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In our previous article we tried to show you the most frequent errors. These errors are made by many bettors and in our beginnings we made them too. In the meantime, we will bet like pros on Ligue 1. And to do so, we must master the types of bets available on football and therefore authorized by Arjel. Here we are going to tell you only about the bets on the L1 match. The most difficult is to find the right types of bets; You will tell me that the good type of bet is the one that makes us win. It's true. But between the lotto bet with a little happiness, the luck or the wet finger and a bet that concludes a demonstration, we prefer the second. For bet on the L1, we will therefore show you how to use the types of bets to your advantage.

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  • Result of a match
  • Victoire

  • Defeat

  • Draw

  • Winning team at the end of each half-time

  • Winning team of each period

  • Score

  • Half-time score

  • Score at the end of the match

  • Gap between the goals

  • Number of team goals

  • Number of goals in total

  • Number of goals per half-time

  • Team that scores a goal

  • Team that doesn't fit a goal

  • Team that wins without conceding a goal

  • Team that earns a half-time without collecting a goal

  • Team that collects the last goal

  • First team at X Goals

  • First team at X goals for each period (mid-

  • time and extensions)

  • Next team to score

  • Next player to score

  • Number of goals greater than 0.5, 1.5, 2.5, 3.5

  • Number of goals greater than 0.5 to 1.5 between minutes 0 and 15, 15 and 30, 30 and 45, 45 and 60, 60 and 75, 75 and 90.

  • Team marking the most goals in the 1st half, in 2nd half-time

  • Number of goals in extra time

  • During what half-time the greatest number of goal is scored

  • Success to a repair kick (penalty)

  • Half-time of the first goal

    Be careful, these are the titles of the Arjel, you will find these bets under other more understandable denominations in the bookmakers that we offer you.

How to choose your type of bet on Ligue 1:

1-Exclude all bets where the luck factor is too important: the number of purposes scored and all the bets that ask you to guess the number of goals scored whether on the match or the half-time. This is not sports bet, but divinatory art.

2- The choice of the rating for your bets on the L1:

It is our way of doing things that you will have seen was rather profitable on the World Cup; Unlike you, dear bettors, it is that we must take more risk to satisfy you and look for a little more daring bets. We are targeting around the 2 to show you the path between prudence and risk. Here is a small grid that can be useful for beginner bettors.

  1. Below 1.40

Never: the game is not worth the candle. To win big, you have to play big. And the relationship between risk -taking and earnings is too disadvantageous. Demonstration. In Ligue 1, the surest rating is PSG at home. On average, the victory is listed in the 1.10s. We are almost sure to win on. Last year was a draw and a defeat on 19 games.

Let us start from the principle that I play 20 $ on a victory of PSG at home.

20 * 1.10 = 22 or 2 euros in winnings per games so $ 38 in winnings on 19 games.

But PSG was drawing a draw and a defeat last season.

I have to subtract 40 euros from my earnings.

38-40 = - 2 euros

You can see that weak dimensions are a real long -term cutting grab. And imagine that Paris wins 100% of its matches. Do you hire $ 380 to earn $ 38? It is a better rate than the booklet A except that last season, you would have lost.

Think long term for your bets on Ligue 1.

  • entre 1,40 et 1,50 => selon votre besoin : Sometimes we can find ourselves in a carafe or make our game "start bets with 20 euros from Bankroll".
  • entre 1,50 et 2,50=> on fonce : It is the best risk/gain ratio that decreases the more you get closer to 2.50
  • Between 2.50 and 3.50 => Sometimes there is a good value bet. It requires real knowledge of the teams and the L1.
  • Between 3.50 and 4 => We play little and we think
  • Between 4 and more => We all decline responsibilities.

The types of bets for Live Bet of Ligue 1 2018-2019:

Some bets are more suitable for live Bet such as: for example:

  • Next team to score

Live bet, you can see most of the Free streaming matches at your bookmaker. Looking at the match, you have the cards in hand to read the course of the meeting. If you see a team taking the ascendant on the other, there is a good chance that it marks before the other. By cons if you make this bet without watching the match, you do it to the little happiness luck. Prohibited !

At each Ligue 1 team, a type of betting

It can help you when you start. To bet in this way, you must have some visibility. The defensive teams that collect little goal will rarely meet and offer an open match with a lot of goals. Remember that sports betting follow a logic and that all the art is to understand which one. There is indeed a share of luck that you have to try to reduce to its simplest expression. You will lose bets when your reasoning was right. It is the most important. Find the common thread of a team! This is why we advise beginners to focus first on one or two teams. Once you have made your ranges on a team you will be able to lead a reasoning throughout Ligue 1.

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