The lexicon of roulette

Whether in a terrestrial casino that on an online casino, in order to play roulette you first need to know the jargon used by the players and the dealer when taking bets.

so here's The lexicon relating to the roulette game. All words and expressions are explained in a simple and concise way in order to allow you to control them quickly and to be able to consult the rules of the game of the most famous table games and to be able to finally start to play and we hope, win! ::

  • Announcement: Term used to designate the player's action, at the start of the game, announcing his bet to the dealer by placing his chips on the game carpet box. To find out more about the announcements, read our article dedicated to the announcements of settings roulette
  • Sprinkler: In roulette, this term designates a player who makes important amounts of amounts, and this, randomly.
  • Association: Widespread technique used by roulette players which consists of grouping in groups in order to use Martingale's strategy and thus try to override the casino.
  • Banque : He's the dealer. It represents the casino and therefore the bank.
  • Burner: Term used to designate the dealer who throws the ball on the cylinder at the start of the game.
  • Corpse : Term used in roulette to talk about a player who is not lucky and often loses
  • Carré : Term used to talk about a bet on the 4 boxes located in the center of the carpet.
  • Column : When the player relies on one of the series that are three in number. The gains are double of the placement played.
  • Chance simple : This term is used to talk about the bets made on the red, black, pairs, unusual, pass and lack boxes.
  • Chances: This is the follow -up of released numbers to allow players to apply a martingale.
  • Against the bank : Term used to qualify the action of a player who puts the opposite of numbers or colors released during the last game.
  • Emperor's blow : Action which consists in betting all his money on a simple chance.
  • CrPou's: This is the casino employee responsible for recording players, checking the smooth running of the game and launching the game by making the wheel. He is also responsible for paying the players' gains.
  • Cylinder : Term used to designate the rotating wheel of the roulette table which includes, depending on the variants, 37 or 38 black and red boxes including the playing numbers.
  • Last : Expression used by the dealer to announce the closure of the table after the next 3 laps.
  • Double : Term used to designate the fact that a player fell twice in a row on the same number - when a number comes out twice consecutive.
  • Dozen: There, it's big game. A playing on 12 games, or 12 digits for example. There are three different. You gain double your bet.
  • And square: Bingo. It is when you bet on a number and a color and the ball stops on it. You earn your bet 35 times!
  • Charlemagne : This expression is used to designate a player who chooses not to replay after a winning tour.
  • Place your bets : This is the well -known expression used by the dealer to encourage players to place their bets.
  • House number: Used to designate the zero figure on which it is impossible to bet.
  • Lack : A player put on all numbers from 1 to 18.

  • Passe : It is a bet on all numbers from 1 to 19.

  • Pavage: We use this term to talk about the action of a player who puts on a different combination.
  • Stroller: A stroller is the expression used to qualify the action of a player who makes an implementation after the dealer said: "Nothing is going well".
  • Progression : Roulette game technique which consists in increasing the amount of a lap after turn.
  • Nothing is going well : Well -known expression used by the dealer to announce the fact that players can no longer make an bet and that the ball will start to turn.
  • Series : Term used to designate the fact that a kind twice in a row
  • Sixtain : Playing it horizontally on a sequence of six digits. The possible gain is five times the original bet.

  • Transversal: Mise only on three numbers. Win your bet 11 times.

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