Online slot machine tournaments

The slot machines are usually games where the only opponent is the algorithm hidden in the bowels of the online slot. This funny practice was born in online casions that were inspired by online poker room tournaments to also offer real slot machine tournaments. If you did not know the online slot tournaments, the idea may seem wacky. Yet when you see the jackpots and the gifts to win, you will always find the wacky idea, but you will want to get started in your tournaments that allow you to apprehend the slot machines with a new look and a new source of 'adrenaline. Win is no longer enough, you also have to beat your opponents.

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The functioning of slot machine tournaments

A casino decides to launch a slot machine tournament. I pass you the brainstorming and tutti quanti. The first thing is to select a slot machine. So you have two grandes écoles. Relaunching a slot machine that takes the dust a little, launching a new slot machine or looking for the hit with a tournament on the most played slot machine are all good reasons to offer you such or such slots. Obviously, we advise you not to play on a slot machine that you will discover. Consult the calendars of online casinos to find a slot machine tournament and thus know which slot is selected so that you will draw on it. Remember you can Test the slot machines for free In virtual money on online casinos that we recommend in our revised part of the casinos. The duration of these tournaments can be an hour to several days. Obviously, the more you bet, the more you will win tokens, the more you can finish on the podium. So plan to play enough to at least make profitable the buy in.

Buy in Buy In machine tournaments

Buy in is the entry right of the tournament. Everyone pays the same buy in and everyone starts with the same number of tokens. The higher the buy in, the more there are many players, the more The jackpot will be substantial!

Tournaments of "no chips" machine

No chips tournaments do not require Buy in. They engage your own bankroll. It is therefore tournaments that I recommend to high rollers players with a sharp knowledge of online slot machines. Unlike the buy in tournament, no chips can leave you on the straw. So be careful and only play on a slot machine in which you master the game mechanics.

Our advice for slot machine tournaments

  • Play on one or more slot machines you know. To optimize your luck, I can guarantee that playing on a slot that you discover is a real disadvantage in the face of opponents, some of whom are specialists.

  • Start with tournaments with right from -buy -in, to make your hand and take experience on this test which is a bit of the grail of the world of online casinos.

  • Manage the stress: the pressure on your shoulders will increase and as the little face will make tricks on the dial. This is where you will have to be solid and not ignite and lose reason.

  • No chips tournament: Do not play this tournament if you are not a hi roller player or at least confirmed. A slot machine tournament is exhilarating, exciting and therefore necessarily dangerous for your bankroll. And so as not to "tilter" or fart a lead, you have to have experience.

  • Consult the live classification of the tournament to see where you are. Usually the first 10 places are chargeable. Your position is decisive in your gaming strategy. If you bet in Bet Max at the end and you are at the End Coud with an opponent for a paid place, the strategy can be hazardous because you will lose tokens unless you Win big. This is why you will see in the ranking how your opponent can play by observing how his tokens evolves.

In conclusion :

Online slot machines tournaments are moments of strong adrenaline thrust. You will rarely find so much intensity in online casinos. And what goes hand in hand with adrenaline is obviously the risk. Do not be guided by the jackpots to several thousand or see million euros, but rather by pleasure. Follow our advice well, avoid playing on slot machines that you do not know and do not embark on a no chips tournament without being a real experienced player. How do you know if you have an experienced player? If you are wondering, it is because you are not yet.