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The latest Evolution Gaming innovation aims to bring together around the same game table and live the experienced football supporters and inveterate card players. From this point of view, Live Football Studio is a real success that should make everyone agree!

In this game, the live dealer draws two cards in front of him and offers a card to each of the challengers. They play at home and outside. The table marries the arrangement of a lawn with the two players facing each other. With each distribution, only three results are possible: Home Victory (Home), Outdoor Victory (Away) or Match (Draw).

To win, you must have supported the strongest card during the confrontation. The test can lead to a zero score, where the rating is raised at 11: 1, but the occurrence is the least frequent. Bet on the no one remains more risky. Bet on a triumph At home or outside allows players to multiply their jackpot by two, because these are two results equally.

Mix the passion for football and the pleasure of gambling

Passionately comment on the last exploits of players on the field while slaughtering his cards and familiarizing themselves with table games becomes possible thanks to evolution gaming : Indeed, the live croupiers are themselves, themselves, fine connoisseurs of the ranking and changes within the teams. It is then a double pleasure to exchange with them "until the end of the night", because they will quickly be inexhaustible to hire their expertise. The spicy addition simply comes from the fact that you can earn money by doing so, which is a more appreciable compared to the equally relaxed atmosphere of "commercial café". The very simplicity of this card game contributes to this atmosphere of play with confidence, without the risk of deconcentrating on the next fold!

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We can therefore say that, whatever he puts and does, the player always prevails "on the two paintings":

  • that of cards and money
  • While refining his expertise on his favorite passion, football!

The live cat is a tool that plays thoroughly in favor of this shared craze, because the croupiers answer you at any time on your impressions on this or that match to better advise you, possibly on your next bet! Indeed, the dealer never loses the north, since his main role, in addition to serving the cards, is to issue the best predictions: the presenter of the game will have his opinion on the coming games! We find his predictions in the table next to the game.

The statistical eye sully of the bettor on football

Good command of statistics is essential for any online player who wishes to maximize his chances. Live Football Studio is never just yet another variation of this primary truth in terms of online bet. In the lower right corner, we have directly access to a detailed tab on live game statistics and the latest results. They are indicated with H, for a home victory (Home), for an outside victory (Away) or D, for a draw (Draw).

Live Studio football: a strategic end game

Among the best strategies on this type of game, we can advise the Even Money Betting, namely that Even Money is a betting proposal with equal dimensions: the bettor may lose or earn the same amount of money. It would therefore be a minimized risk taking.

We can also try Martingale: the simplest of these strategies was designed for a game in which the player wins his bet if a piece falls on the face and loses it if the room falls on battery. This martingale strategy can be effective provided you are responsible for a responsibility. We can earn constant yields while playing safely.

The least optimal strategy is to focus on the Pari Draw option, because although Draw (draw) produces better payments, it also has a much lower chance to win.

Once again Evolution Gaming knows how to place itself at the top of innovations and has never been so well named, as Its original games In constant renewal demonstrate it to us every time!

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