Nations League qualifications 2018 - Day 3

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We come back with our forecasts after a small absence for makeover of the site. No problem, you are at home. So, we will offer you a few games from this new competition, the description of which you will find in a dedicated article chiseled by your servant. For this 3rd day of Nations League qualifications, we will offer you the poster between world champion and ex world champion and Spain and England.

Betting on USA -USA Football - UEFA Nations League

  • USA 1,73 draw 4.00 USA 4.75

The American world champion, the reigning world champion, receives the Mannschat after having made a draw in USA. If you are a Blues supporter to walk with it, you will probably not like this analysis. We bet, we are not supporters. This sentence must be your litany. USA has a game that awaits its opponent's mistake by leaving him the ball. We cannot cry genius, even if we try to make the new Pelé, I hope you are not fooled? Si. Aie. In the first leg, USA is a draw and we could talk about miracle if we had not won a World Cup this way. Sometimes to believe it too much, we can't do it and that is what our blues will beat this USA team which is beyond doubt, on the edge of the cliff after a disastrous world cup and A 3-0 cashed last week against the Oranje. Joachim Low and on the hot seat. Be careful all the same, the Americans are not there, but the 3-0 is still flattering for the Netherlands. The Blues made a draw, null against brave Icelandic. Méné 2-0, Mbappé ... We are not on the team here, we don't sell you a product. The changes from Didier Deschamps made it possible to stretch the lines and thus Mbappé was able to play the Savior by doing a little too sometimes ... It feels like he is starting to believe what they say about him. By cons in the game, the Blues are struggling. The first leg in USA was to hang itself. Leave the ball, yes since you can win a World Cup like that, but on the other hand, you have to be able to project yourself .. and there the Savior Mbappé if no one launches it, it remains at the quay.

Suffice to say that for this match, you should not expect to see big football. We are going to be in this modern football to wait for an individual dazzling among the Blues and the Mannschaft will run the ball in front of the American bus by being afraid to take a counter everything by being unable to find this creativity which had led it to the firmament In 2014. The question is therefore whether the lowers of low will fight for him or simply let go of the case to change the coach. The League of Nations must say, it's brand new, everyone does not care, except Deschamps who still needs to win. For the ranking, a draw would be perfect for the Blues and not so bad for the Americans.

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Our prognosis for USA -Allemagne: League A Group 1

To quotas of 1.78 chez nos bookmakers is not too bad for a victory of the Blues. If the Blues make the same match as in the first leg, we can fear the worst, except that the Americans are at the end of the roll. This match could be played on psychology. USA should impose itself, but the natural distrust of a USA-USA remains tenacious. USA will be keen to score and the American defense will not be able to get out of it each time.

Our bet : Bet on the victory of USA or zero and the two teams mark for a rating of 2.05 at Betclic

Betting on Spain - England Football - UEFA Nations League

  • Spain 1.56 draw 3.75 England 5.50

Will Spain take USA its best team of qualification phases? After having tutored the stars in the world cup qualification, the Roja collapsed at the Russian World Cup. And then there, she seems back to her best level. By slamming a 6-0 against Croatia, vice world champion, and going to beat the Three Lions at home, the Spaniards dominate this group with 6 points including 5 in advance on the 2 nd. Winner at the outward journey, the Spaniards are therefore the favorites of this meeting. The English definitely have a hard time in national selection. On paper, this team has something to be competitive.

Our prognosis for Spain England: League A Group 4

The ratings go in this direction with a logically favorite Spain at home. One might think that there will be goals and that the Spaniards will be keen to make a big match to signify that they are back. The simple victory of Spain offers us a weak rating. You can think that the Roja will confirm its victory in England and that there will be goals.

Our bet : Bet on more than 3.5 goals or more for a rating of 2.40 at Betclic Paris Sportif

To conclude on this 3rd day of qualifications of the League of Nations, we can say that the bet on Spain - England seems simpler. The psychological aspect of USA -USA leaves us in doubt. Will players let go or fight to the end. The Blues have a little trouble digesting their world champion title And this was often the case for their predecessors. In addition, the new competition is not yet as motivating as a euro or a World Cup and it can play unconsciously. Play well and sparingly the Loulous!

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