Live Craps online: play live

We are going to tell you today about an American dice game that has become a real institution there. It's a bit like American roulette with us. With the difference that it is almost incognito with us. Recently our National Jupiter has mean us, with or without contempt, that the Gauls are refractory to changes, without wondering if the problem was not the nature of the changes, we will make ourselves change our minds on the game of Online craps And that without magic potion. CRAPS you have already seen it in American films and especially Hollywoods. James Bond in "diamonds are eternal", "there was once the Bronx", Mississippi Grind and other works, or not, of the 7th art highlighted this dice game. CRAPS is an emotional elevator. The rules are simple, the strategy with a little happiness luck and the gains can propel you into unknown tranches of income tax. Yet when you throw green dice and red dice, it's as if time stops, your performance is blocking, your heart is missing some beats ... This game can really make you tilter as say the poker players in line. Online casino obviously offer classic craps game tables, but also others, more revolutionary, more immersive and more reactive, live craps! We will discover the world of craps in Online casinos.

How does the live craps work online?

To play Live Craps online you have to be registered in an online casino in real silver. Unfortunately, you cannot test the live casino games in virtual money. The reason is quite simple. the Live Casino is a live casino. That is to say that you play in a real casino room filmed with cameras where a real dealer is the bank and launches the roulette in real life, manipulates the tokens ... It is a real cost for a real organization for the casinos in line. The game software publishers therefore sell this product and the organization at your online gaming room. Before you embark on live craps, we recommend you above all to familiarize yourself with this game in a more traditional way on the game tables of casinos in virtual silver, then real and finally in live casino.

Connect to your favorite online casino and join the live casino. Once connected to the online craps table, you should be greeted by a charming young lady who will act as a croupier during your CRAPS game. You will be able to choose the angle of the camera with a zoom on the table where you launch the dice. Some tables leave you a choice of 10 cameras for more or less immersive angles. You will have the live statistics of your throwing results.

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How to play live craps?

To play live craps, we advise to master well The rules and finesse of the game. To approach reality as much as possible, the game takes place as in a real casino, except obviously to launch the dice. It is therefore necessary to master the vocabulary of this table game:

  • Pass: You bet on the fact that a player will make the number 7 or 11 by adding the two dice. If your bet turns out to be correct, you win the starting start -up once.
  • Don't Pass: you will bet on the player who will have to make a two, a three or a twelve with his first throw. The gain is of once the amount of your bet.
  • ODDS: Be careful when you click! You can bet on the first and the second throw, an ODDS is a put on the second throw.
  • Field: It's a more complex bet. You win it if:

=> 3,4,9,10, 11 pour remporter 1 fois votre mise.

=> Deux : vous doublez le montant de votre pari.

=> 12 : vous triplez votre mise de départ.

  • Big 6: bet on the fact that playing it against a 6 or 7. If you are successful you are betting once your bet.
  • Big 8: This time you bet on a launch that will make a total of 7 or 8. Win once your bet once.
  • Put placed: for this bet, you must have a little attention. You bet on the fact that 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 go out before 7. It is a gain of 4 times your first bet.
  • The "7": simply bet on the 7. Difficult, but you multiply by 4 your bet.
  • The "11": bet on an 11 before the dice throw and win your bet 11 times!
  • The "craps": you bet on a 2, 3 or a 12 and it is 7 times your bet.

The vocabulary of the craps is essential because it allows you to choose your bets and the live casino tables are not always in American. So you can use this guide as stupid.

Why play CRAPS in live casino?

The answer is simple. Emotion! The gains are not more important, the game follows the same rules. What changes is immersion that is total. You will find yourself in front of a real dealer with the dice that rolls, the interaction of the dealer on the carpet ... You will see that it is destabilizing at the beginning, but after some throw you will be completely hooked!

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