jargon used in poker. The games being deeper, more thoughtful, and including fewer players, all of the data known to classic online poker or video poker players are distorted or modified. Live poker in the end is closer to the acting strategies of real poker, despite some elements - such as Tell, involuntary body language - which are not perceptible.

Manuel (Manub), player and blogger gives good advice to new online players who wish to practice: "It's about playing an online tournament in Live conditions. Dress like a tournament (no Session in a dressing gown!), Play a single table, glue a post-it on your screen to hide your cards (which you will only look when you have done it live), unplug the tracker, turn off your Phone, close your Facebook tabs and observe everything! The twice as fast rhythm of online allows such training without being bored, starting a transition from your skills to live. "

May luck be with our players!