Online keno

This online lottery game has been a sensation right now and for some time, it must be said, in most Casinos and online play rooms. Keno is a game dating from just over two centuries before our era and which comes from China. It is similar to the traditional lottery and the bingo. This game is mainly based on luck and can allow large sums to be obtained. Its principle is simple and accessible to all audiences above 18 years. Discover here all the facets of Keno online and do not hesitate to try your luck!

Play Keno in real money or for free?

For us, the answer is not unique. The two ways to play can be completed. Obviously, we are a player, but we hate losing. So as losing is inevitable, we can always remember this thought by Mickael Jordan: "I missed 9000 shots in my career. I lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I was trusted to take the shooting of victory and I missed. I failed again and again in my life. And that's why I succeed. ». So defeat is the reverse of victory and the play pushed by the winds of chance can only be influencing by knowledge, experience and training. Play for free, that is to say in virtual money, will allow you to test the game, to understand the mechanisms of the different versions of Keno, to learn the rules and train with several options to find the version of Keno that suits you . It is therefore in a second step that you have to think about playing in real money. It is a logical sequence since Keno is a lottery game and the gain is the engine of this game. Once you play real money to your favorite Keno version you can win small winnings that allow you to Repay your grid and obviously we wish to win the jackpot. This is all the advantage of lottery games where by playing little, it is possible to win big. The variants of Keno also make it possible to optimize the chances of the player or then to multiply the gains depending on the difficulty selected.

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    Play Keno online - only advantages!

    Even if it means taking out the umbrella from banalities, online keno to all the advantages of online games and online casinos.

    • Play when you want! No more questions to wait for the prints, the opening of a game point in a PMU or a tobacconist, now, you play when you want. You launch your Keno 24/24 every day of the year, 7 days a week.

    • Casino bonuses: You should know that all online casinos offer all new registrants welcome bonuses which are often a percentage of the first deposit and sometimes even free grids offered. This means that you can play "for free" and make real money!

    • Play from your smartphone and tablet: Keno also becomes a mobile game. Online casinos being available on your smartphones and tablets, the Keno lottery game too. Just connect to your games room from your mobile and go to the Keno game to make a grid on the bus or in a park and why not break at your workplace.

    • Gains more often and cheaper grids. The competition between the casino allows us Keno players to enjoy the best offers in terms of also price.

    Play the Nass are T1Wits.

    The most common options on online casinos:

    • Keno with combined grids: instead of leaving a combination for a draw, you can choose several combinations for a grid and a single draw. More expensive at the Validation, Keno with combined grids also makes it possible to multiply the gains. As often in online casinos, the more risky it is, the more paying it is.
    • The Keno Wai ticket: you play with 20 numbers on several simultaneous prints.
    • The Super Keno: The first ball drawn offers you an X4 multiplier on the gains. Please note this multiplier only works if the first ball drawn corresponds to one of your numbers!
    • Keno Power: Australians know how to have fun and they have proposed a version that won the world of Keno online. Here, it is enough that the last issue drawn, that is to say the twentieth, corresponds to any number of your grid to win.
    • Le Straight ticket keno : Choose 15 numbers on your Keno grid and choose the number of draw in which you want to participate. Simpler, with one click, make several simultaneous prints.

    The chances of winning in Keno

    The chances of winning the lottery are quite weak, it is well known; But unlike the lottery, and although Keno is also a kind of lottery, the chances of winning are much more important. Indeed, just draw only one or two good numbers to win a price or a sum ...

    To play in Keno video, minimum bets are lower than for Keno live - even the advantage of the house is also lower in Keno video. On the other hand, it goes much faster ... The Keno video is as lively as a slot machine, but as there is to think about any strategy, this game remains well relaxed and suspense and lovers of emotions will not be disappointed! For beginners, however, do not hesitate to consult the basic rules, and for warned players too, read our articles on variants and strategies to improve your performance!

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