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Average User Rating:
RTP : 96.5%
Payment lines: 25 payment lines
Rolls: 3-5 rolls

Jurassic Park de Microgaming

Microgaming meets the Hollywood myth, the blockbuster of the 90s ... My dear readers, you know that the beating heart of online casinos, it is obviously the slot machine room. It is for your servant, the opportunity, to highlight the themes and creativity of game software publishers as microgaming and therefore to evoke a little culture, literary, dusty, academic or born in the stream. When a slot machine software publisher Resumes a successful franchise, I always have the fear of falling on a bad copy/paste without interest where the name is just a hook. And then there is worse, the casus belli! Use an iconic name - I hate this expression - and massacre the theme. So let's come by a fact. Is the Jurassic Park Soul Sous Soult is a tribute to the first opus that should have been the only one? YES ! Released in 1993, Jurassic Park is beyond the blockbuster and the money machine because he is the father of modern special effects with the first use of green funds and therefore the entrance to the cinema in the virtual. Some will say "he is the culprit". I'm more. Nevertheless, the scenario, the actors and the reconstructions of the park amazed the humanity of 1993. For connoisseurs, it is an 8.1 on IMDB. For enthusiasts, Jurassic Park is above all a novel by Michael Crichton. Steven Spielberg realized two before letting the franchise get lost in a B -series B cinema hanging on the buoy of special effects to seduce the general public. MicroGaming spares us with this tribute to the first and best opus of the franchise. Take advantage of it because the Jurassic World slot should not be long. Money, Money ....

Microgaming Jurassic Park : Dangereuse immersion

Let's not turn around the Dinosaur dung for leads to wonder if the danger is there! He's there. The logo of the Jurassic Park has the symbolic strength of the music of the teeth of the sea. Steven Spielberg has the gift of donationner of life to things. This logo, in any case for fans, plunges you into it. In peto. Immediately your brain is put in reptilian mode because it is a question of survival. The heroes are all there and the dinos too. John Hammond, Ian Malcolm, Lex Murphy, Professor Alan Grant, T-Rex, a dilophosaur, a triceratops, a brachiosaur and a velociraptor! You will even see their heads in 3D leaving the roller affecting a certain appetite. The graphics are neat and even cleaner than the cinema version. At the same time between the slot machine and the release of the film 20 years ago. Perhaps a little regret not to find this old school side and to play against a too clean theme, without the asperities of 1993. It's a bit like listening to the Beatles in MP3 when you discovered them with your father On its vinyls or review the first trilogy of Star Wars remastered version. It doesn't spoil the armed bandit , but a little something is missing that Proust evokes so well in "In search of lost time" and the taste of his madeleine dipped in tea. This slot is graphically successful, fluid and completely in modern canons. Of this quality, we can also make it a small defect.

Microgaming Jurassic Park: game mechanics

The technical characteristics of the Slot Jurassic Park

  • Rolls: 5
  • Payment lines: 240
  • Max. Win (tokens): 95000
  • Minimum equal: 0.30 Euros
  • Pari maximum : 15 euros
  • Feature : Bonus Rounds, Wild Symbol, Multipliers, Scatters, free spins
  • Redistribution rate: 97%

This slot machine is part of the family of "240" of Microgaming. For novices, this figure represents the payments of payments, 240 for the Jurassic Park slot! This is substantial, this promises a lot of chills and earnings. With a return of 97%, you will enjoy many gains and taste the pleasure of progressing in the game. This slot machine is a game in which you evolve by passing levels. The many features enliven the slot and put the game in all its states. Superb film videos enhance the various actions, jackpots and free spins. Jurassic Park of microgaming will delight fans of the first opus and inveterate players .. while the people ask!

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