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Habanero, online casino game publisher

Habanero Systems has been playing for 8 years in the world of game software publishers on line. Present in a large number of online casino, the studio was born in 2010 in South Africa. Today, it is more than 100 employees and hundreds of games in its catalog. Specialists in slot machines, it also develops flash games. Little by little, but at high speed, it conquers the different categories of games of online casinos. There is a good chance that you have already played or at least seen a Habanero Systems machine. With its fully customizable software, Habanero Systems has seduced online casinos while offering slot machines with very great playability and served by an HD design that will immerse you in hysterical parts. In 2016, Habanero Systems hits a big blow that resonates in the world of online games. The South African company signs a contract with the Asian giant, Asia Gaming.
Follow us in the discovery of the Igaming company that goes up, goes up, Habanero Systems.

Habanero Systems: more than 80 slot machine

Habanero Systems is part of this wave of small studio born in the 21st century all over the world, even if Sweden remains the most fruitful. To find the reasons for Habanero's success, you have to open the hood for slot machines and take the place of the casinotier. Habanero Systems machines adapt to all supports. If today it seems to you flow from source, remember in 2010 online casinos ... Malted games or not at all suitable for your smartphones and tablets because the sector had not converted, and let's say -I was run by behemoths who had seen the smartphone meteorite arrive a little late and especially 3G which allowed to navigate the net almost as on a PC. This is not the question of this review, but we often forget that connection speed is a major factor in the development of smartphones and especially for all online games whether it is casino or even MMO.
Habanero Systems surfed this wave and with a certain mastery given its success.
Today, its catalog of casino games is mainly made up of slot machine and flash games. The agreement with Asia Gaming Asian giant has opened an exceptional market to him.
His games have won over the world and in particular the Asian player who is considered a high roller, a connoisseur and a client of a rare requirement. Far from me to make a stereotype, but the casino, the games of money and the bets are registered in the global Asian culture for millennia or a little less ... You can find a slot machine in a lost bar, at the middle of a draw, at the heart of an unknown Asia.

Habanero Systems games

Habenora Systems offers three types of games: slot machines - Table games -Video -Poker. So let's take a look in the midst of slot machines, where the talent of software publishers can indulge in the greatest creativity. With 82 slots online, we cannot detail them all. Here is a small pot-heart and a big crush.

Favorite: London Hunter

Very recent and perhaps even the last born of the South African game publisher, London Hunter can be described as wonder. At the creativity level, we are really in what we like. The 19th century London, of its mythical writers, from Conan Doyle to Edgar Poe, without forgetting Charles Dickens who take a charge of Spielberg with a T Rex dinosaur which arrives in town ...
I don't even know if the cinema has already thought about it. If you have an idea, send us an email!
The industrial revolution largely inspired this slot machine where you will find the premises of mass industrialization and perhaps even in a nod to the modern time of Chaplin. And yes, London Hunter is a wonder because it immerses you in a distant past and that its universe is essential to you as much as the imperative requirement to bring down the jackpot.
For the Casino side; It is a machine with five rollers made up of 3 rows and with 25 lines of payments. The T-Rex is the Wild and for the rest we let you find the way to the Free Game. Not being a high roller, I attach great importance to the creativity and work of designers. So before chasing the T-Rex, I advise you to hunt the London Hunter sub-mail, edited by Habenora Systems, in all online casinos.

Coup de fun : Cake Valley

Be careful, beware, the game graphics can make you take A for 0. It is therefore not a slot machine on Escobar- I should perhaps reserve the rights- but rather on another sin, that of the gluttony. And in Cake Valley don't come and play with an empty stomach. Just the colors are hungry. Items are pastries and sweets. The universe of this game is superb and the soundtrack takes you to this world where gluttony is queen, sprinkled with childhood. Beware of the liver crisis!
With its 25 lines of payments, these 5 three -row rolls, Cake Valley is simple: align one of the 15 identical symbols on the payments of payments to bring the currency to fall. 245 is the number to win on Cake Valley ...

In conclusion, Habanero Systems has all the qualities of a publishing house Casinos Modernes. The very first is creativity. And even if you find the usual themes like ancient Egypt or mythology, we have not found the slightest trace of the fire -to -fire machine. At this level, it's almost provocation! London Hunter is a real jewel and Valley Cake shows how a current theme we can do some new things.

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