Online Keno: Rules, Variants & Strategies

Keno online is obviously the little brother of Keno in hard that you have to see in American -speaking countries on screens in tobacco bars with players frantically looking at their ticket and the screen. You could doubt your arrival on the net and the interest of playing the lottery from your office computer or even filling your Keno grid from your laptop, but we'll talk about it later. There are several versions of Keno online with Keno in virtual and real silver and variants of games bringing real youth and modernity that dusts this lottery game. Online Keno is a real mass success and for proof, it is almost available in all the Casinos online for the general public. You will often find it in the "other" part of the online game rooms. It shows that it is a new new one that has no place in the aristocracy of online games that focuses in table games. Keno is a new new long teeth. And players accustomed to slot machines or table games may be tempted to enjoy the free grid bonuses that you win in the VIP clubs of your casino online. If online keno is a real lottery game and therefore of chance, you will find here the basics of Keno game in order to avoid being confused at the beginning. Understanding is undoubtedly the first of all the strategies whether in Keno or any other game.

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Online Keno: Presentation

The largest difficulty will be to familiarize yourself with the specifics of Keno online. Rest assured, it's a breeze. The online Keno strategy starts by not being mistaken by clicking!

The Keno lobby appears on your screen:

  • A grid of 70 numbers minimum or it determines his choice according to the chosen bet.
  • All options available to bet (see below)

  • "Flash" option. It can be called otherwise depending on the casino. In fact, it's Keno's game in instantaneous.

  • Choosing the number of draws in which you want to participate.

  • Table of bets and gains. It's always interesting to know, right?

  • The results with your winning numbers.

  • The gains section.

  • The "refresh" to reset your grid.

  • The story of all your previous prints for those who think mathematics can tame chance.

Keno - How to play?

The goal of the game is to make players guess the combinations of the numbers that will be released during the draw. The player must choose from 1 to 20 digits. In online casinos, players are offered fairly simple Keno grids on which the player can make his choice of numbers by passing his mouse on their boxes and then validate his grid and the sum bet. Once this is accomplished, the player will have to wait for the 20 balls numbered by the computer. The gains are proportional to the number of numbers which have been previously chosen and which correspond to the numbers drawn by the Keno machine. In this game, your earnings rise according to your number corresponding to the draw, in fact more you have grids the more you increase your success rate.

Several options have been added to Keno online, to allow players to make at least 5 Paris. To give you a taste of Keno online, here are some suggestions for testing on the different variants of Keno that you will find in online gaming rooms. This is just a taste and we advise you to test them in mode free keno To find the one that best suits your way of playing.

  • The "Direct" option. It is automatically unlocking from the first checked box and allows you to win if one or more of your numbers are chosen by the computer.
  • The "against" figures: Select 8 numbers that will not go out in the draw. An interesting bet because it gives you more chance of winning than for a simple bet. With the option "against bet", when you have selected your eight numbers you can place your counter bet, so you will bet on the fact that none of the numbers you have chosen will appear during the draw. So it's a bet against yourself, if you don't have the right combination you win, and if you have it, you lose. Rather amazing and interesting concept.
  • The bet of "all winning: Transform the Keno into a lottery with this bet. You only win if your 8 numbers are good. It is by checking 2 to 7 boxes that you access this option. You will then bet that all your numbers will be winners. This type of bet is therefore obviously more advantageous than the others, since the gains will be very important. The risk is that if you ever get a single number out of the total of your combination you will be losing, unlike the normal bet.
  • Lower/upper : An moose bet which consists in betting on 1 in two chance, a bit like with roulette and its bet on black or red. There, you must choose whether the upper part of the grid will have more numbers drawn than the lower part or vice versa. A battery or face. This option is valid by your bet is made, it allows you to say which part of the ticket will have the least lower or higher winning numbers.
  • The "checked boxes". This is the same principle as direct stake, with the exception that here you are betting on having the greatest number of winning numbers in your combination. Choose between one and fifteen boxes. It is the simplest bet. You win for each number you have and that comes out of the drum.
  • Bet on combinations : Choose a hut combinations and bet on it. It is a difficult bet, but with a large multiplier of earnings.
  • Land Keno en autoplay : you choose your numbers and the number of draws in which you want to participate with this grid. This is the same function you find on the slot machines for example.

Keno variants in online casinos

You will find Keno associated with a qualifier who will find themselves more or less under the same name in the various online casinos.

  • With Combination Keno : It is a Keno where you can choose several combinations on the same draw. This allows you to gain x times in one and the same party. ComKeno binagement is therefore more expensive for a more important chance of earnings.
  • The Super Keno : The first ball drawn offers you an X4 multiplier on gains. Please note this multiplier only works if the first ball drawn corresponds to one of your numbers!
  • and Power I'm : This Australian variant is based on the 20 tieme shot. If this is a number that you have selected on your Keno grid, you multiply by four your total earnings.
  • The Way Ticket Keno: This Keno allows you to have more selected numbers to play several simultaneous prints. The maximum Way Ticket is 20 numbers.
  • Le Straight ticket keno : You choose a ticket with 15 numbers and you play several successive parts.
  • And Progressive jackpot skeleton : As its name suggests, this version of Keno offers a progressive jackpot version. However, it will take 10 good numbers to get it!

Le Keno in Casino Live

Do you know the live casinos? The ST principle and immersion is total. You connect to a real game table with a real dealer who plays live with you or against you depending on the table game you have chosen. Well for some time, we are witnessing an upsurge in Keno table live with a pretty young lady who pulls the balls, without bad pun. It's really nice pusic you will find the pleasure of Keno in hard with the possibility of speaking in chat and live with the other players of the live table of the online casino.

The strategies to play Keno online well

Online Keno offers prize pools that are easier to win than in hard Keno which on the other hand promises to win very large pots but more rarely, to never see for some. And as they say "the small streams make the big rivers" so we prefer to gain little by time that from time to time a ticket that will barely cover the losses. We will develop strategies that will rather be advice to optimize your earnings. I know, I hear your disappointment, we have not developed the algorithm that finds the Keno numbers before the draw. Really sorry. We will therefore explain to you how to play Keno online well and underline the errors to avoid and some tips to optimize your earnings.

=> Jouez ieurs numéros sur une grille

Keno leaves you the choice to check between 1 to 20 numbers. Obviously no need to get out of Saint-Cyr to understand that the less you play numbers, the less you will be likely to win. You will gain up to 20 times more, but on the other hand you drastically divide the chance to see the number checked on the grid go out. Check at least one 5 numbers. In casino games, it is often the gluttony that can kill your bankroll. It's a bit like in online sports betting: the bigger the rating, the less you will be lucky to win.

=> Servez-vous bien des tableaux proposés

You have many interactive paintings in Keno games available in online casinos. It's not to decorate your screen! The winning tables, the progressive jackpots, the historic is all information to take into account. If you see that the progressive jackpot of your Keno video has fallen and change your machine!
=> Attention à votre bankroll

It is a basic strategy that works with all Online gaming, but especially for lottery games. In real, you are a depositary of the draw. Online, you play Keno at will. No time barrier, no calendar barrier, you play when and where you want whatever your situation. Online Keno allows you to make as many grids and prints as you wish. It is therefore essential to know how to limit yourself and self-generate. If you ever think you might slip is that you know yourself well and what you think is weakness and a force. On the pediment of the temple of Delphi, it was not engraved "Just do it" or "do what you want", but "know yourself". If you are a worthy child of Socrates, then use the blocking tools offered by online casinos that will limit your possibilities for putting your request. The online casinos that we offer on this site are all engaged in the Protection of players against addictions. Protect your bankroll is the most important in online casinos especially when in a click you can launch x grids at once.

To conclude, online Keno is a lottery game, so it is impossible to offer you a strategy school as we do for poker. Yet playing keno online well is possible and it can make the difference between a winning and loser player!

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