Progressive jackpot

Do you dream of winning the jackpot with online casino games? For this, you need luck but also some useful information on the multiple games offered today. Indeed, all the gains and the chances of winning them are not the same depending on the type of game chosen. Online game software providers differ in their driving line regarding the amount of the jackpot, but some other criteria are at PRE, DRE into account. In this article, we will therefore give some tips to find the best jackpots on the online casinos market.

The jackpot, how does it work?

Thanks to a very developed online casinos offer, we now have the opportunity to choose the game that suits us from hundreds, even thousands, and which can potentially make us win a big jackpot. Before starting, let us keep in mind that each game has its specificities and that the type of jackpot is not the same according to Online casinos and games.

What is a fixed jackpot?

Fixed jackpots are very widespread on Slot machines And video poker machines. The principle of these jackpots is simple - the sum to be won is always the same, whatever the bets engaged. Admittedly, the fixed jackpots are less annoying, but the chances of winning them are more important. But isn't that how the great principle of the game works? The bigger we risk, the more we win big.

What are the assets of progressive jackpots?

In the middle of online casinos, the progressive jackpot system is more and more present. Progressive jackpot is itself a star whose progress we follow closely. Indeed, its major asset is its evolution. The sum of potential gains is permanently and can reach several thousand or even millions of euros. The progressive jackpot system is based on a common pot that piles part of the bets of each player. Thus, the greater the number of players, the higher the progressive jackpot.

And then the continuation, it is an infernal circle: the higher the amount of the progressive jackpot, the more players it seduces who therefore come to feed a little more the common pot of their hopes full of hope. To win the biggest jackpots, it is therefore to this type of games that you have to rush. The progressive jackpot system has developed strongly and is today present in several online casinos games: obviously slot machines, but also Blackjack, video-poker, roulette

Where to find the biggest progressive jackpots?

Although the chances are lower than for fixed jackpots, progressive jackpots games remain very interesting due to the substantial gains that we can win. As explained above, in order to maximize your chances, it is necessary to favor the most popular games to which many players have already poured their nest eggs. With ever higher amounts, progressive jackpots offer us the opportunity to win the jackpot with a low starting bet. But this possibility is not necessarily the best strategy to believe that implemented by a recent winner now millionaire, and which had put a big sum at a time, triggering the jackpot of the machine full to crack ... Consult our article to find The best jackpots at the online casino.

The best progressive jackpots are on these online casinos!

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The best progressive jackpots

As the parts played, the common pot is growing as well as the amount of the jackpot. Among the most attractive progressive jackpot games, we can notably mention: Hall of Gods, MEGA MOOLAH, Mega Fortune, Major Millions, Arabian Nights ... With these games, potential gains can amount to several million euros! Today, software suppliers such as Playtech, MicroGaming, Rival Gaming, Netent are known for their games at mega jackpots. Doing a small investigation to find out what the most attractive progressive jackpots of the moment are therefore a good initiative

The biggest jackpot in the history of online casino games!

The record for earnings won over a progressive jackpot game has recently fallen and is now 11.7 million euros. It was a 20 -year -old Norwegian who won this pretty sum by playing on the unique online casino casino. Thanks to the MEGA Fortune slot machine, he became the player who won the biggest sum on a game of casinos with progressive jackpot. Coming from the Net Entertainment group, the Mega Fortune game is one of the most popular on the market and with several million euros pending, it is undoubtedly one of the most lucrative progressive jackpots. Casino director Henrik Peon said he was delighted to have been able to offer the biggest jackpot in the history of online casino games.

What strategy to adopt to win a progressive jackpot?

Thanks to the almost infinite choice of Online casino games, we can choose the one that is most suitable for our objectives and our desires. Before put our stakes, it is important to take an interest in the maximum sums to be won over the different machines offered. The higher the jackpots, the more difficult to win - let's not forget. In order to bet as well as possible, you have to find the machine that offers the best gear and chances of winning.

And there, there will be a question of the budget that we wish to engage. Indeed, for progressive jackpot games, the bets are greater than for fixed jackpots. In our strategy, it is therefore important to take this data into account so as not to exceed our budget. Because of an ever more important online game offer, it is sometimes complicated to find the one that will allow us to win the jackpot, then, before selecting the game on which to bet, let's think. But not too much. Because after all, strategy or not, mega jackpot or not, there are two elements against which we can only bet: the first is chance, and the second is luck. So, as much to choose a machine that we really like, at the feeling, a machine whose theme is familiar to us, and to make a small paid or religious prayer, and to let the chance and chance decide the fate, since, in any case, they will always have the word at the end!