Playing online slot machines in real silver

The slot machine is undoubtedly the more popular game of online casino. Also called Slot Machine, or in American Offset Manchot Thief, Bandit Manchot or Sous device as in Bardot's song, it's a simple and yet very addictive game ... The slot machine requires no specific strategy or skill - just to insert a room - or in the case of the online casino, to bet a small sum, then to press a button and to wait for the result - and there, only two possibilities: we won, Or not, but we can also win a few points…. The screen displays a series of patterns: if they are similar, it is won, otherwise, it is lost.

Slot machines, or slot in English, have been on the web for a long time. It was in 1994 that the online world will change with the creation of a license allowing operators to Online gaming rooms to put real money on the table. Microgaming, one of the last dinosaurs, will launch its first casino on the web with the first slot machine. Three rolls. Three rollers, it's the basis, it's history, it's classics, it's the taste of Madeleine and for some Stendhal syndrome. The five -roll slot machines arrived after the 2000s and chased the 3 rolls in the shadow of the rooms called "classic slot" at the end of a corridor, after a stolen door. So, we will tell you about the differences between its two types of online slot machine and can even tell you about a brand new generation of Online casino games.

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The mystery of slot machines

Then, it remains to be seen how much we will win, and what are the chances of winning and there yes, in addition to luck and chance, there are some concrete elements which deserve to be analyzed, as for example, the different kinds of slot machines, the most paid slot machines, the redistribution rate, the level of volatility, the variance ... In the end, all this information, if it is well combined, helps us to choose the best slot machines and are all paths leading to the jackpot (preferably progressive)! And as knowing it is power, let's methodically explore these mysterious paths.

The different types of slot machines

Online casino game rooms offer a very wide range of slot machines. Each of them has its specificities - data to know to increase our chances of winning or simply to make the game more exciting - especially since the developers of slot machine software have especially invested their efforts in recent years on The visual and sound aspect of slot machines. Very often we will offer you some of these famous free spins to test a new machine slot, free spins as they say among initiates. Finally there are also several ways of betting. So let's review all these possibilities.

Sleeve to three rollers: another world

Yes, another world. There is no question of the difference in graphics, we will talk about it further upstream in the article, but indeed the design of a slot machine between two eras. It is quite fascinating to see how the evolution of technology accompanies, or perhaps directs, the evolution of the way of thinking and designing an object. It is not a bias. Evolution is a neutral term. Everyone will make an opinion and it is by playing that he will find the slot machine or at least that will suit their expectations. The 3D slot machine beyond talking about the time before has a playing card. Do not be mistaken, if online casinos continue to offer them, it is that there is a still lucrative market for them. The three -roll slot machines have a clearly identified advantage over the 5 slots. Simplicity: with only three rollers, basic features, that is to say that you will not find or very little three -roll slot with Wilds and Scatters. Anyone understands that the goal of the game is to have three cherries, three identical items. The paying table is simple. The combinations are simple. It is the slot machine. No blah, no bling bling, no explosions no roller waterfalls ... It is also a good option for beginners who can get their hands on a simpler online slot machine that can be used as Entrance door and tutorial for all those who have affected an online or even real slot machine. There are rarely more than 10 possible commissions. The bets are simpler, there is no questions to bet on lines. Most of the time everything takes place on the center rolls.

The 3 roller machine: the most generous of all?

In any case, the most classic. Most of us have been considering it for a long time. At least, we are intimately convinced that with a 3 roller machine, the probability is greater than with a 5 -roll machine - logical, the more symbols, the more possible combinations.

Take a fairly simple example. We have a 3 roller machine with 20 symbols on each coil - which represents 1 chance in 8,000 to win. Let us take the same number of symbols on each coil, but this time with a 5 -roll machine. The probability goes from 1 in 8,000 to 1 out of 3.2 million. It should be noted that the number of symbols on a coil varies from one machine to another. Obviously, the probability depends on the total number of symbols. So why choose machines with lower probabilities? Because if it is rarer, the jackpot is also larger - once again, logical!

On the other hand, for the most curious of you, the more you will go to the Slots period with 5 rolls, the more you will see the 3 rolls mutate little by little to transform into monster of armored technology of functionality ... the Another aspect that we appreciate is the obviously retro side with the items "cherry", the fruits in general the celebrated "bar" which should make you go up to the ceiling when they are aligned three. Advantage or disadvantage, three -roll slots are particularly long to reveal. You have to know how to play, to be patient, these are machines that were oriented High Roller more than the general public.

Online slot machines with 5 rollers

This is the standard "new" of the slot machine rooms in online playgrounds. You will see that in our selection of casino, they hold a major place with table games, even if the relatively recent arrival of the live casino redistributes the cards. Go from three rollers to five rollers, it's not just adding two rollers. The gaming experience is quite different. Technological evolution allows more powerful algorithms and therefore much larger playing. The development of features is impressive. The progress of graphics with the arrival of 3D allows all creative follies to game publishers. The slot machines tu video games. Animations, cinematography, treasure box with mini-games inside. This whole debauchery and profusion at a cost. It is that of simplicity. Sometimes looking at the table of payments you will scratch your head. There are many options such as auto-play that automatically plays for you. The other evolution that has been a revolution, it is all features or feature. Features have even become essential tools for players: Free Spin, Wild, Scatter, Bonus game and etc. In addition, slot machines that are now thematic. You will even find more tributes or else to all that has audience in popular culture. That is to say that you will not have a Caravaggio slot, but on the other hand a Walking Dead or Sons of Anarchy machine, yes. Add to that, progressive jackpots ...

3D slot machines

3D in the world of casino games is not only a fashion effect. Thanks to synthetic images that faithfully take up the Casino atmosphere, publishers are above all seeking to meet the graphic requirements of the public. 3D slot machines offer many possibilities. And competition does things well. Among the suppliers most involved in this area, we find microgaming, Playtech, Realtime Gaming (RTG), Cryptologic, Topgame Technology or Rival Gaming, to name only these examples. And among the most popular 3D slots we have Aztec Treasures, Lost and 7th Heaven.

Multilinear slot machines (Multiple Payline Slot in English)

These machines have more than one payment line and we can bet on several of them - we only win for the lines on which we have bet. There can be up to 50 payment lines that intersect. It’s much more fun than slot to a single payment line. There are multiligne slot machines on the theme of the Lord of the Rings of Microgaming, or the Marvel Games of Playtech.

Slot machines in avalanche mode

More commonly known by the name "cascade rollers", this mode is one of the novelties of video slot machines. The principle consists in changing the symbols of a winning combination by new ones which in turn lead to bonus combinations. The latter usually increase the gain multiplier. We find the avalanche mode among others on Gonzo’s Quest, Asgardian Stones or Sugar Pop 2. This type of game increases the chances of winning by allowing players to make a full table of a whole line of symbols. Bring down the above line, to try to obtain winning combinations on the following lines.

Sleep slot machines or double

The name leaves or double has the merit of being clear. The player has the possibility of betting double his gain. It’s a risky bet, but above all a tip to use with caution. In particular, you have to know the rate of return and especially the volatility of the slot machine gains. The quit or double is an option integrated into most slot machines as Wild deuces and is in the form of a card draw.

Progressive slot machines

In fact it is the Jackpot which is progressive -It increases according to all bets bet on the same location. Unlike conventional jackpots whose starting bet does not change, progressive jackpots start with a small sum which increases as players are put. Players are therefore more likely to win big since for the same network of machines (sometimes even on several casinos), several people play at the same time and raise the jackpot. Playtech (Gold Rally, Fruitmania, Diamond Valley), MicroGaming (Mega Moolah) or Play’n Go machines with its famous Book of Death. Finally, let's further point out that some progressive jackpots can take more than a year before being won and we tend to believe that a machine that has just offered a jackpot will not do it immediately - but nothing proves it …

Multi-playing slots

We do not stop innovation in the world of online slot machines. Since the advent of online casinos, the slot machine room has always been at the heart of the casinotic offer. The multiplication of online game software publishers has made it possible to develop a gigantic range of Slot Online. Competition is fierce and boosts creativity. The multiplication of set features options, the explosion of progressive jackpots and the arrival of official licenses (series, film, video games) have seduced players. Today, slot machines are the nerve of casinos war. We even see the emergence of online casinos dedicated exclusively to slots! Afterwards, the explosion of online slot machines tournaments, the world of the slots welcomes newcomers: multi-playing machines.

Why multiplayer slot machines?

Slot machines remain an individual casino game. Alone facing the machine, the player plays a duel. Over time, some players find that it is a bit monotonous, despite the entertainment and high redistribution rates. Faced with this observation, the publishers wanted to create slot machines allowing an interaction between the players while keeping the attractiveness of the slots. The mission seemed very difficult, but we know that the studios of creations managed to release Keno or the old bingos to make big success online. The result is stunning. It is still difficult to find them in online casinos, but very clearly, we put a big piece on this new way of enjoying the slot machines. In fact these slot machines look a bit like the game tables where you can sometimes find a chat. A simple chat on a slot .. it would not be so revolutionary.

How does a multi-playful slot machine work?

These slot machines allow several players to play at the same time on the same machine with different options. They can be compared with online poker rooms where the player can open a table and select different options. It's a bit of the same system. A multi-playing machine is individual. The player can play alone and if he wishes, open the game to opponents or teammates according to the selected mode.
If the player opens the slot machine, it will appear in the lobby to be visible to all the players on the site. It's exactly like a lobby of a poker room. The game rooms offering this novelty are currently in virtual or points of rooms that offer Casino games.
For the rest, the functioning of the part remains identical with the same features and the same bonuses. The structure of the game does not change.
You can therefore bet in others in "collective" mode, associates or play against others with a multiplier of wounds on the key. In any case, you can earn more.

  • You have to be between 2 and 6 players maximum for the moment.
  • A specific gain is to be won for the one who will emerge victorious from the game.
  • Players have the right to communicate with each other via a chat.
  • It is possible to play as a team against another team.
  • The scores and statistics are given in real time for the classification.

New challenges

These slot machines allow you to get the high roller out of its solitude while offering it new challenges. It's a great way to rediscover slot machines.
Slot machines are not necessarily new. Game software publishers adapt creations by adding the multiplayer game mode. This explains that multi-playing slots are also accessible individually.
So we find big publishers like Gamesoft, Betsoft or Play'N Go which stand out from multiplayer mode slot machines.

These slots are increasingly used to organize Slot machine tournaments. After live casinos, we can think that online cassero will experience a new revolution that will delight lovers of slot machines. Follow carefully, our page of online casino games will present you the last multi-playful slot machine! This is excellent news for all slot machine passionate, the sector has not yet toured the batches and we have to expect new products that will revolutionize our good old penguin bandits!

Some concepts - between luck and strategy

Admittedly, undoubtedly luck and chance are our main allies to play slot machines, however, a good knowledge of the slot machines as well as the mastery of certain playing techniques are essential to touch the jackpot.

Bet Max: This option, designed for experienced players, allows you to bet as much as possible (as its name suggests) on a specific line and thus gain a maximum in the event of a victory.

Auto-spin: This option is the one that activates the machine for us - it's going from manual mode to automatic mode to run the rollers while we are going to other occupations ... we choose the sum to bet and we leave the device to do the rest. Except that we can no longer change your mind on the bet and that at one point you have to stop self-spinner at the risk of emptying your account because this option is not cheap. And above all, it would be a shame to miss all the "free spins" (free towers) that the manual mode offers us!

In fact, all these indications generally appear on each slot machine and take the time to read them is not a luxury - especially since we have extended our lexical field, which will allow us to better choose our slot machine and Our bet method. And to broaden our knowledge on this theme - Read this article absolutely on the most lucrative slot machines.

Slot machines: myths and received ideas

Slot machines represent a real temptation for lovers of money, who lend them endless possibilities in terms of gains. In reality, many myths and received ideas surround the penguin bandits. And if they allow us to touch the famous jackpot, it is not always how you would have thought it. If you want to increase your chances of winning the slot machine, you might as well get rid of these fantasies that most often push you to make mistakes. In today's article, we restore reality, so that you never see the slot machines online under the same eye ...

Sleeve machines follow a very specific cycle

Many online players are convinced that sub -machines follow a logical sequence. The parties would therefore be linked according to predefined cycles, which should be understood to beat the casino and increase its earnings.

In reality, the penguin bandits work with a system called the RNG (for Random Number Generator). A program that allows generate millions of different combinations every second. This therefore completely excludes the possibility of predicting the result in advance. Not to mention that each online casino at its own slot machine model ...

Cold slot machine VS machine

Another very popular myth concerning the slot machines is to make the difference between hot and cold machines. A hot machine being the one that has not paid a jackpot for a long time, which would increase the probability of winning in the next rounds.

Here again, the principle of the RNG shows that this reasoning is completely wrong. Remember that The results of a penguin bandits are, by nature, random. And therefore unpredictable. A slot machine can therefore give two jackpots in a very short period of time. The only exception to this rule is the gradual slot machine, the jackpot of which will increase until it is won.

Some machine slots are more generous than others

This received idea is not completely false, since some penguin bandits have a higher redistribution rate. These are also the maChines with virtual sub -subsidians which are the most generous.

Be careful, however, not to pack yourself because the difference is only a few percent in addition. In general, only experienced players will manage to make the difference between a redistribution rate of 90 % and 94 %.

Big players are more likely to win

Again, it is a received idea that is not completely unfounded. Originally, the giants of online casinos effectively favored the big players and allowed those who bet big to win the biggest jackpots. However, virtual penguin bandits no longer work in this way. And today, All players are likely to win the jackpot.

So you don't need to play with a maximum betting rate to increase your probabilities of winning. Avoid the machines that would force your hand. And focus on the profit you can take on your funds rather than the possibility of becoming a multimillionaire.

You have to play on the same machine to increase the probability of winning

Many players think that the longer we stay on a machine, the more likely we are to win. Again, it is a vain hope because your probabilities of winning the jackpot are the same for your first or your hundredth part.

So you can tear your hair to wait to touch the jackpot after a hundred tricks played. There is therefore no point in monopolizing the same slot machine for hours and posting your limits.

Slot machines can be handled remotely

The theories of the conspiracy affect all areas, even online gambling. And if some were already convinced that the casino could slow down a handwash by pressing a simple button, the myth that " The house still wins Is even stronger for virtual casinos.

In reality, no one can handle a slot machine : Whether it is the developer or the casino that exploits it. Only manufacturers can make this kind of modifications, and this requires completely stopping the machine, under the supervision of a Gaming Commission representative. In short, the casino has linked hands and remains obliged to respect the laws to the letter.

The best online machines slots

Occupy first place in the world of the bet, expand their customers and provide them with an unforgettable experience and of course record a substantial turnover, that's all reason that push software developers to put double bites to design Excellent slot machines. It is obviously not yet the time to make any ranking since the first quarter of the year has only ended, but the promises of the publishers, and the innovations brought to us to draw up the candidates As a better new slot machines.

How to determine the best slot machines

Several criteria are taken into account when undertaking to determine the best slot machines. Above all, there are the graphics. Indeed, a title whose interface or visual presentation is of good quality has a strong effect on the players. In addition, animations also play an important role. They allow players to live very immersive sessions. These first two parameters determine the type of entertainment whose bettors can take advantage of. In addition, an excellent slot machine must offer superb features to help amateurs make their sessions profitable quickly and without too much difficulty. Nor should we forget to mention the redistribution rate which determines the frequency to which players can win. In other words, the more the redistribution rate is high, the best are your chances of winning.

So attractive! Themed slots

Currently, slot machines count for around 70 % of the profits caused by casinos. An undeniable preference which requires on the part of the developers a creativity of every moment. Forgotten classic gameplays, today's slots reveal impeccable graphics and carefully tied intrigue, inspired by popular culture. Real little animation gems that plunge players into the fantastic universes they love so much! Faced with so many choices, how to find your way around? Small overview of the most popular themes.

Online slots: the great classics

The great periods of history gave birth to some of the most sought after themes among slot machines. He is not a developer who has missed the possibilities of creations offered by the corridors of time. Some games are also real nuggets and we think in particular of the excellent Monzuma, published by Scientific Games, which brings us back to the time of the Aztecs.

At the top of the list of these returns in the past, it is the dominance of ancient Rome and ancient Egypt that we notice. With Caesar's Empire and Spartacus Gladiator of Rome, WMS and RTG respectively offered us pretty moments of play just like Aritocrat and his Queen of the Nile. Slots that seduce as much with their worked graphics as by the many free towers and bonus games they offer!

Rather adventurer? Jungle, lost city and lush forest, dozens of other games will delight the explorer that lies dormant in you with in particular Crazy Jungle of Top Games, which will not fail to have fun!

Besides, there is generally a little magic here, a little Las Vegas there, for lovers of exotic slots but not too much. However, there is a world beyond the traditional fruit and diamond themes. A multitude of universes that the developers have constantly exploited more.

Online slot machines and the development of popular culture

Who has never been touched by a film, a series or a piece of music in particular, whatever the reason? Pop culture accompanies us on a daily basis. Associated with the slot machine sector, she promises to offer players wonderful game experiences and that, Microgaming understood it well. His version of the Lord of the Rings faithfully takes up the characters of the saga and immerses you in the heart of the county to the borders of the land of the middle, against the background of the original soundtrack.

Practically all successful films have today been adapted to the game. It is not an Iron Man, a Ghostbusters or a Jurassic Park which now has its equivalent in physical or virtual casinos. Join the ranks of the Alliance in the final battle against Dark Vader (IGT) or evolve in the enchanted castle of Beauty and the Beast (Yggdrasil)! The films, with their fan army, constitute an asset of choice for developers and casinos. So they ride the wave of success, and it works.

Same observation on the side of popular series. Game of Thrones (MicroGaming), South Park (NETET) or Star Trek (IGT) are found while surprising animations and real extracts, among dozens of other references. There is no doubt that amateurs will find their account there. In these very flesue game catalogs, comics and their Super hero are not to be outdone and the players now have the opportunity to fight alongside Batman, X-Men or Avengers to name a few.

The musicians will join the largest international stars during rhythmic parts and visually very successful. On the Kiss machine of WMS, you will recognize each spin the main pieces of the emblematic rock group and you will have access to concert extracts at each bonus turn while the Gun's n Netate allows players to compose their own playlist.

Themes that speak to all

Beyond the successful franchises that make it possible to brew the players and the benefits by the millions, we note that the casinos industry covers almost all the imaginable themes. From fantastic worlds to horror games through animals, travel or sport, there will always be a theme that will speak to a player. If some people can only be convinced by the proposed jackpot, many others willingly turn to the game which will offer them the most in agreement with their tastes and their memories.

In this game, the Easter Surprise de Playtech or the DECK The Halls Christmas in Microgaming, like all the titles inspired by the different seasons, also have serious arguments to seduce their audience. Faced with consumers constantly looking for new experience, Themed slots are therefore a great way to meet expectations and diversify its offer. More attractive, more entertaining and more personal, they make it possible to escape for a short time without ignoring what constitutes their foundation: bringing into play fabulous sums of money!

The most popular slots 2018-2020

Legend of Loki

ISOFTBET has built a solid reputation over the years by making several high quality titles available. He also decided to make 2018 an exceptional year for fans of his productions. Thus, he made available the very entertaining machine with legend of Loki which is based on the Nordic god Loki still known as the joker god. This is a 5 -roll game and 20 payment lines that make you rediscover Nordic mythology. As you would expect, this game has high -quality graphics and animations. ISOFTBET is known to grant various ways to win to its players through the many features it incorporates into its entertainment options and Legend of Loki is no exception to the rule. Of course, this title will entertain a large number of players and maybe even it will be very quickly part of the favorites of online game lovers.

Notent drug traffickers

The famous Software Developer Nettent announced at ICE 2018 which took place in London from February 6 to 8 that it was soon to make available A slot machine named Narcos. Fans of 7e Art will have understood, this title is inspired by the eponymous American television series which relates the life of one of the most sadly famous men; The Colombian drug baron Pablo Escobar. For several years now, online game publishers have used to build contracts with production houses and TV channels to have successful franchise operating rights. It is thanks to this kind of partnerships that players were treated to several slot machines like Game of Throne, Jurassic World, Scarface and much more. When we know the quality of the titles launched by the developer concerned, it is a safe bet that Narcos will be a success; With impressive features and gains. Strongly the next few weeks to find out more about this title!

The Dalas Panda In Europe the issoftbet

Once again we find the developer IsoftBet With this time a very special theme title, The Dalai Panda in Europe. It has certainly not yet been launched, but everything suggests that it will be a highly entertaining and of course rich in color machine. The ISOFTBET team has made the effort to leak the minimum possible information as to the sub -Dalai Panda in Europe machine, but we already know that this is an entertainment option which will integrate a large number of features that will enhance the experience. One thing is certain to date, the publisher promises to give its players the opportunity to have a maximum of its new production.

Vikings de NetEnt

The Vikings television series is a very popular production and much appreciated by thousands of moviegoers around the world, and the developer NetEnt account surfing this success. The Swedish publisher recently signed a partnership that allows him to exploit this franchise. Developer's productions of amateur slots can therefore expect prof a second high -quality entertainment option after Narcos. Of course, several lucrative features should be added in this capacity which will make you rediscover the universe of the Vikings and all that relates to it.

Netent jingle spin

It's soon Christmas and to celebrate this Nette offers a wonderful trip to Santa's workshop. And you will immediately be intoxicated by the colors and its graphics. There you should say that there is a real work of designers. Each of the items is drawn and worked with care to provide visual pleasure and a certain aesthetic satisfaction. An online slot machine is like a plate. It will taste better if it is well presented. And as we often owe it for NetEnt slot machines, the result is excellent. The soundtrack is not too invasive and immerses you in the Christmas world and its fairyland without falling into the unbearable choir song or even worse on the Christmas disc of an American star lacking cash. NETET no longer offers us an workshop atmosphere of Santa Claus.

With its 5 rollers and 20 lines of payments we are in the current standards of the On Line Slots. This slot machine is distinguished by the little Christmas elf to the right of your screen which will subtly intervene in the game by offering you bonuses by throwing a Christmas ball in the gift box. There is always this little touch of creativity that adds the NETEZ key. You will find the following features in this slot machine: Gains multiplier, Scatter symbol, Wild symbol, Stacked Wild, Random Wild Jingle Spin is a great success and we hope that it will not be withdrawn at the end of the end d holidays 'Years that we wish you good and why not with the 2,500 jackpot tokens of this online slot machine.

Wild Warriors de Playson

Released in November 2018, the Wild Warriors sub -Warriors machine invites us into the world of intalante warlike warriors. Like Amazons, these formidable warriors will lead you on the battlefields for a warlike slot. The soundtrack is a suite of battle noise on martial music where drums give the pace. The quality of the graphics and the fluidity even on a smartphone should be noted because it is obvious like the fierce beauty of our heroines. The wallpaper evokes a mysterious place between swamp and voluptuous mist. Here we are far from the Nettent Christmas machine! Between the 4 warriors including the blond, red, chestnut and night blue hair will be used to distinguish them and the black panther, you will no longer be where to put your eyes. With 5 rolls and 3 rows and 30 lines of payments, Wild Warriors does not revolutionize the genre of five -roll slot machines. The shield is the scatter of this slot. The item Wild Warrior allows you to transform any item to make paid combinations. If you have a shield on the screen, you trigger a free spins mode that we let you discover. A beautiful slot machine that far from being revolutionary is very pleasant to play with a good return on investment.

Force of Nature de Leander Game

Leander Games challenges you to play with the forces of nature. We are not really in the green fable and Mama Pasha, but rather in the power of the 4 elements. Are we reviewing? The burning fire, the earth that trembles, the winding wind and the flowing water. You can store your symbol encyclopedia. The idea is simple, the theme rather moose and the realization? We are at the end of 2018, this slot machine is fluid and the graphics are outrageously beautiful. 3D is successful. D flat? The background music with 4 notes that run in a loop with note noises. Really, it makes you crazy. And that is to wonder what the testers use to listen to their works. The worst part is that once you block the sound, it's screwed up. Stronger than that, what would I not do for you, the test of this online slot is largely positive. Features are complete with regular free spins, a super multiplier. You will find a beautiful range of bets that go from 10 cents to 100 euros.

Other titles to come for 2018

Several other excellent video slot machines must be released during the year and many developers want to illustrate and improve their traffic. Among these games, for example, there is Mystery of Long Wei (ISOFTBET), Taboo (Spearphina) and much more. These titles will be added to those who have already been put on the market by software suppliers such as NextGen Gaming (Top Strike Championship), Booming Games (Romeo), Pragmatic Play (Fairytales Fortune), etc. These games entertain millions of amateurs around the world and gains are already granted. Of course, later during the year, we can get a more precise idea about all the slot machines who are not yet available and therefore establish a more updated classification, but in the meantime you can go to one of the many betting establishments promoted by the guide to Online casinos To play the wonderful productions already available and thus try to get gains while entertaining you.

Sulfur underlying machines

The online casino games sector is changing at high speed and each new year is accompanied by its share of new products. During the last Ice Totally Gaming organized in London in February, several very remunerative slots were presented and there is very heavy which arrives in the coming months. We notice an undeniable trend: sexy slots ...

Epic gains in sight with new machines nettent

Whereas Several jackpots have been won over the NEFT slot machines since the start of the year, this online casino game provider has heard of being talked about in the coming weeks. For this, the Swedish specialist in 3D slots made the bet of TV series and unpublished features. Yes, he is sure, by offering the theme slot machines a successful television series and allowing to win important gains, the players will be there.

NETET therefore designed two new masterpieces sporting the colors of "Narcos" and "Vikings". Suffice to say that if you want to take advantage of bonuses in Gogo and to earn a maximum of money while diving into the ruthless universe of Colombian cartels or in the warrior universe of the battles of northern Europe.

Isoftbet intends to impose its new slot machines

If Netent hopes to confirm his excellent beginning of 2018, others Online casino game publishers Also intend to do everything to get out of the game. This is indisputably the case of Isoftbet who took advantage of the Ice Totally Gaming show to unveil several slots promised to seduce a large number of players. Indeed, if the graphics and the soundtrack of "Legend of Loki", "The Dalai Panda in Europe" or even "Mystery of Long Wei" alone promise a fun quality experience, what about having discovered The features embedded in these slot machines!

Isoftbet has not skimped on them and many combinations will allow you to discover them. But that's not all since many bonus games are to unlock what should encourage you to play ... and replay!

Inflate your bankroll on the most caliente slot machine of the year

While there is a successful series and Ice Totly Gaming was marked by the presentation of a very original slot. Indeed, Endorphina has chosen to differentiate itself from the competition by surfing the success of a literary saga, since adapted to the cinema, which should clearly change your gaze on gambling. Yes, with "Taboo", Endorphina intends to convince with the "leather and latex" atmosphere of "50 shades of Gray" which rained so much on the four corners of the planet. To immerse yourself in the atmosphere, know that you will have to manage to align handcuffs, swifts, needle heels and more generally all symbols that can be brought closer to fetishism.

Obviously, at an exceptional sub -lower machine, exceptional gains. It remains to be seen whether you will dare to try your luck on this slot which will detonate in the catalog of online casinos ...

To conclude, it is difficult to advise you on a slot machine. For us, there is no choice to make since they are different pleasures. It would be like telling you that series is better than cinema. However, we can advise you to test them all!

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