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If you are a sports enthusiast and you want to get into sports betting, you will have to master a rather special lexicon. The sports bet is indeed a whole universe of which it is better to understand specific terms and jargon in order to avoid errors and misunderstandings by betting. Here is a small basic lexicon for beginners that will allow you to tame the different keywords and which will certainly facilitate your put into play. However, depending on the Paris site that you choose, you will also find other terms for Paris since bookmakers compete in imagination for sports vocabulary ... The list is not exhaustive and will be expanded as we find, as well as your proposals that you can send us on our email with "Lexicon of online sports bet".

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Arjel : The regulatory authority for online games grants licenses in USA to operate legally on the American canvas. All the bookmakers that you will find in our journals online Paris sites are legal and licensed by the regulatory authority of online games

Profit : The benefit is the net gain you get by winning a bet. It is obtained as follows:

Gains - bet = profit. Be careful not to confuse the gain with the benefit.

Beat the book ( battre le bookmaker) : This is an essential concept for earning money with online sports betting. You do not play for or against a team, but against the bookmaker. Understanding this nuance will make you a winning online bettor.

Bonus : The bonus is offered by the bookmaker when you register for the first faith, it is the welcome bonus. There are many including the deposit bonus. Our guide of Online game bonus will give you the detailed descriptions.

Bookmaker sportif : The bookmaker organizes bets on a site by offering them to players / bettors like you. In USA we advise you to bet only on authorized and reliable bookmakers such as those we present to you on this portal.

Bankroll : This English word simply describes the balance you have on your online Paris account.

Mise / bet (Bet = innings)

The bet is the amount you are going to put into play during a bet. In sports betting, a BET is actually a bet so the action of betting on an event.

Combined (bet): It is a single bet that combine Several bets on x meetings. The rating is calculated with the sums of the dimensions of all the meetings you have selected. The rating is often enormous, but the risk is just as large.

Cote : The rating is a unit fixed by a bookmaker which allows you to know precisely what you could win if your bet is confirmed. The value of the rating is the opposite of the probability of occurrence of a result. Therefore the closer the rating is close to 1, the more likely you are to win because there is more chance that the result will arrive. Bookmakers in USA offer a European dimension. Gain = X (rating). A rating of 3 with a 20 -euro bet gives a gain of 60 euros, but beware, a profit of 40 euros. There are decimal ratings and the American rating which are not used by American bookmakers.

Live Betting : Literally in American "Paris live", this service is characterized by the fact that you will bet for the duration of a match. When traditional bets are done before the start of the match, Live Bet allows you to bet during the meeting of your choice. It is a way of betting that requires control of bets, but also of its nerves. See our article Advice to bet live.

Live streaming : Online bookmakers offer live streaming matches. It is obviously the best ally of Live Bet matters.

Cut : A term in English used in basketball, football or handball, which designates the final number of points which is set by a bookmaker. It is on this "cut" that you and the bettors will be able to play the over or the under.

Chance double : It is a type of betting that allows you to bet on a double result on a unique meeting. Most often it is on a simple bet. No one or victory of X.

Favorite: It is the team or the player who has the weakest coast. The favorite is obviously defined by the online bookmaker.

Outsider : It is a team or a sportsman who is not favorite. This is the team that has the highest rating. This so -called "outsider" team is considered less to win the meeting. Therefore, its rating is quite high and if you are betting on it and you are lucky to win, you will take the jackpot.

Subtlety of terms concerning bets

There are several types of bets and many words to know before you embark on sports betting.

Simple seem : This is a bet on a single sporting event that has only one prognosis, that is to say the 1N2. Your bet is made either on the victory of the team at home, the 1, the draw, the N, the 2 for a victory of the team evolving outside. It is also said that a simple bet is a bet on a meeting, whatever it is as opposed to a system bet. If your prognosis is good, you gain in addition to putting a profit depending on the coast. The calculation formula is simple: profit = bet * (rating - 1) If your prognosis is not correct, then you lose your bet.

Combined or multiple bet: A combined bet combines several simple bets concerning several sporting events. All forecasts must be correct to win the bet. Profit is calculated according to the different dimensions.

Looks like handicap: This bet makes it possible to rebalance the meeting when it is too unbalanced. Handicap is a bet or a team leaves with one or two goals in advance. In USA, not all disciplines offer this type of bet.

Half time / end of the match: You can bet, especially for betting on football, on a result at half time and at the end of the match. For example OM wins at halftime and loses at the end of the match. It is an often high rating because it is a fairly hazardous bet.

Special bet: These are bets that come out of classic types of bets. For example, you can bet on a double of a player. You will find them in this section at most bookmakers operating in USA. It is a bet that is not linked to a sporting result, but rather to another event having an affair with sport. For example on a coach or the country who will organize the World Cup, etc.

ROI : This is the return on investment. Used by pro bettors, the king represents the percentage of gains in relation to your bets.

The king's calculation:

(Profit/bet) x 100 or (profits/total). Or profit is equal to winnings - bet.

Cash out

Proposed on foreign betting sites for a long time, this function arrived in USA at the beginning of 2017. The cash-out, which results in "cash" allows to ensure a bet ongoing. By activating this function, we recover part of our potential earnings, without even waiting for the end of the match. The value of the cash-out is calculated automatically by the bookmaker and evolves according to the vagaries of the meeting.

We trigger a cash-out for 2 reasons: either to limit damage in the event of bad wind to half-time, by saving part of our initial bets instead of losing everything; Either to secure our earnings, so shortly before the end of the match, we have a doubt about the final victory. By activating the cash out option, we collect our earnings but with less profit than that planned during the bet. The cash out is a bit of the option of hyper active, hesitant, those who change their minds, prudent or clear seers - in short, it can serve everyone!

Over a wonder

These are terms in English that refer to sports betting: the first means "more" and therefore for "an over 3.5 baskets" marked in a basketball match you must bet on at least 4 baskets marked to win. According to the same logic “under” means “less” and therefore for a “under of 3.5 baskets” you will win if you have bet on 3 baskets.

HT / FT - Half-time / Full-time

It is a sports bet that offers to make a prognosis on the result at halftime (HT = half-time) and at the end of the match (FT = full-time). You must therefore make two forecasts.


In American "Free bet" is actually a bonus offered by a bookmaker. If you lose you don't lose anything, while if you win, you pocket the benefit.

looks like handicap

It is a bet for which a handicap or an advantage is awarded to one of the teams in a match. The basic handicap is +1 or -1, which means that a team goes with a goal in advance or delay.

Pari Double

Such a bet is actually a prognosis for two selections in different games. To succeed in your bet, the two selections must be winning.

Looks at Long Term

This is a bet on a sporting event whose result will be known at a more or less distant deadline.


This is the bet where you have to find the final result of a match among 3 solutions: team 1 wins, draw, or team 2 wins.

Exact score at halftime

Such a bet is to find the scoring of a meeting at halftime. You can choose from a list of possible scores offered by the bookmaker, each with their own rating.


A patent corresponds to making 7 Paris out of 3 selections in different sporting events. The bet includes a simple bet for each selection, 3 double Paris and a triple bet. If a selection wins you will also have a gain.

Cost categories

Finally, know that there are several types of dimensions which differ in particular by their calculation formula:

  • European: it is a whole or decimal number and the profit calculation formula is profit = mise * (rating 1)
  • English: this is a rating in the form of a fraction and the formula is profit = stake *
  • American: this is a positive or negative number. The negative rating indicates the necessary implementation to reach a profit of 100, while the positive represents the profit which corresponds to a bet of 100.

And in order to find out a little more about the sports bet, follow guide!

System : It’s a combination of several bets. Systems can be complex especially if you play in Anglo-Saxon bookmakers. In USA, the Paris Systems are offered turnkey.

Valuebet : c'is simply to think and for some to calculate that the bookmaker oversees a vote and it is therefore a tip to gain more risk. It's a bit of a sports bettor, but it happens that you can find it. This estimate is often a personal thing, but there is a mathematical calculation to define it:

(rating x 100) / objective probability of the event in %

The unknown remains to determine the objective probability of the event.

In conclusion, The lexicon of sports betting may seem quite complicated, but with these bases you can quickly get used to and play like a pro. Good luck !

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