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Ligue 1 2018-2019: Prognosis on the competition (1-3, victory without PSG-Lift)

After presenting the bet on the winner of Ligue 1 2018-2019, we will now see the other bets on the competition. If some are extravagant, others may be interesting. Bet in advance can allow you to take advantage of big odds, but which pay great uncertainties. How to guess in advance injuries, absences and the season when a favorite will drink the cup when an outsider will walk on the water. This is all the difficulty. Also, don't forget that these bets engage in the season. You only collect them at the end of the season and therefore it is part of your bankroll that is blocked.

Please note: Following a discussion on the forum, I therefore point out that we do not advise you to make all the bets that we offer, but to choose those that seem the fairest with an analysis that speaks to you.

Bet on the relegation of Ligue 1 2018 -2019

  • Nîmes 2.55 - Reims 3.30 - Amiens 3.50

The bet of the ominous bad. These three teams are favorite at the descent for les bookmakers.

Nîmes is the promoted and officiates as an ideal victim. It is a a small team with a distant history first division and more than limited means. It is the surprise of Ligue 2 2017-2018. Reims is the champion in title of Ligue 2. With a great journey, the Champagne club rose from the head and shoulders in the elite which he knows well since he was still there two season ago . Amiens finished 13th in the last season, but the club suffered a thousand misery before enjoying team errors like Lille or Toulouse that no one saw as low in the ranking. The question is whether a surprise team will invite itself to the bottom of the ranking. Nimes will really have to surpass himself to hope to find a place in L1. Unfortunately, the GAP between L2 and L1 is difficult to cross and Nîmes will be the smallest budget of this L1 with therefore a bench accordingly.

Our prognosis : Bet on the relegation of Nîmes with a 2.55 rating at Winamax Sports Paris

Ligue 1 2018 -2019: bet on ranking 1-3

This ranking allows you to choose a team to bet on the fact that it will be on the podium. It is a good bet especially in this Ligue 1 where the surprises at the top of the ranking are extremely rare. The competition is cut in three: PSG alone - Monaco/Lyon/Marseille and the others. It is therefore low dimensions for these teams, but they are rather secure.

Bet on the 1-3 with Monaco for a 1.65 rating at Feelingbet Bookmaker

Bet on the 1-6 classification of Ligue 1 2018 -2019:

It is a much more interesting bet because it leaves more luck with a good side. Obviously, we forget the teams that play the poduim because the ratings are low between 1.02 to 1.09! Then, we can think about the case of Nice or Rennes at 2.00 and take the risk of Lille at 2.80. Nice has lost two major players in its workforce: Balotelli and Serri left. Vierra is the new coach and it's her first season in a big championship. That's a lot of strangers. Lille has finished at the gates of hell and for this season, it is a great stranger. On the other hand, Stade Rennais has finished its season very well and we can even say that the Bretons have shown great things. One can think that they continue to continue on their momentum where they had finished in 5th place. The Europa League could take their strengths, but we have seen with OM that it could also be a source of motivation.

Our prognosis 1-6 ranking: bet on reindeer for a rating of 2 on unibet sports betting

Bet on the winner of Ligue 1 2018 -2019 without PSG

The PSG being out of competition, there is even this bet which intervenes in the championships where the scarecrow leaves little doubt on the final ranking. There, without PSG the odds arrows with:

  • Monaco : 2,80
  • Lyon : 2,85
  • Marseille : 3,00

We see that the dimensions are close. Monaco still remains in continuity with his role as dolphin who knew how to transform him two seasons into champion ago. You can bet on continuity. Lyon does not yet know if his world champion, Nabil Fekir, will stay. Difficult to know. For OM it is exactly the same with a team that has found stability and that is gradually strengthening.

We can take a risk therefore.

Bet on the winner without PSG: Bet on OM for a rating of 3.00 on Betclic Bookmaker

Season classification - Face to face

This bet is interesting because it makes it possible to determine which team will be in front of the other at the end of the season. These faces faces concern the heads of heads. We will be logical and continue to take a risk with OM. Lyon for the moment has demonstrated with Bruno Genesio and even before the club was still suffering from Constance. Physical preparation, mental jagging, at least every year, it's the same. Marseille since its redemption is gaining momentum. This year, she begins the Europa League at the start of the school year. The workforce is sand with already a real defense reinforcement. It is missing more than an attacker who should Balotelli ...

Bet on the face to face OM - OL : OM will be in front of a rating of 1.85 at Unibet Sports Paris;

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