The unbearable volatility of slot machines

This is probably the most ignored factor of players and yet the most substantial in terms of gains and losses on slot machines. All slot machines offered in online casinos or even in terrestrial casinos are configured with a different volatility rate from one machine to another. Luck and chance are always there, but it is the level of volatility that will determine the size and frequency of gains.

In order to optimize their way of playing, real online game lovers carefully choose the suppliers of slot machines - since they are the ones who determine the level of volatility of their games.

How does the volatility rate influence gains?

To summarize this term, we can define volatility by the frequency of gains paid by a slot machine. If a slot machine for gains in an irregular way, but these gains are substantial, we will then speak of strong volatility. Conversely, an inexperienced machine will regularly pay the gains, but the gains will be modest.

It is good to know when you play on a slot machine in an online or terrestrial casino, the volatility of the machine is defined by The game software publisher. This is why it is useless to attack the casinotier after an unhappy game session, since the latter has no power or control over the volatility of the slot machines offered in his toy library.

Different volatility rates

The different levels of volatility share in three categories.

Strong volatility: very volatile slot machines are the most exciting and provide the most adrenaline. They are characterized by the fact that you can play ten times without touching a single gain then win a big gain before returning to a not very conclusive game session. To give you some examples: we think immediately of the Netent machine with Dead Or Alive or 300 Shields from the Nextgen supplier.

Average volatility: average volatility machines are the most frequent in online or land casinos. Indeed, these machines will allow us to make long game sessions without winning large sums, they will not make us millionaires but allow certain gains. These are machines on which we can do real game sessions. They pay frequently with small gains and the players who play for the pleasure of the game are happy with joy. To give among the best known examples: Dracula slot machines from Nettent and Doctor Love are among the average volatility machines.

Low volatility: slot machines with low volatility will not allow us to make follies. However, they allow long game sessions, without large losses but without big gains. Adrenaline lovers is not your slot machine category. Nevertheless, this type of slot machine is perfect to fulfill our contract with Online casinos and their Welcome Bonus. The Netient Blood Success Machine is the best examples for medium volatile slot machines.

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How to identify the volatility rate of a slot machine?

Suppliers of slot machines do not publish this information in the rules of the game. So we must read the payment table. Indeed, to bring a conclusion on this reading, you have to know for high volatility slots it will offer high gains (greater than 10,000 tokens) and conversely for low volatility machines, gains will not exceed Not 5,000 tokens.

We now know how to determine the type of slot machine that best suits our game, remains to choose a good Strategy and a good site in Our most recent selection among the best casinos !