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Leander Games comes from a distant country that we have not yet visited. Born in 2008 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the software publisher immediately brought a new wind with extensive technology that almost immediately seduced the world of online casinos. Its growth was rapid thanks to intelligent agreements with influential actors, but never losing its independence. By working on a common support with GTS and Openbet, the Argentine company was able to quickly offer a full range of casino games. By offering games on the various supports that are the desktop computer, smartphones and tablets, Leander Games has also been able to conquer the world of social networks. This global offer is obviously at the origin of commercial successes, but it is only part of the iceberg. Indeed, attracting platforms, casinos and social networks requires Online game publishers Also to conquer the hearts of the players and it is not the easiest. Reliability is the download time, connection and fluidity. The Lega server (RGS) is at the forefront of technologies and offers experience for players and online casinos equivalent to market giants. Accredited according to English standards and holder of the ISO 27.001 security standard ... Doesn't that speak to you? To put it simply, we do not do better as a safety standard on the planet. It's a bit of a VIP pass for holders.
On the purely playful side, technical innovation, game mechanics, homogeneous redistributions and themes that are often well revisited and sometimes amazing will make you happiness, whether your expectations are playful or purely pecuniary.
As proof, the Leander Games studio was rewarded by the Award “Social Gaming Supplier of the Year” in 201 at the EGR B2B. Suffice to say that this title is prestigious and that it put the software publisher of Buenos Aires under the fires of the ramp.

Leander Games Games

Leander Games Games offer popular slot machines. Understand by popular, fashionable themes ... Fortunately, you will have a surprise, you children of rock!
While waiting for the surprise and Head Banger, let's take a thematic little tour of Leander Games. Ancient Rome, Las Vegas, Greek gods, treasure researcher in busty blonde mode, fashionable cartoon, pirate in pretty chick mode, Chinese empire and Japanese wink ... No, no firefighters.
We can note a real graphic quality with a real research made on the drawing to give a real personality to each slot machine. Without revolutionizing the genre, Leander Games offers its version of fashionable themes.
The game mechanics are rather simple and we find all the features of the moment with some innovations that will put salt with your games. With standard bets allowing you to discover your slot machines without breaking the bank, Leander Games allows beginners to get their hands while offering a real impression of progression to the High Roller.

Leander Games slot machines

Alice Cooper’s School’s out for Summer
Ha, I want to say. A slot machine like a goodie for fan or curious! Hard rock and metal icon, Alice Cooper in addition to an extraordinary sound, for amateurs, has created a universe between provocation and horror theater. Its title "School Out", 1972, to listen without regard to the neighborhood, gave the name to this machine at the Leander Games. The Argentinian studio above all borrowed the universe of Alice Cooper, it is not a musical tribute. Blood, hoses and guts. The emblematic electric chair of Detroit's kid, a temple of American and global music, is obviously there like the sparks of the electricity fairy when your line is winning. With its 20 lines of payments, its 5 rollers and its three lines of payments, you have your bass line to go up to the 7th heaven or in the most obscure abyss to stay in the theme. The snakes are there and await your misstep.
Fortunately, special items help you escape all these dangers. The eye acts as Wild and replaces any winning symbols. Even the viper can help you by playing the scatter and thus allowing you to unlock free spin. You unlock 30 free spins. So defy Alice Cooper on her slot machine!

Gustavo the fighter

And if we went to Latin America to meet a cardboard character, Gustavo. Gustavo's main activity is wrestling, but it must be said that it is small and gringalet. With him, it's still David against Goliath.
This slot machine is a little pleasure with a nod to childhood and its stars of wrestling or free struggle that have always had successes in Latin America.
With 96.1% redistribution rate this slot machine leads you in a thrilling match for bets ranging from 0.2 to 60 euros. With his Wild, a wrestler, you can bring down the Free Spin and if you accumulate three, it's a card bonus game that launch out.
This slot machine is successful with a well -made immersion and a game mechanics that will please beginners and those who like to play small bets.

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