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The sticky bonus is a special and fairly recent kind of loyalty bonus. It generally consists of a mixture of conventional loyalty bonuses and welcome bonuses. The term is much used in English -speaking casinos, but the influence of the English language also affecting American casinos, it is not uncommon to see this term used. It is therefore essential to know its meaning, starting with its literal sense: sticky ... and in fact, it is a bit the bonus that sticks to the Basques.

They are compared to loyalty bonuses because the sticky bonus sticky is a function of the player's game and his loyalty to the casino. The more he plays, the more he is, the more he can get Sticky Bonus. They are also compared to welcome bonuses due to the big percentage they offer. It is not uncommon for vor of 200 or 300% bonus sticky bonus on a deposit. Also, if you deposit 100 euros and receive a 300%bonus sticky, you will receive 300 euros in bonuses and can play with 400 euros, a large sum, especially to start.

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It is mainly found in casinos intended for large players whose loyalty and commitment it rewards. Most online casinos offer us a bonus on our initial deposit, but the sticky bonus are offered to us mainly on The most popular games, especially craps, roulette and blackjack. When the sticky bonus are offered in the same form as the classic bonuses (amount credited to our player), the registration bonuses can be very high.

But the sticky bonus are distinguished Bonuses Welcome on the one hand because they are not limited to the first deposits on the online casino but can be offered at any time; And on the other hand because the value of the bonus cannot be withdrawn, which also distinguishes them from conventional loyalty bonuses. The bonus sticky is withdrawn according to easier conditions. For a classic bonus, the casino generally requires betting a number of times (generally 20 to 30 times) the amount of the bonus, or even the deposit and the cumulative bonus, to be able to withdraw the gains. In the case of a bonus sticky, however, once the conditions of bets are combined, the amount of the gain can be withdrawn only by subtracting the amount of the sticky bonus received. So much so that a player who has deposited 100 euros, on which he received a bonus sticky of 100 euros, and who would win a total of 500 euros, can only withdraw 400 euros, once the conditions of bets have been combined. That is to say the total of gains, from which the amount of the sticky bonus received. The sticky bonus is used to play but is not retrifiable in itself - only the gains obtained thanks to it are. One in the other, we find ourselves there in the end - certainly we lose the sticky bonus itself but we more easily remove what we earn thanks to him with his more flexible withdrawal conditions. Finally to note again, small shades for the sticky bonus:

The ephemeral bonus sticky

The sticky bonus - or "ghost bonus" - disappears from the first retirement of money - it is the most common version of registration bonuses. It keeps up to the first withdrawal but it is deleted immediately after choosing the "withdrawal" option and there, more way to find it ...

The Sticky Bonus at an expiration date

This one remains in place until a specific date-in fact this type of bonus is quite rare but we never know. Although an expiration date sticky bonus can not be removed, it does not vanish in nature as the ephemeral bonus sticky. With a bonus of $ 100, $ 100 in deposit and $ 100 in earnings, we can withdraw $ 200 on $ 300 and continue to play with the $ 100 bonus that remain on our player. Between an ephemeral bonus sticky and a sticky bonus expiration, we advise you to choose the latter.

In short, in conclusion the sticky bonus is above all a means for casinos to offer more bonuses, which is not negligible for a regular player but once again, it depends on the policy implemented by the casino in question. It is therefore important to check the terms and conditions of the casino before any removal, and to decide according to your game - because as always, each bonus its advantages and disadvantages! To learn all about the different casino bonuses, consult our guide!