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This season of the 2019-2020 Champions League gives a good lesson for online bettors and that for all sports, disciplines and competitions. Football monopolizes 95 % of online betting. And among all these bettors, most are fans who will bet like fans. Suffice to say that the elimination of PSG by Manchester United and Olympique Lyonnais by FC Barcelona is full of teaching. Back on these two black weeks for American football, saved for the moment by Stade Rennais.

EDIT: Rennes has just been lamentably eliminated by losing on the field of the Gunners 3-0.

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PSG - Manchester United: how to lose big in one lesson

This match is an excellent example to demonstrate our basic principle which is not to bet on the dimensions below 1.60. For us, but we are a radical team, we do not put below the 1.80. For our betture team with a 20 -euro bankroll, between 1.60 and 1.80, it's rather useful. And PSG after a very good match against the Manchester United team in Old Trafford was announced as the favorite of this meeting. It was impossible in our eyes to think the opposite. On the other hand, if you have followed our advice from our online bettor guide you have not played on such a low dimension. To compensate for this low rating, you have to bet big. And those who bet big lost big.

How could we guess that this match was going to turn this way?

Impossible. Paris loses a 3-1 match with two shots on top of Manchester United players.

The other lesson to bet well is not to be caught by the media. The question of the only American sports daily was to know "if Kylian Mbappé was going to put a hat -trick" when a radio of the group holding rights wondered if Paris had to play to put a beating or play the result ". Two weeks like this or the jerk of Crane and the self-satisfaction of the sports media and the bettor arrives on the bet with his bet and the head upside down. Add the sparkling form of Paris Saint-Germain in this championship which definitively suffocates instead of being drawn by this so-called locomotive. All the bases of the trap are made. An undertaken bett will put a big bet on PSG whatever its rating.

What to do was therefore to avoid the trap. Obviously, at we were convinced that PSG was going to qualify. Our principle of not playing the weak ratings saved us. It is also the kind of match which, as often with Qatari PSG, seems out of time. Parisian players lost a match and a qualification that statistically they were 0% chance of losing. The scenario is beyond the improbable. PSG is not magic, it is quantum, it is the tartin which inevitably falls on the jam.

FC Barcelona - Lyon: don't bet like a supporter

Lyon received the lesson at Camp Nou with a 5-1 defeat. And there for pain, it is the blindness and the love of the supporter that can cost a good part of the bankroll. Yet all the indications were there after the first leg. The council which transpires of this double confrontation for the bettors is that to base itself only on the score is a error of DSmall in sports betting. And over time, from betting forum to the bettor forum, the draw at the first leg had become a positive score before going to the new camp. The error is not to analyze the match itself and to forget the 25 shots of FC Barcelona which largely dominated the meeting in the OL stadium. 25 shots, flawless domination and you think that Fékir's return was going to transform this reality into a bad dream. At home, FC Barcelona has corrected Lyon. Again, once the sports meds do not help bettors.

You have to understand that the sports media sell you a product: football. The goal is that you were going to see the match to feed on advertisements and buy the press or click. They will seek to follow the match. And the fact of suggesting that Lyon has its chances of qualification at Camp Nou after the scenario of the first leg is marketing and chauvinism. To bet well, you have to know how to put it all aside and stay focused on the information of the matches especially when you are lucky to bet on a round trip. When you analyze a match, don't listen to what you are told. A good bettor must know football or the sport on which he seems without needing the opinion of specialists ...

Despite the debacle of American clubs in the Champions League, a bettor must learn from his mistakes. You may have won big by playing on a defeat of PSG. It is like badly played a hand in the poker and take the carpet. You win once, but you will lose a hundred times. Bet for because we love or against because we hate, it's the same action. To bet well, put your passions, your desires and your desires in a box. Only use reason and instinct. Do not be manipulated by those who sell a product.

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