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The Blackjack is for many the most exciting game in the casino ... The basic rules are not, moreover, not very complicated and very quickly you can learn and play this cult game. The history and origins of blackjack remain quite vague. Throughout the years, historians have approached several theories on the origin of this famous game. It seems that he comes from the Mediterranean basin, more precisely from USA, Spain and USA.

Obviously, the blackjack to which game lovers played decades ago must be different on many points. Today, we can notice that modern blackjack and online blackjack have established themselves as the noble heirs of possible variants who have been born since.

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Blackjack rules

pour To play In blackjack, you just have to be a minimum of two: a dealer and a player. Obviously the blackjack is also played with several players who all face the dealer representing the casino and the bank.

The objective of part of Blackjack is to obtain a hand whose total cards as close as possible to 21, and at the same time, beating the dealer, who has the same goal as you: get closer to 21.

The person getting closer to 21, or having 21, wins the blow and the bets. The value of the blackjack cards The blackjack is generally played with 2 to 8 games of 52 cards.

The cards have the following values: From 2 to 10: Each card has the value of the number registered on it. Valet, lady and king: These cards are worth 10. AS: This card is worth 1 or 11, as desired.

Procedure of a game of Blackjack

At the start of the game, each player receives 2 discovery cards. The dealer distributes a discovery card and a hidden card.

The player is free to ask for as many cards as he wants without exceeding a total 21, beyond; He is eliminated and the dealer wins.

In the blackjack game, the player wins the game if the total value of his hand is SUpper by the donor's hand, but especially does not exceed 21.

Know that the dealer (donor) continues to draw a card if it is 16 and stops 17. In order to signify the dealer that he is ready to play and receive cards.

The player must place a bet in front of him before the donor distributes the cards.

For blackjack online, you just have to click on the sum to be bet (tokens ranging from 1euro to 500 euros depending on the tables) and to click on the carpet.

After your bet, the donor distributes two discovery faces cards to you. He also receives his two cards, a discovery side and a hidden side. You still have to calculate the total of your cards (Example: if you receive a king and a 9 you have a total of 19. If you receive a 6 and 2 you have a total of 8, etc.).

At this point in the game, several choices are available to you (buttons will appear at the bottom of the game screen):

A map - This means you can request an additional card.

Stay or serve - This means that you do not want to receive other card and intend to stay with your current total

Doubler - This allows you to double the bet within a time and to receive another and unique card. No possibility of taking up a card for this one. It is a kind of quit or double.

To separate - If the player receives two first cards with the same domination, he can share his hand in two different hands. This option automatically places a bet equal to the initial bet on each of the two hands. These two hands can be played independently

Assurance - Au BlackJack, if the discovery face card of the dealer is an ace, the blackjack player has the possibility of taking a bet with confidence.

This is to bet half of the original bet: this allows the player not to lose his bet, if the dealer has a hand containing a 10 or a figure in addition to the AS discovered.

During the game of Black Jack, if the dealer's hand corresponds well to an ace and a 10, the player wins 2 and a half times the putting of his insurance (which corresponds to keep his initial bet and his setting of the insurance).

If the hidden card of the dealer has a value of less than 10, the Black Jack player loses his insurance bet and the part continues normally. In case of insurance, the player can neither double nor separate.

After these different actions, the two games are compared and the one that is closer to 21 wins the blow.

You can receive Bonus the Blackjack Online, find out before registering on an online casino so that you can take advantage of the different offers.

Blackjack variants

As you can see, Blackjack is a popular casino game in the online players community like terrestrial casino players. Any age, all style: the blackjack pleases everyone.

Despite this the rules remain simple and accessible, that is why over time, very numerous variants appeared in the environment. Here are a few.

The classic blackjack - The original version of the game. Loved by players around the world, the rules are clear like rock water and accessible to all.

  • Le blackjack Free Bet - Another variant of blackjack imagined by Geoff Hall. Players can find additional specificity in classic black jack. When the player of Splita (separate) or to double he does not take the risk of losing his hand. Thus the player can call on his techniques more often than usual.
  • Le blackjack Switch - It is also a variant of the game imagined by Geoff Hall, at the beginning of the 21st century. The nuance with the classic blackjack here is that the dealer gives you two hands instead of one. Thus, during the game the player has the option of exchanging his cards between each hand.

The gains are distributed differently than in a part of classic Blackjack, in it the classic redistribution is 3 against 2, while in the Blackjack Switch the rating is 1 against 1.

  • Le blackjack 5 Hand - The particularity here is that the player will have 5 hands instead of only one! The negative point is the difficulty which is therefore multiplied by five but the positive point has not neglected and that the chances of winning are too!
  • Le blackjack Single Deck - A variant of blackjack which is only played with a single pack of 52 cards. If you have made the decision to try it, you will be delighted to learn that the house does not have a considerable advantage. In other words, you will be able to increase the volume of your earnings.
  • Caribbean 21 - Caribbean 21 is a variant of blackjack in which the nominal value of the AS can never be 11 points.
  • Le live blackjack - Today you also have the opportunity to play Blackjack and Direct. A real dealer, filmed live from a game studio or a real casino, takes care of the distribution of cards. Most online casinos are equipped with software that allows you to play like this and many players who prefer this experience that brings them closest to reality and allow human and authentic interactions.

There are still many variants of Blakcjack. Do not hesitate to get started to make the most of it and find the one that will fill you ...

Blackjack beginners tips

If you are new in the field, don't worry, we give you a list of beginners special tips and tips.

Small belong a special bonus carpet games, a helping hand !!!

1- Leave the dealer the choice to draw

There are some signs that allow you to see directly if the dealer is in a bad situation:

If you see that it has an open card is worth 4, 5 or 6 points.

You just have to play intelligently and trick as it should be:

If the dealer facing you has a flexible hand his next step will surely "pull" an additional card in order to get as close as possible to 21.

For you, it is a gold opportunity:

Now is the time to make a "double down", double your base or separate your game.

The purpose of these steps is to get as much gain as possible if the dealer loses.

2- Hold your rigid hand

Very important: Stay on your game if you ever have a rigid hand at the value of 17 points.

You tell yourself that with 17 in hand your chances of winning are very thin, but it is better to keep that than taking the risk of jumping from the game (as soon as you exceed 21).

3- Learn to separate well

One of the golden rules is to know how to separate well: indeed you should never separate the 10 while the AS and the 8, systematically.

Indeed the AS is a powerful card in the game of the Blakcjack, if you separate them you can have the chance to get 21 twice.

While with two 8 you will get a 16 hand, the worst possible combinations, separating them you may be able to get two good combinations of 18.

As for 10, it is the reverse.

A 20 -point hand, form of two 10 is very powerful. So you shouldn't risk separating them and losing it.

4- Stay far from the insurance taking

There are certain styles of blackjack where you are proposed to "take insurance".

This is insurance against a blackjack when the dealer's open card is an AS.

Our advice: Do not take it! Indeed, insurance is only too rarely advantageous.

In fact the principle is that if the dealer does get a blackjack, thanks to your insurance you recover your initial bet.

So don't wait any longer and be the next big winner in blackjack !!!

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