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Yggdrasil Gaming is a software editor of play whose talent we rent in our review of this creation studio. And we can repeat on this "Jungle Book" slot machine. Does it ring a bell ? The Jungle Rudyard Kipling book. Yes, the original version of the Disney animated film. And yes again Disney reinterpreted a major work of literature and success will have almost made us forget its creator. Let us therefore pay tribute to the English poet and writer, author among other things of the famous poem "If", in American "You will be a man my son". There it's done. So does this Jungle Book the slot machine of the Yggdrasil Gaming software publisher keeps its promises? Are we going to find the universe of Kiplong or that of Disney? Will the universe and immersion be up to the task? Will the game mechanics and the pleasure of slots be there? Well we will see this right away by entering the Mowgli forest and all his friends.

Jungle Book: A mastered universe.

Well, as we tell you, Yggdrasil Gaming reconciles the literary work and the adaptation of the Disney studio. Obviously, the strength of the image means that you will find the characters drawn by Disney, but in the game you will see that the Wild is a book. And if you put Mowgli aside, you will find the recurring characters of the book, drawn and recreated by the studio. Low hat. The realization is perfect. The jungle book slot machine immerses you in a video game graphics. Mowgli movements are so fluid that you may wonder if the motion capture has not been used. Again YGGDRASIL pleases us. The music is superb. We find the main themes of the musical compositions of adventure between Indian Jones and Ennio Moriconne. Despite the loop, there is no boredom the immersion is total. Yggdrasil has accustomed this to us and if he continues like this, they will win the Valhalla, as late as possible, slot machine creators.

On the side of playability, it is a real pleasure that you are on your desktop computer or on smartphone. Fluidity and perfect adaptation to your mobile for optimal quality of play. It was the base in the 21st century, but we could only see certain online studios or casinos offered a degraded experience on tablet and smartphone. Well with with Yggdrasil and its jungle book, no concern for portage. The use of this slot machine is a real pleasure with a real didactic approach. At the bottom of the screen of this slot machine, you have a real dashboard:

Line - Messenger values - Silver Mise - Max Bet shortcut (bet) - Automatic draw shortcut (up to 1000) - Gains and to finish the balance.

You will find a small " +" which once selected opens you a drop -down menu or you will find the tutorial - the parameters - the sound.

During all the games you will have "bubbles" that allow you to access explanations on the bonuses, the Wild, the items .... Besides, we go there right away.

Jungle Book: game mechanics

  • Number of rollers: five
  • Payment lines: 68 lines
  • All game options: autoplay, bonus game, multiplier, random wild, re-spin, stacked wild, sticky wild, wild synchronization.
  • The minium value of the tokens: 0.01 $
  • The maximum value of the tokens: 2 $
  • Max bet: 50 tokens or 100 euros.

What strikes in the characteristics of this slot machine is the value of the tokens. You can really play for little and thus enjoy this superb creation of studios Yggdrasil. The jackpots are numerous and the options allow you to energize the game and always keep the player on alert. You will be entitled to five characters each with their own kingdom and two special powers:

  • Mowgli has the power of the synchronized rollers and "Wilds in cacasde. Additional Wilds appear.

  • Shere Khan has the power of the tiger with the sticky respins: a respsin is offered with the Wilds and "Wilds stacked" The superior wheel is subject to the stack of Wilds!

  • Bagheera offers "Wild Fruit" with large fruits transforming into Wild and the power of the winning multiplier (up to 5)

  • Baloo and honey ... with the "bee nest bonus" and a special game where you can win between 50 and 50,000 tokens! It also has the power of stacked symbols

  • Kaa will hypnotize you with his powers of the double rollers "(the lines pay in both directions) and his super" Wild X3 "super multiplier

It's creative, fun and entertaining and it can make big. The idea of the five characters and the five kingdoms is a real . As soon as you change the kingdom, you can benefit from help to remember "who does what". Jungle Book is say a little wonder. You can test it for free on the Yggdrasil site or in online casinos. Do not hesitate, you will necessarily be won over.

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